Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the scene of the family walking in and over hearing Alka cries that Vamsh / Golu is her baby. Kokila comes over to Alka and takes the baby boy in her arms from Alka.

Kokila asks Alka if whatever is claimed by her ‘ Alka ‘ is true, same is asked of Raashi. Urmilaa, slowly, but with stutter says it is true, and tells half truth. In mean time, Urmilaa signs Gopi to stay quiet. Urmilaa tells that the Baby was left in the Ashram by Alka and with their knowledge brought the baby here for Raashi to take care.

Kokila confirms that her mother’s memory loss was ungainly used by them, that is, Alka, her mother, Urmilaa and Raashi. To which all of them answer in the affirmative.

In between, Jigar feels hurt that he was duped by false

claims. Rest of the family is silent, Hetal is not present. All the while Alka’s mother is silent.

Kokila is furious with the situation ‘ Kokila at being kept in the dark with regards to Vamsh – and all the more with Gopi ‘ ” Her Gopi Bahu ” – ; Raashi interjects to say that Gopi did not know of all the happenings and came to know of it just about now. But Kokila says she has lost all the faith and trust in Raashi and her Mother’s say.

Alka had earlier told her mother to keep quiet, and then informed Kokila She is a unmarried mother, hence had to put her baby in a orphanage home, but she was unable to live without her baby boy.

Later Alka falls at Kokila’s feet and seeks forgiveness ; After few thoughtful moments, Kokila feels that parting a baby from a mother is unfair, but then Baby Vamsh too had grown into the family. At the end of it all Alka and her mother leave with the baby boy.

With that the curtain is drawn to this unhappy episode and issue.

Urmilaa tries to leave with an excuse, near the door, she is stopped by Kokila. Kokila goes over to Urmilaa and says to her that never has Urmilaa led Raashi in the right path, advised her properly, or given good advice, always made Raashi do wrong things with wrong advise. Kokila feels the troubles that her ‘ Kokila’s – family and Raashi always face is only because of Urmilaa. As such Kokila tells Urmilaa never again to set her foot on this ‘ Modi ‘ house. Never again to walk on this house. Raashi tries to say something but is silenced.

Furious Kokila turns and leaves. Others too, except Gopi, leave in silence.

Shocked Raashi sits on the sofa. Gopi comes over and comforts her. Raashi thanks Gopi for not revealing the true story of Baby Vamsh to Kokila. Gopi then says she will be silent and will not inform the family of the true story ‘ of stealing the baby. But on condition that Raashi will do and act as per Gopi’s instructions.

Gopi also tells the reasons for being silent was that Raashi to would have been thrown out along with her mother, that is not good thing, with Raashi being pregnant.

Raashi and Jigar scene in their bedroom ; Raashi apologizes, Jigar asks her not to be stressed and take her medicines. When Raashi presses further for Jigar to forgive and talk to her, Jigar says he ought to have been told of the matter as he desired a child. Further Jigar tells her that she could have shown patience as he had shown to have their own child.

Later Urmilaa gets Raashi’s call and Raashi is not happy with the situation, Urmilaa asks Raashi to be calm as it is not good for her. And all the matter would be resolved and Jigar’s cold attitude would go away with passage of time.

And Episode Ends On Raashi’s Face ! ! !

Pre – cap :- Kokila is telling Raashi that she had told that they, the family, had nothing to do with Urmilaa. In other words this hold good for Raashi too, that also includes, no more talks on the cellular with her – Raashi’s Mother.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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