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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa prays to God to protect her grand daughters and to accept Gopi’s prayers. Gopi prays to God and says it is like being punished being away from her daughters. Gaura does the aarti in her house with Meera and Vidya standing behind her. While Kokila and Hetal does aarti in her house. Gopi does the aarti in the temple and singhs bhajan. Gaura looks at Vidya and Meera, and pray to God to ruin her enemy Kokila in the 9 days of Navrathi. Everyone is shocked. Vidya tells that her dadi is the example of sanskriti. She says dharm shall wins and adharm should lose. She prays to Devimaa to give brain to those who are not walking on the right path. Gaura is angry at her reply and looks on surprisingly. Vidya continues praying. Gaura says you are ahead of your mum in talks.
She says I don’t

want anything wrong today. She asks them to get ready and says I don’t want any gents in this function. Dharam says okay. Gaura smiles.

Kokila prays for her daughters……Gopi, Meera, Vidya, Rashi and Paridhi………..Gaura gives necklace to Meera and asks her to listen carefully. She asks her to do as she says. She says today is the most memorable day of your life.

Gaura tells I know what she was saying and trying to make you feel low. Now it is your turn to make her let down. She says you are looking good today, my mohan’s meera. Meera asks who is Mohan? Gaura says it is a joke, and tells about the rasam which will show Vidya’s place in thie house. Meera gets a call and she excuses herself. Dharam tells Gaura that a big blast will happen today, and says Shravan is away today, but I will come in the evening before the climax happens.

Gopi tells Ahem that she is sensing bad. Jigar asks what happened? Gopi says Vidya told that Gaura kept their muh dikhayi ritual for them, and is worried. Ahem says you left your daughter there. Gopi says yes, and says I am their mum and worried. Jigar asks them to calm down. Ahem says I cannot, and says Meera is ruining her own sister’s life. Gopi is ruining Vidya’s life also. Gopi says Vidya wants to bring Meera back and says they are real sisters. Ahem says you are Radha were real sisters too. Ahem collides with a lady and aarti thaali falls from her hand. He leaves. Jigar says he will talk to Ahem, and says Mata Rani will do everything fine. Gopi is about to slip, but Jigar holds her hand stopping her from falling. Gopi says I heard someone’s voice. Jigar says who can know you here?

Gopi looks at someone in the bushes. Gopi calls the person behind the tree and asks her to stop. Ahem asks what is this new drama? Gopi says she heard a woman taking her name. She runs behind the woman and falls down. She sees Madhuben photo on the ground. She gets teary eyed. Ahem and Jigar reach there. Ahem asks her to look at her bleeding feet and asks why you are crying. He sees Radha’s pic at the other side of photo, and says this photo with you…………….the guest lady asks if you have gifted diamond necklace for your bahus. Gaura tells if they are ready for rasam. The ladies say yes. Gaura says this rasam will shake Modi family.

Ahem says we have been separated for years because of Radha, and you are carrying her photo. I won’t stay here for a min, and says I will go home. Jigar rushes to Gopi and asks her to take care.

Gaura’s guests come and ask about Meera and vidya. They taunt Shravan’s mum. Gaura ill treates her. Servants brings puja plates. Gaura scolds Shravan’s mum.

Meera and Vidya sit beside each other. Ramba tells they are looking like sisters. Gaura says they are sisters only. She introduces them as Dharam’s wife and Shravan’s wife. Ramba says Meera is very much young. Gaura says last time my son was betrayed, but this time he has won. Ramba says if your daughter in law is dumb and deaf. Meera gets angry and says she is not dumb and deaf. Ramba says may be she is handicapped, and asks her to walk. Meera asks what the hell? She says I am fine. Other lady says may be she might be pregnant and smiles. Meera gets angry.

Ahem asks Gopi to come and says we will not stay here. Gopi asks him to stop and says we can’t go like this. Ahem asks why? Gopi says you have just seen one side of pic, and shows Madhuben photo with them. She says I got this photo here and says I have to find out how it come here?

Gaura calls Kokila on phone and tells about Muh Dikhayi rasam. The guest woman puts black ink on Vidya’s face, while she resits and tries to protect herself. Kokila warns her.

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  1. this serial is going so slow. and what is modi family doing now a days..???? except talking an crying. we audience want some masala, some kind of victory of the truth….

  2. Very boring I want meera and vidhya to reunite and make gaura irritable

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