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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kids are playing ball. Their ball enters Radha’s room. They get scared to enter. Pari asks them to come. Eveyone comes in except for Meera. Pari asks her but she is scared. Pari goes with her and gets a bowl of chilly. She asks Meera to feed Radha but she refuses. Pari goes and threatnes her to eat it in the name of police. She is about make her eat but stops saying she wont do anyting to harm the unborn child. Pari assures Meera saying that Radha wont trouble her anymore.

Tolu/Molu ask Pari to play football they insist but she gets angy and refuses. Tolu Molu think of her as strange. On one hand she saves them from Radha and on the other shouts at them. Radha is shown listening. She has a flashback of Pari telling her father that she loves Jigar but doesnt want his kids.

She gets an idea to teach her a lesson.

At the dining table Pari is happy to have taught Radha a lesson. Gopi is happy that Pari is helping them. Pari says she is doing it for Jigar and kids. Radha comes for dinner. Pari asks her to staty in room as decided. Kokila asks her to stay here. She says that since Radha is going to stay here till the child is born we have to adjust. Radha starts her drama saying that after the child is born she will go away. Kokila says that she is getting to say here and that is enough for her. She says that Pari will become the mother and wonders if the kid will be looked after. Kokila assures that it will be okay. Radha scares her about looking after kids saying that she has to be there 24/7. Pari gets scared. She says that you wont have time for Jigar. Pari warns her to stay in her limits. In RN Urmila troubles Kinjal and Madhu. She also gives Pappu a task at first he refuses but she convinces him. Gopi comes to see Urmila. Kinjal complaints about her.

She goes to speak to her. Gopi requests her to stop doing all this but she blames the Modi’s for it and says that she is fed up of this. Gopi says that she has to do it for the sake of the family as they have with much difficulty managed to control Radha. Urmila doesnt listen.

Kokila phones and asks what happened. Kokila asks Gopi to give phone to Urmila. She refuses to speak. She puts on speaker. Kokila asks her to go on a holiday saying they will pay for it. Urmila wants to go abroad but Kokila convinces her otherwise. Urmila wishes to go Kashmir. Gopi says Radha your game is over.

Precap: Pari challenges Radha that she will take Jigar away from this house and everyone in one day. Kokila overhears it all. Pari is shocked to see her

Update Credit to: Ritu

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  1. Great acting Pari and Urmilla. Keep it up

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