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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila and Urvashi try to speak about Jaggi to inspector. Inspector says case has been reopened and until court proves Jaggi is innocent, he will be in jail. He asks constable who let them in. Urmila says our son is innocent. Inspector says until court proves innocent, nothing can be done. Urvashi says Jaggi is a savior and had saved whole family from bomb blast, he can check witth another inspector. Inspector says they can go now. They both walk home. Urmila sees Gopi passing by and request her to go to jail and meet Jaggi. Gopi shouts never, she will ever meet her husband’s murderer. She and her husband had planned a beautiful life, but everything shattered because of Jaggi. Urvashi takes her to home temple and pleads not to consider her son a culprit until he is

proved guilty, she knows her son is innocent and if he is proved, she will go to court and ask to hang Jaggi and if court does not agree, she will kill Jaggi herself. She hugs Gopi and cries.

Dharam speaks to someone over phone and says he will come right now. Shravan asks what happened. Dharam says inspector called and informed Mehasana gown fire accident was not an accident, someone did short circuit purposefully. Shravan shouts if he will know who is it, he will not spare them. Gaura gets tensed if police investigates case, she will be caught.

Urvashi tells Gopi that inspector Dinesh is very arrogant and is hell bent to prove Jaggi culprit. Sona asks did she take Dinesh Joshi’s name. Urmila says yes, she is acting as if he is her lost brother in mela. Sona says he is her rakhi brother indeed and will speak over phone to help Jaggi.

Gaura thinks if Dharam goes ot police station, he will know her truth, so she has to stop him. She strucks her shawl in wheelchair and acts as suffocating while Vidya and Meera pass by. They run to her rescue and free her and asks how did she happen. Gaura says she tried to wear shawl and it stuck into wheel, she got strangulated and got asthma attack. They give her inhaler, and Meera asks if she should call Dharam. Gaura says no until he wants to come himself. Meera asks if she should call doc. Gaura says she will go tomorrow with Dharam. They ask her to rest and leave. Gaura reminisces how she planned all this and thinks to destroy them all she can hang even to fan.

Jaggi tells constable that he is not hungry and does not want to have food. He sees Gopi in front of smiling and asks if she came, he knew she would come and forgive him, pleads to forgive him. She signals to keep quiet and feeds him food. Saath nibhana sathiya……plays in the background. Jaggi eats even chilli imagining Gopi and feeling chilli’s spice realizes it was just his imagination. He then reminisces Gopi shouting she will never forgive him, a mother lost her son and a wife her husband because of him.

In the morning, Dharam tells Meera and Vidya that he is going to police station to identify culprits. He sees Gaura’s neck injury and ask what happened. Gaura says nothing important. Meera says Baaji met with an accident and tells him what happened yesterday night. Dharam asks why did not she inform him. Gaura says it is okay, if he will come to hospital with her. Daram says okay. Gaura gets happy that her plan succeeded. Shravan says Dharam he has to go to police station first and says he will go to hospital with baa. Dharam says okay and leaves. Gaura fumes that Shravan failed her plan. She called her aide and warns that Dharam is coming there and if she is caught, she will tonsure his head, so he should do something.

Dharam comes out of police station with inspector and says he does not know any of the culprits. He sees Gopi, Urvashi and Urmila there and asks what are they doing here. Gopi says Jaggi is in jail and informs him whole story. Inspector Dinesh sees Dharam and asks wha tis he doing here and says Jaggi’s a clearly open and shut case as Jaggii rammed his truck on Ahem’s car on 01/12/2011. Dharam asks if he is talking about Honda City car, then Jaggi did not kill Ahem. Everyone are surprised to hear that.

Precap: Dharam tells inspector Dinesh that Ahem was not in car on 12/01/2011 during accident and he can write it on stamp paper.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chithu

    Today’s episode was interesting. Urvashi did get best to convince Gopi. Its seems Urmila have adopted Jaggi as her son. She trusts n put efforts for Jaggi.

  2. Chithu

    Issaq I agree with u that makers mut concentrate on Tolu n Molu too. They really don’t have any screen place now. I used to enjoy the episodes when they were at school. Vidya Tolu Molu and Pappu were so energetic. Don’t know where Pappu n his parents disappeared. For a change it would have been nice if all the old characters of Modis united once in upcoming episodes.

