Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Ahem to stop being silent and speak out the truth. Gopi asks her not to. Kokila says she will tell truth and asks her to shut up and says she will tell what happened that day, but dumb Gopi gives her oath and says truth is she kiilled Radha and even went to jail. Kokila says she may be a murderer according to law, but in god’s law she is innocent. Gopi dumbly asks her again not to speak anything. Kokila helpless stops. Tolu/molu leave back to their house. Gopi starts crying vigorously.

Mansi calls Kinjal and says today they were saved by Gopi, but may not escape again. Kinjal asks her not to worry. Mansi says it is proved now that Vidya will not accept Gopi now. Kinjal asks her to get Meera into good books and tells her plan.

Kokila in her room reminisces Vidya’s words. Ahem comes and says he knows she is angry on him for keeping silent and says he does not want his children start loving Gopi again. Kokila sends him out and locks door saying she does not want to talk to anyone.

Rashi comes from school, sees Gopi crying vigorously and asks why is she crying as if she lost in exams. Gopi says she lost her life’s exam. Rashi says hopes Gujrath’s capital becomes Ahmedabad as she wrote some other city on exam papers. Gopi smiles.

Meera sees Mansi crying and asks what happened. Mansi says Gopi killed her own sister Radha for loving Ahem and she is afraid she may even kill her. Meera asks her not to worry and says she will ask Ahem to take them back to Mumbai. Mansi hugs her and gives her ugly smirk.

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  1. Liya

    Huhh gopi…..r u gone mad?y dont u speak out the truth?so sad.even tolu nd molu hate gopi.

  2. Ann(athu)

    Yes,why her mom is doing so?Liya i did’nt see it frm beginning.Shall u give me a short summary of the story



  4. Liya

    Janu is not their daughter.avarku children illathathinal long relation-ile ammayillathathum paavapettavarumaaya oru kutti ponnu pole eduthu valarthi.athum aa chechiyude she gave birth to herown daughter so she doesnt like janu.

  5. john

    janu my son i left a msg for u in the previous page. Guys see india’s got talent sunday episod, my stupid son janu made me proud. He was in igt

  6. john

    omg u r d heroine of ipkknd , i wnt ur autograph, so u r d real sanaya, nw u dnt hav job, so u r doing tym pas here liya bhai

  7. Liya

    M hr athu…What is [email protected]

  8. Ann(athu)

    I will never change my name.Always ann(athu)
    And my pic will be always rangtasiya and shastri sisters

  9. Liya

    Ohho.if that word is used 4 some other meaning in other lang means…i ll not change my name at any cost.

  10. john

    i meant liya nt u athu. C is so beautiful sanaya , so liya is a hagura. If u dont add my compliment to ur name liya,i wont talk to u hagura*sad*

  11. Anna

    what the hell yaar… i am waiting for so long and still the update is not completed yet…. !!!!

  12. Liya

    Sry john.i dont like ur lang.u can call me hagura but my other frnds ll feel bad so…hope u understand.oh yeah,john alway understands other’s feeling.

  13. ammayh

    how long man does it take that much time to find out the truth and why has it not updated the rest drama

  14. Ann(athu)

    yes Anna, i have read.Pari slaps tolu molu .On the second time to slap,jigar stops from that.
    Precap:kokila beats ahem with sticks and gopi prevents ahem from that
    I am fine riya

    • Anna

      ok… so in today’s episode Gopi’s daughter still dont know th truth!!! thanq Ann…!

  15. Ann(athu)

    All let me here.Janu anna, today i did’nt see u.Where are u?
    No achu and u.boring.Even liya kutty left me

  16. Pari

    What is this rabish ye ho kia raha h ak dum bakwas ho gaya h drama ak to itni badtamez h ye aham ki betian bcoz gopi ko wo apni maa manti nhi secondly truth ko chupa kar bura kia aham ne ab jaldi se in ko truth batao or in ko thori tamez and respect sikhao.mansi ko in ki life se nikalo or sath kinjal ko b aham gopi ko ak sath kar k drama end karo apna drama chalne k lea ap is ko bakwas bana do ge pher koi bakwas twist ajae ga agar aham gopi ko sath nhi rakhna chahta to aham ko sub ki life se dor kar do baki sub gopi k sath khush rahe and then end the drama

  17. janu (john ka beta)

    gopi sasuri dont want to expose what was happened 10 yrs before. wat nonsense???????

