Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2014 Written Update

Hetal looking Sahil Samar photo and crying.. Radha come in room and she start getting out her clothes frm cupboard.. Hetal ask her wht has doing? Rahda now she wont stay at MM anymore.. Hetal ask again why? she felt bad whtever Rashi has saying her.. Radha gently says no Rashi is her sister how come she felt bad for her words.. she leaving house coz her reason of staying yet not there, Tolu Molu!! Hetal says now their name changed she should start calling them with new names.. Radha says but they not stay there.. Hetal get upset so then Meethi enter in room she says to Radha that she cleaned Ahem’s room.. Radha says more her that why she not giving his clothes for iron dont she seen since frm 3 days Ahem clothes placing on table.. Meethi says now when laundry man

has come so she give it to him… Radha showing her concern for Ahem or ask Meethi for taking his good care.. seeing Radha concern and worry for Ahem Hetal start thinking.. Radha while leaving room says seems Hetal understand wht she try to pointout.

Sahil Samar Pappu and Vidya still running in jungle.. Vidya give sahil samar challenge if they not scared frm anything so run ahead.. all 4 running ahead in jungle.. Gopi is in her class suddenly she thought abt 4 of them and she leave class go to search them.. she looking 4 of them allover school ask frm other teachers but no one knows where they are..

Rashi looking girls for Ahem marriage.. in last she like one girl called Nupur and she seems its perfect for taken Gopi place and becoming her servent.. she aks girl or her mother waiting for her outside she bring them Modi House.
Rashi abt to leave frm Urmi house where she saw Sahil Samar photography on wall.. she willing to talk with them so she dailing call to hostel..

Gopi searching kids man who pick Rashi phone in hostel.. tell Gopi Sahil Samar mother calling can she tell them to come and talk with their mother.. main time one boy come and tell Gopi abt 4 of them.. Gopi tell man that told Sahil Samarc mother they are in school or in school timming they not allow kids… that man told Rashi the same… Gopi run to find them along gards in jungle.. she running in jungle calling their names.. otherside 4 of them dump in big hole.. they try to come out but no get suceed.. then Pappu give suggestion if we try together then will be go out.. so Sahil Samar helping Vidya or she come out the hole.. and runs leaving them alone… Sahil Samar getting pissed off on Pappu has is idea to get her out first..
Gopi got flashback of Meera incident she getting more upset and praying Kanhnji keep save has Vidya.. than Vidya bump with her she tell Gopi abt Sahil Samar and Paapu Gopi quickly run for getting them out.

Rashi brought that girl in MM introduce her as she choosing her Ahem would be bride.. Girl (Nupur) takinh Baa blessing first or steal her ring.. then Hetal so she stealing her bangle and while hug with Rashi she stole her necklace aswell.. Radha pissed off seeing girl.. Meethi come in hall for serving tea.. she notice Rashi necklace were missing Rashi get tenes then Hetal notice her missing bangle so Baa too.. Rashi understood who stealing all stuff she says Meethi close the door and grab Nupur taking her stuff back and ask her to leave before she called cops.

Koki get anger seeing all drama and leave… Hetal angrily says Rashi if she not carrying responsibilities nicely then why she take them… she cant find better girl for Ahem even though.. Rashi shockingly looking at Hetal..

Gopi and Kids coming back in hostel.. where principle saying to Sahil Samar and probably Pappu since they came in school they only breaks ruls there.. seeing them kids like Vidya following them which bad for school reputation.. so she decide to send them their home back.. Vidya smiling naughtily..

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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