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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Kokila and Dharam that Meera is deeply hurt by Dharam’s behavior, so she is acting as marrying joker Sanskar. Kokila asks Dharam if he loves Meera or not. He says he loves her a lot, but misbheaved with Meera as he heard them talking. Gopi says she was worried as a mother if Meera would be as patient as Dharam. Dharam says as a mother, her decision is right, there is age difference between him and Meera and Meera’s decision to marry Sanskar is… Kokila says wrong, Meera knows he loves him and knows he will react if she marries somone. Gopi says everyone knows Dharam can sacrifice life for Meera and his life is incomplete without her, so he is best life partner for Meera.

Dharam says he agrees Meera is unique, but changing fate is not in his hands.

Gopi pleads him to accept Meera as only he can handle her. Dharam says he respects her decision and cannot ruin Meera’s life knowingly. Kokila says but dharam kumar.. Dharam says there is a lot of difference between them, Meera wears specs for style and he wears them to read, there is a lot of difference between them, so he cannot marry Meera. He walks out. Vidya says papaji and Meera are trying to hurt each other, she will convince papaji. Gopi asks Kokila what she should do. She asks to leave it on god.

Pari sees Sona arranging Sanskar’s bed and asks why she is doing this, says it is obvious she will help her class people. Sona shows tootpicks under bed and asks how is her arrangement. Pari says fantastic and says even she has something, shows itching powder. Sona asks what is itching. Pari says khujli. They both shake hands and sprinkle itching powder on Sanskars bed.

Dharam is busy decorating house for Meera’s sangeet. Vidya comes and sasks why is he punishing himself like this. Sanskar is not a good boy, he spoilt Meera since college and taughts her bad things, everyone knows howmuch Meera and Dharam love each other and it is difficult for her to accept her sasur and behen’s relationship, but she is, so he should not let go his love.

Meera brings Sanskar home. Sanskar asks why did they come home instead of going to disco. She asks him to stop irritating, calls family members and asks to get ready as they are going to Dharam’s house for her and Sanskar’s engagement. Pari asks what is wrong with her, why she wants to marry this cartoon. Meera says it is amazing na and asks them to get ready soon and leaves. Sona comments that she thought Meera is half mad, but she is completely mad. Meera takes selfie with Sanskar, edits, and sends it to Dharam. Pari asks Hetal if Meer has lost her mind. Kokila and Gopi enter and inform that Meera asked Dharam to let her sangeet in his home as wedding gift. Dharam watches pic and thinks he cannot tolerate pain. Meera says let Dharam be in pain.

Meera gathers family and asks Tolu/Molu to practice song with her. Sanskar starts dancing weirdly. Urmila laughs. Sanskar falls down. Meera scolds him. He gets up and dances again. Sona laughs and says she would have brought monkey instead of Sanskar cartoon. Vidya calls Kokila and hears song in background. Kokila says Meera is practicing sangeet. Vidyas asks waht is happening, how will they stop this. Kokila says by dance, she will see herself what will happen tonight.

Precap: Kokila says seeing Dharam and Meera’s love she is sure they are incomplete without each other. Ahem says she is wrong,it is Meera’s immaturity and he does not want her to marry a man of his age.

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  2. I think vidya n shravan will make dharam realized his love for.meera n he will go n stop the wedding

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