Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Gopi going in to the home along with Meera and wishing every one of joy and happiness on the occasion of Durga Puja.

Madhu and Urmilaa arrive and Madhu greets and wishes everybody. Gives a gold jewelry to Baa and tells of its significance with a story from Ramayan, and Lord Rama.

Puja is being done, a while later Ahem asks Jigar to do the AARATHI – Lighted Diya is done in a round motion { clockwise or anticlockwise, not sure } to the Deity. Rashi joins Jigar and join hands with her husband to the Aarathi.

In between, Shah home, Dhawal and Kinjal have some romantic time, but not for long, as Jayanthilal and Jitu arrive to break it up.

While Ahem plays with Meera, Gun Shot and Arrow type, think, released with spring action.

Gopi joins and is happy with the turn of events, for the better. Ahem says things would be fine and not to worry.

Kokila takes Madhu aside with some excuse ; Urmilaa wants to join them, but Kokila says since Urmilaa is not used to working, only the presence of Madhu is needed.

However Urmilaa finds an excuse and follows them, only to have the door closed on her face by Kokila.

Madhu tells Kokila that is for sure somebody definitely wanted to harm Raashi and intentionally pulled Radha’s leg. Kokila says in response that they need to get to the bottom of it and the truth behind the whole incident.

Meanwhile, outside, on the balcony, Urmilaa does a balancing act, precariously placed on the edge. Overhears this above mentioned conversation.

Jigar sees Urmilaa and says what is she doing and that she might fall off. Urmilaa says that she is feeling hot and taking a whiff of fresh air. Well, rightly, Jigar catches her false excuse with a retort that leaving the comfort of the Air condition and had come outside.

Sometime hereabouts, Raashi is talking to Molu and expresses that Jigar is a good sort and needs to patch up with him and end the row. Just then, Urmilaa comes in to drive a wedge between Jigar and Raashi. Meera fires her arrow into Urmilaa’s fat behind. Raashi tells her mom that even Meera does not like Urmilaa’s bad thoughts.

Later both Raashi and Jigar talk to Gopi and Ahem respectively at different places, but simultaneously. They both express regret and desire to get back together. Both Ahem and Gopi are happy.

Downstairs, Kokila wants everyone ready and be at the venue without fail, even Radha is instructed. Radha is caught in two minds. Later she tries to sort out the misunderstanding between Gopi and her, but Gopi walks off.

Once more, Kokila and Madhu have a private talk, while Urmilaa eavesdrops.

At the festivities, a story from Ramayana is being enacted with the oral commentary. Both Kokila and Madhu are looking for something and notice some people taking shots with their mobile phones. Urmilaa is nearby.

Radha alone in the home, prays to the goddess that things get well and all the misconceptions disappear between her and Gopi.

Radha decides to attend the festivities and clear the air. As such Radha ends up taking a lift from a stranger, I believe he is Umaang, a negative character.

Casual talk leads to Radha telling him of the slight anger of Gopi towards her.

Jigar is with his Dad ; Raashi goes and stands beside him, Jigar is on the other side. Jigar’s Dad is flanked by his daughter in law and his son.

Seeing this togetherness ; Gopi and Ahem are happy.

Episode Ends On Smiling Gopi’s Face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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