    1. Isaaq

      I’m also disappointed of the fact that there was no Mansi and Meera face off. Meera and Mansi had such a good bonding and they never brought them two together.

      If I wrote the track story, Naiya would of joined hands with Mansi and brainwashed Meera. Meera would have to choose between Gopi and Mansi. It would of made the track more interesting…

      Also, I wish Rashi Jr was the reincarnation of Radha. When she tried to kill Gopi, I thought she was going to be like her mother. Imagine if Rashi Jr tried to get revenge for her mothers death?

      I also wish Radha never died and was sent to jail. It would be interesting to see Radha as a mother and then grandmother. She would continually plot against the Modis.

      1. totally agree with u both chithu di and isaaq !!
        there is a lot to learn from u isaaq di both from ur personal life and from ur writing skills YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR keep rocking di

  3. Chithu

    Don’t know how Gaura knows so many persons outside. May b she have befriended some while in jail. How quickly she creates diversions and change the plan. She is indeed one of the strongest vamp ever in SNS. Good that her plan of stopping Dharam from police station failed. Hope he gets some clue regarding Gaura hands in destroying the godown

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Chithu! Gaura ku vayasaana kalathula revenge edukardhellam thevai illaadha velai???…adhukku badhila avanga panna paavangalukku mannippu vendi kasi,, rameshwaram ponangana avangalukku punniyama irukkum! Avanga pillaigal,, pera pasangalukkum punniyam kidaikum! Aana indha gaura ku kaalam pora vayasula rombo kozhuppu yeritte irukku!??

      1. Chithu

        Aama Nandhini Gaura Ku intha vayasulayum avanga mattum vazhthal pothum. Avanga payaneyum perra kuzhathaigaleyum kollarathukku thittam pottuttu irukkanga

      2. Nandhini

        Absolutely chithu!

  4. Chithu

    Tomorrow we will get to know Dharam’s side of story regarding Ahem death. Episodes are getting interesting day by day

    1. Hi chithu di
      How are you? Episode was super

      1. Chithu

        Hi Nisha. Kure naal aayalo kandittu. Sugam aano.

      2. Enthu cheyyam chechi result varan povaa. Tension addichittu vayya!

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends so tmw jaggi wl be proved innocent. Where are u all comment friends.

    1. lol looking forward to that episode, Gopi will start saying sorry Jaggi for not believing him. Normally she gathers evidence 2 prove someone innocent, but she start judging Jaggi with no proof and sayin he killed Ahem. Like was she there when it happened? Just believes anything. Like what happened to the lecture she gave those woman who wanted to blacken Jaggi 4 molesting a girl?? without no proof, witness, media and police u can’t say Jaggi this when you don’t have proof yet she is accusing Jaggi for killing her husband. Not proved guilty by the judge yet, idiot. No offence sns lovers, love the show but that was idiotic and stupid move to think Jaggi could kill someone without no proof.

  6. thanks rose meera ki side lene ke liye aur chittu maine tumhare comment ka jabab 18 dec tellyupdate main diya hai why meera trust naiyya she fill naiyya mother place kyonki uski wajah se durga ki jaan gayi usne apni maa kho di aur is vivan ki toh bat mat karo kabhi bhi dheera ko nahi bachaya abhi bhi wakt hai vivan gaura se dheera ko bacha le stupid he lived happya life but dheera life hell because of him

    1. Chithu

      Dheera saath main Kush isliye nahi reh paye kyunki Meera Dharam ko bhi miscarriage ke liye blame kar rahi thi. Dharam ke bahut maafi maahne ke baad bhi woh apne zid main Adi rahi

  7. Amalina

    Thanks ? dharam for proving jaggi innocent! ?

  8. I still think is sanskar

  9. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.Thank you Pari.

  10. Isaaq

    Guys I have a feeling Rashi Jr is going to be negative… writers are making us wait so long for her entry. I think writers are planning to make her the new Radha

    1. But why issaq?
      She knows whatever happened in the past then how She could became negative?l

    2. Nandhini

      Hii nisha! I think rashi jr will get to know that her mom radha’s married life is spoiled because of gopi and due to her only radha will became evil…so maybe again rashi jr will develop hatred towards gopi…

  11. hi nisha u are here after long time ?? how are u ??