  18. kajol

    Hi akshay n liya
    liya i dnt hv ur id… hw can i get ur id?? is ur id wid shenaz?? Ask her to mail me if u dnt hv any prblm.
    And yes akshay u read my ydays cmmnt?? 2 janu h?? R u sure abt tht??

  19. jiya

    everyones r using this for chatting.guyz dnt use like tht.jst give coments abt episodes nly but here u r continuing ur episodes.

  20. Liya

    81percentage.(athu forgive me ur anna is asking)shenaz,sara,aish akka,fairy,ricky bhai etc have my id kajol

  21. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol john is one pr kuch log yaha pr uske nam se apni frustration (bhadas) behude tarike se nikalte h real john aisa nahi h yes wo flirty h pr wo cheap or vulgar comment nahi likhta h

  22. Diya Raj

    I had a best candle light dinner with raj and we danced together enjoyed the eve love u raj

  23. janu (john ka beta)

    orion if u baby’s email id then send a e card ( on grand success) to her by ur email id

  24. Liya

    So u made it rocking as i [email protected]

  25. kajol

    Di i ws gng to leave early today bt nw u came i will stay…:) so tell me is ur luv mrrg??

  26. Diya Raj

    kajol my hubby is a nice guy I love him and he love me too much and we are lovers for 7years I am lucky to have him

  27. janu (john ka beta)

    orion u know i m a boy n i cant ask her email id so i told u to do it on behalf of me

  28. Diya Raj

    he knows my feelings and as we r so close we share our every thing
    he came here for seeing me from London I was flattered

  29. janu (john ka beta)

    no dia bhabi u r not disturbing us overall mujhe to barat me dance krna h 🙂

  30. Liya

    Haha nowadays no difference btw boy nd girl.within last 2 day me nd 1 of my tu bro completed 200mails but u r correct.athu rarely gives her id 2 others.

  31. kajol

    Haha akshay m nt leaving forevr will cm whnevr i can… bt nw as m cmng daily i dnt think i will cm tht way… actually i came here fr few days bt nw aftr kyy i got sns frnds:) so will cm whnevr i can… n will miss u all…

  32. Diya Raj

    kajol liya and janu I need to go as I have night duety and now I am @hospital so bye all goodnight sweet dreams

  33. Diya Raj

    so I wish all of u all the best for ur future and also for ur comming results …… love u guys bye

  34. Diya Raj

    thank u Kajol i will come later when I r here and let me think of my hus and my dream is filled with his smile haaa
    and who is ur lover??

  35. Meera Ahem Modi

    haha diya dii kajol jst pasd 12th hai naa kajol… I remembr once she tld me she dnt blv in luv is nt it pyaari kajol?

  36. Diya Raj

    I dnt view sns but I used to c ssel
    okke so advanced happy birthday to my pretty doll @kajol

  37. Diya Raj

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  38. janu (john ka beta)

    i thought ur came hr to read written epi of sns then hw did u reach hr dia bhabi

  39. Liya

    U know me [email protected]

  40. Diya Raj

    kajol stay here dear all r eagerly waiting for u to talk to them talk to them

    janu I need to go bro

  41. kajol

    Really m talkng wid evryone..
    U askd me u r leaving i said on 27 thn di askd so i ws replying u din askd anythng wht can i do lol

  42. Meera Ahem Modi

    hihi liya u knw me swthrt by d way do u hav janu bro’s mail id? sry fr calng bro bt aftrall I m ur li’l sis bro

  43. janu (john ka beta)

    ok orion i m using laptop i hvnt android cell yar so i dont know about it on cell

  44. Meera Ahem Modi

    woah mai apni ex mom ki tarah murderer nahi hun… btw aaj sasur jii ne bataya aap igt me jaa rahe ho is dat true yaa sasur jii apne psycho condition me bakwas kar rahe the

  45. janu (john ka beta)

    wo kya hai na meeru jab se john dad ko rajna aunty ne ditch kiya h tab se wo sadme me h isliye kuch bhi likh dete h

  46. kajol

    Me kya do rhi hu?? Sara??
    N yes akshay actually i hv one frnd laura whnevr she cms to talk this idiot cms n uske name se kch bhi cmmnt karta h so i came to knw abt tht idiot… whnevr he cms laura leaves n i dnt lyk tht…
    y?? Y u askd tht?? I dnt even see ths shw..

