Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila with Jigar reaches temple and gets happy seeing Ahem. She hugs him and asks why someone told he jumped in water. Gopi says he jumped to save a boy. Meera reaches there and asks how can he leave them all alone like this. He pampers her and apologizes for not protecting her when she needed him the most. Meera gets emotional. Gopi asks Meera and Vidya to go back home while they will go later.

Meera drives car reminiscing insulting Ahem and cries. Vidya consoles her. Meera says she will not spare Gaura for her sins. Vidya asks to calm down. Meera asks if she forgot what Gaura did. Vidya says she did not and reminisces how Gaura tried to drown Kokila, burn Ahem, and harmed Meera’s dignity and says when we know all this, they why should we go back to Gaura’s

house instead of their house. Meera says that house is not hers, she only has dad there and nobody else and says she will stay at Gaura’s house and will punish her for her sins.

Gaura restlessly waits for Dharam. Dharam comes and she asks where was he. He lies that he went for chilli business and leaves towards his room. Urmila laughs on Gaura that her son is lying and her condition is like cat which scrates walls in anger. Gaura angrily breaks mud pot.

Dharam reaches home with Kokila, Gopi and Jigar. Madhuben gets jealous while Hetal hugs him and says Gopi’s belief came true today. Madhuben acts as happy next and says by god’s grace, damadji came back home. Baa says Ahem left home earlier also in anger. Tolu asks if bade papa is a habitual runner. Baa says Ahem was very small that time and says she has to see Tolu/molu’s marriage now and then their children and their marriage. Ahem says he will go and rest now and leaves.

Dharam comes to Gaura’s room and apologizes for lying and says he came into Meera’s sugary talks. Meera brings her lots of gifts and asks to accept them. Gaura gets happy. Dharam asks her to sign documents. Gaura asks what is in it. Meera says it is her suicide note and it says she is suiciding with her wish and nobody to be blamed. Gaura asks how dare they are to think like this. Meera keeps knife on her neck and asks to sign, else she will slit her neck. Gaura signs and asks Dharam how can he do this to his mother. Meera says her time is over and pushes in a dark room. Gaura sees Durga in black sari frightening her. Then, Urmila comes in black clothes and says she is her death and hangs her after lengthy dialogues. Gaura wakes up from sleeping, shouting, and realizes it was her imagination and thinks meethi churi/meera has made her life hell.

Gopi brings green tea for Ahem. He takes it and asks her go out as he wants to be alone and locks door from inside. Gopi thinks she cannot see Ahem sad and will get him out of this soon.

Precap: Kokila asks Madhuben why is she trying to break her family. Madhuben asks why will she. Kokila says her gestures prove that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How could maduben be ecil towards her own daughter?

    1. Just bent on getting revenge as always this drama is all about

  2. This Meera and Vidya look so good and pretty. Amazing people and acting by the entire cast.

  3. is serial ka v shradh krdo jldi….ma beti ki dusman…..Behan Behan ki dusman…..betia ki dusman……

  4. save pehle is shona ko change karo…..thoda to difference hona chahiye paridhi n shona me…..pari Luke younger n pretty Dan shona

  5. This is amazing. Like Meera she’s so cute…and also vidyas acting is good

  6. I think meera is going to be asked that guara wants a grandchild

  7. So excited to see meera and dharma’s romance. Will gaura demand baby from dheera..? Its so coolll…? ? ? ?

  8. Yeah I read the update

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