    1. Oh sowmya you know what my result is going to publish ,still it is too late i’m soooooooo tensed now.

  12. Hello sunshiners.. Interesting episode for today 🙂 Loved it

  13. thank you toh tumhara karna chahiye main 1 saal se sabke comment pad rahi hu aaj tak dheera ka naam tak nahin liya finnally koi toh supporter mila maine suna hai ki dharam guara ka pardafash kar dega but boh kisi ko nahin bata payega aur gaura use maar degi

  14. thank you toh tumhara karna chahiye rose main 1 saal se sabke comment pad rahi hu aaj tak dheera ka naam tak nahin liya finnally koi toh supporter mila maine suna hai ki dharam guara ka pardafash kar dega but boh kisi ko nahin bata payega aur gaura use maar degi

    1. Hi pari.From where are you.Good to see you here.Bahut achcha lag raha hai Ye jaan kar tum bhi Dheera fan ho.

      1. Jo kuch bhi Maine post kiya vo sub Maine Elder Meera and Vidya ki track shuru hui tab se main observe kar rahi hu.Vidya se jyada Meera ne Vidya ki raksha ki aur aaj bhi kar rahi hai.Meera ne Vidya ke sath sirf ek hi baar galat l kiya.Vo hai Priyal ko dhoke se cheenna.But baad mein vo us
        galati ko bhi sudhaar
        li.Jab Meera Dharam se shaadi ki us mein Vidya ki Jindagi barbaad karne ka kya hai?creatives kabhikabhi meaning less likhleta hai. Ha Meera wants revenge on Modi
        family that time.But unse revenge lene ke
        liye vo Dharam se shaadi karne ke alava kuch nahi Kia.Infact tough times mein Vo
        Gopi aur Kokila ko bachaya.Vidya hamesha Gopi aur Kokila ko hi sahi maana chahe
        uska parinaam kitni bhi worst nikla ho.Meera ka Dharam se shaadi karna
        Meera ke liye bahut sahi nikla.Char saal se
        Meera vidya ko torture karne ki bath liya tho Meera galat thi but usse bhi jyada
        galati vidya ki thi.Usse kisne bola ki seh
        lo,Meera wants vidya uskei husband aur beti ko lekar vaha se chala jaye.Because if Vidya Dheera ke beech bolne laga hai.Ye
        Meera ko pasand nahi hai. Is mein Meera
        ki galati kya hai?Duniya mein har vo ladki
        chahta hai ki uski aur uski husband ke beech koi theesra na bole.chahe vo uski jo bhi rishtedar ho.Meera ne Vidya se kahaki
        Gopi aur Dr.Krishna ki shaadi ke bare mein
        Dharam se kisi baath na kare.But Vidya jake Dharam se puchta hai ki Gopi ki shaadi karne ki koki decision sahi ya nahi.Kya Dharam salah diya bhi tho koki
        usse sunegi.Dharam ne kahaki Dr ke bare mein pata lkarna chahiye. Peking Vidya uski salah nahi maana.phir Dharam se Ye sab puchne ki jarurat kya hai?Meera ki galati Ye hai ki Dharam ko pyaar se samjhane ke alava usse be vajah ladti rahi.But ab Dheera ke beech San kuch sort out ho gaya hai.DHEERA FOREVER.Dheera rocks.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshiners
    But hw cm Dharam know correctly that Ahem Ws not in car. Yeah Ahem’s car was not starting and he ws trying to take lift from others to reach meera’s marriage. And inspector told that another accident happened on same day and wen truck hit the car no one ws der in car . If Jaggi is Ahem why he is not confessing that he is ahem that too,for this much long time .

    1. Nandhini

      Good afternoon Sid! We will get to know in today’s episode…there is a mystery behind the car’s serial number which is known only by dharam and ahem…

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners wazzup why less comments these days only Chithu,Nandini,Issaq,Soumya are commenting most out of 31 sunshine members. Wer is others comment more friends. Now we are 31 members if each person does 2 comments also our comments wl reach 60+ .

  17. who is the new inspector guy in the latest episodes

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