  47. Meera Ahem Modi

    haha tke ? par real meera ka phn awesome hai mera to sirf 4 inch ka ? kya kare isi me khush rehna padh ta hai ye bhi phn old phn kharab hojane par mila frnt cam ki kami hai bas

  48. kajol

    Am boring??? Or am getting bore?? Wht u want to ask lol… nthng lyk tht akshay m nt getting bore i jst want to be quite fr smtyms
    n liya thnx fr ur song will surely listen…

  49. Meera Ahem Modi

    mera matlab tum kya kar rahi ho do = kar got it kajol jii mai hinglish bol rahi thi

  50. janu (john ka beta)

    i couldnot understand wat is running in ur mind kajol u can ask to liya sweet achu hw many time smone create confusion between us but we all not waste our mood on him v started to mock him n enjoy him clown

  51. sanah

    when first i came here i thought u r a bad guy when i chatted wid u den i realized dat u r a nice guy den y do u do dis wid meera

  52. Meera Ahem Modi

    sanah darling I m sara janu bro’a li’l sis meera z sns character & bro lyk her so I took her name tk tease bro hihi

  53. Meera Ahem Modi

    sanah darling I m sara janu bro’s li’l sis meera z sns character & bro lyk her so I took her name to tease bro hihi

  54. kajol

    Hey akshay i came to get answrs bt got gud frnds m happy fr tht too y r sayng tht liya akshay n my diya di… will cm whnevr it is possible m nt ambani all tym busy

  55. Liya

    Lalala…lallalalala..laaaalaaa..,.lala hura mura r u hr? near dr?lalala laala lalalala..this is the most famous song which made me famous here.haha

  56. kajol

    Yes u cant read my mind many thngs gng on am too mch cnfused plus thinking too mch leave it

  57. janu (john ka beta)

    orion thats why i m ur fan my fav singer ur songs make smile on face
    hura mura lalaaaa hura mura laalallaaaa

  58. Liya

    Thanku thanku swthrt.all i have 2 ask is do u know 2 swim?bcoz once broak appreciated me 4 my hihi awesome song which made me tears became a swimming pool.

  59. janu (john ka beta)

    no say sorry sanah but hw was ur perception negative about me could u tell me plz

  60. janu (john ka beta)

    yes kajol my all time fav singer liya sang it
    hura mura llaaalaaaa ,hura mura laaaalaaaaaa

  61. kajol

    Yes grt prblm… to tell u d trth smone using my name n bcz of tht m annoyed so mch u wont undrstnd leave it…

  62. Meera Ahem Modi

    no sanah v dunno I dint see sm ppl’s pics also exmpl liya janu bro.. my cmnt ws fr liya ?

  63. janu (john ka beta)

    hi sanah actually we played sns drama hr where as janu i m lover of meera but if my personal life i m single n not interested in thus type of girls who dont give respect their parents n their relations

  64. kajol

    My prblm will nvr end u all dnt waste ur tym talkng abt my mood.. shenaz??? Yes m fyn shit u fairy n nutz still left to answr i ws thinkng i m frgttng smthng am so bhulakad…

  65. Liya

    me too.i only have athu’s few pics nd prag’s sister’s baby’s pic nd some smileys,greetings&wallpapers send by akka’s.

  66. janu (john ka beta)

    sahi bat talented sara becomes meeru , my sasuri paridhi n my step sasuri mansi

  67. Liya

    Swthrt they went to check [email protected]

  68. Meera Ahem Modi

    of course itz true sanah & I m sure soon u vl also b lyk dat… shenaz z my frnd devar jii

  69. john ka beta

    Kajol I came here specially for u dr bcoz u r not able to chat with me na so I came luv u sweetie

  70. Meera Ahem Modi

    radha maasi maine aap ko bahit miss kiya par aap ko to bhoot ho na chahiye naa meri ex mom ne jo kiya us ke baad ?

  71. john ka beta

    Liya u r up till now I mean dats grt but hw ur bro n all allowed u to stay up till now

  72. janu (john ka beta)

    i m sorry john ka beta i want to say it but last time ur behaviour was rude when i say u new born baby n other thing u didn’t like it so…………
    anyways hi john ka beta pls keep name yar

  73. Raashi modi

    (Hehe my angry bro went 4 a retreat nd other is watching tv.frm a week m hr on tu till 2 dr)liya’s mssg.

  74. janu (john ka beta)

    sara i think kajol miss laura if she is online then ask her to talk with kajol

  75. Meera Ahem Modi

    sali aagayi to mujhe ignore waah isiliye kehte hai saali=aadhi gharwali… radha maasi mujhse bhi baat kijiye

  76. radha jigar modi

    that’s time iam mentally ill so maine meera ko mirchi khilai thiya janu beta main tumare choti sasuma

  77. GOPI MODI( the murderer) (sanah)

    beta tum meri baat samajhne ki koshish karo maine radha ko jaan bujh kar nahi mara

  78. kajol

    Hey akshay i talk wid laura daily… actually she dnt cm whn john is thr so m
    annoyed fr tht plus sm idiot using my name thts y i hv to use this new name

  79. Meera Ahem Modi

    no laura is nt online… ys ex mom aap ne sahi kaha ab mujh se dur rahiye… rashi shut up tumhe pata nahi meri ex mom ne tumhe tu.hari mom se chin kar unka murder kar diya tha stupid kahinki

  80. john ka beta

    U can say jkb janu n I know I said rudely to u dat day all bcoz of John he was misbehaving with my sis so aadha gussa tum par aa gaya but now I have realised my mistake so u can call me new born baby or jkb as u wish n last but most important really sry for dat day @janu

  81. radha jigar modi

    kya karoon beta mujhe gopi ne trishul se mardhiya this question you ask tumhare badi sasuma gopi se puch beta

  82. Raashi modi

    Meera di,radha aunty jiju even gopi mom isnt talking 2 me.nji…nji…dhawal uncle, jijar kaka(ri8?)

  83. Meera Ahem Modi

    aah sab log rashi se baat karo mai apni swt lil sis vidya ko bulaongi agar wo awake hai to

  84. john ka beta

    Who is askhay from here only dat person say if u want to let me know otherwise its perfectly f9 with me if don’t want to share den

  85. sanah

    haha k bye guys now my role is finished im leavimg good night sweet dreams bye janu liya meera vidya rashi radha

  86. Raashi modi

    Sanah,take some need of hindi nd all just speak out.r u gng?k bye.gud ni8 frm liya nd raashi

  87. janu (john ka beta)

    i m not taking any personally interest in laura i asked about hr bcoz kajol miss her so i thought kajol feel better if she talks to laura so i ask to sara to say laura plz talk to kajol

  88. Raashi modi

    Yeah jiju m ready 4 stealing ur chappal but all those r far away.first meera di should agree 4 the marriage

  89. kajol

    Hey bhagwan shenaz he askd sara to infrm laura tht m missing her nthng else n tht… he jst askd is she my bst frnd y r tkng seriously haha

  90. john ka beta

    Kajol plz don’t use dis name over here my results r coming soon I guess in 2 days dr I saw news they said dat

  91. john ka beta

    R ur besties present over here r8 now kajol may I know which username dey r using

  92. kajol

    Haha u r always wlcm
    So many questions on ur name too haha whnevr i say tht smone will ask who is akshay lol write in bracket u r akshay lol lol

  93. janu (john ka beta)

    btw ahem sasura aap kise pasand krte ho gopi sasuri ko yar mansi sasuri ko?

  94. Meera Ahem Modi

    dad ye kya hai aap arrange marriage to nahi kar wa rahe meri pehle mujhe haan karne dijiye us ke baad pata chaleha mai janu biwi ya behen ?

  95. john ka beta

    OK OK I didn’t knew dat sry janu for doughting u agn n tk u kajol for d info dr

  96. john ka beta

    Meera hw r u dr
    Janu should I call u janu or akshay say in which u r comfortable

  97. kokila modi

    meera beta dadi ku umar hogai isliya spelling mistake pls forgive me meera tinkili

  98. kajol

    Wow wht a answr akshay mujhe itni eng to aati h ki wellwishr ka matlb samjh jau… wellwisher Q??

  99. janu (john ka beta)

    ahem sasurji yar shadi krni h to jaldi kro nahi krni h mt kro yar ye matter ab bahut drag ho raha h log ghar me hi tv pr rotten eggs n tomato fakne lg gye h is serial k ate hi

  100. john ka beta

    Tk u for forgiving janu bro
    Kajol job is going really gud dr 2dy no mistake u still didn’t answer me r u besties present here r8 n n their user name going on r8 now

  101. kajol

    Ohk nw tell wellwishers kyu kaha abhi mjhe kis ki advice mili to tumne kaha ki bht wellwishers h

  102. Meera Ahem Modi

    ahem dad kal ke epi me aap ko dadi marengi aur mai dadi ko aapse khinch ke ek zor ka dhakka dungi hihi I m evil ?

  103. john ka beta

    I wish as akshay @janu
    Tk u kajol for ur wishes to always b with me it really mean a lot to me dr

  104. janu (john ka beta)

    rashi pappu bhaiya se kahana vidhya is his cousin sister ok so think about mansi

  105. Meera Ahem Modi

    mujhe nahi pata kaun sa stupid cal karta hai tumhe kya bataoon vidya mujhe tabhi pata chalega jab epi me dikhayega

  106. john ka beta

    Meera ur schools reopening very soon r u prepared for it to welcome ur school agn in ur lyf

  107. janu (john ka beta)

    meera jb bhi maine is episode me tumhare boyfriend ko dekhunga then i will kill him

  108. Meera Ahem Modi

    mansi is pappu’s future step mom or my future step mom c’mon ans me fastest

  109. janu (john ka beta)

    to kya hua rashi badi bahu bade bhagya ye to achi bat h tumhara pappu bhaiya waise bhi pappu hi h to mansi aunty use tackle kr legi

  110. kajol

    Esa laga mjhe pehli dafa
    tanha me hogayi yaara
    hu pareshan si me
    ab ye kehne k liye
    tu zaroori sa h mjhko
    zinda rehne k liye
    tu zaroori sa h mujhko
    zinda rehne k liye…

  111. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol u r doing coaching indivisual or choose any daswani classes or allen classes?

  112. Meera Ahem Modi

    yup I m ready devar jii… janu u vl go to jail fr 10 yrs lyk gopi I m nt lyk dad I vl marry sm1 else ?

  113. Meera Ahem Modi

    stop askng me yaars mujhe bhi nahi pata ask rashmi sharms writers or tanya sharma

  114. john ka beta

    Den go for it bhabi luv u dr
    1 ka answer u gave n dats really gud u enjoyed now 2nd ka answer @kajol

  115. Meera Ahem Modi

    tumhe badi jaldi hai vidya btw mujhe tum se zyada jaldi hai mai kya karungi agar wo handsome nahi hua to ?

  116. kajol

    Bin puche mera naam or pata
    rasmo ko rakh ke pare
    chaar kasam bas chaar kadam
    chal do na saath mere
    bin kuch kahe bin kuch sune
    hato me hath liye
    chaar kadm bas chaar kadm
    chal do na saath mere…

  117. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol i will not take name but i know which coaching is near of talwandi

  118. (Liya)Raashi modi

    Bye john ka beta,broak,sara,sanah,kajol nd diya bhabi…bye 2 jiju’s bro,meera di,vidhya di,gopi mom,radha aunty, ahem dad nd koki grandma.gud ni8.swt dreams.

  119. Meera Ahem Modi

    ok kill him agar wo handsome nahi hua to den go to jail I vl marry sm1 handsome prsn

  120. john ka beta

    OK bye gn sweet dream guys me going luv u kajol n meera bye akshay bro will meet u soon tc all of u n b safe guys from any problems n ha b healthy

  121. Meera Ahem Modi

    ok kill him agar wo handsome nahi hua to den go to jail I vl marry sm1 handsome prsn.. huh ?

  122. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol it is allen most favmous for pmt n daswani is 2 but nw i hear resonance n bansal also start it btw hr gali me coaching mil jati h

  123. janu (john ka beta)

    i got it kajol its one branch in jaipur also n hr one of my brother is in faculty

  124. Meera Ahem Modi

    bye liya & jkb same to u… sana yaar ur veeru left tu & unavailable on mails missng him yaar

  125. Meera Ahem Modi

    bye liya & jkb same to u… kajoly yaar ur veeru left tu & unavailable on mails missng him yaar

  126. kajol

    Wait let me tell u one thing u r right bt nw dnt tell here yaar thts y i said abt sky i dnt study thr actually

  127. Meera Ahem Modi

    yup I vl stay til I sleep… ammy? she z ur veeru? I thought ricky u cal him veer naa so

  128. kajol

    Ha main branch ki faculty to best hi hogi nw leave my city alone u passed out so nw no disscussion abt tht lol…

  129. john ka beta

    Meera I forgot to say u 1 thing Nisha is not well 2dy dr she didn’t came on tu also just giving d info lyk dis only I think u should know it
    OK guys now final bye c u all soon tc guys

  130. kajol

    God sara r u mad veeru frm sholay seriously yaar i nvr call ricky as veeru kuch bhi?? Tht day me n ammy wr playing haha sara ye kch bji lisike samne mat bolna

    akshay jst askng yaar dnt wrry i knw u r real one

  131. kajol

    Yes its mine 🙂
    Akshay dekho u knw mny thngs lyk evrythng n u r talkng openly here… i dnt want any prblms fr me… its nt safe fr me right i hope u undrstnd wht i mean dnt take me wrng sorry agr bura laga ho to extremely sorry

  132. janu (john ka beta)

    kuch khwab dekhe h kuch rang soche h
    maine ab ye tere sang soche h
    is rah me jb bhi tu sath hoti
    kisso k panno si hr bat hoti
    sadka hua ishq ka sar jhuka jaha tera didar hua

  133. john ka beta

    Anyways gm guys have a beautiful day ahed guys i hope me d first 1 to wish u all
    OK really sleepy now final bye no more comments aft dis

  134. swetha

    Ye dil tanha kyun raheKyun hum tukdon mein jiyeYe dil tanha kyun raheKyun hum tukdon mein jiyeinKyun rooh meri ye saheMain adhoora jee raha hoonHardum ye keh raha hoonMujhe teri zaroorat haiMujhe teri zaroorat hai

  135. Meera Ahem Modi?

    Ho..Ye raatein ab nahi dhadaktiDin bhi saans nahi leteAb toh aa jaao mere soneyaBaatein reh gayi adhooriMere labon pe zarooriAake sun jaao mere soneyaTere bin.. nahi laage jiyaaTere bin.. ab to aaja piyaaTere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi haiBaarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi haiPehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi haiBaarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi haiSookhe sookhe alfaaz, khali khali merehaathon ki laqeerein bulaave soneya..Tere bin.. nahi lage jiyaTere bin.. ab to aaja piyaTere bin.. nahi laage jiya..Ho..Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai sitaareTere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saareChaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai sitaareTere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saareAaja leke tu savere kar ja door andhereTeri doori tadpaave soneyaTere bin.. naahi laage jiyaaTere bin.. ab to aaja piyaaTere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..Tere Bin.. Tere Bin!

  136. kajol

    Bye jkb…
    one sng frm my side also

    A yaar pyar me koi
    Na jagta na sota h
    Kaise kahu me oh yaara
    ye pyaar kaise hota h
    aakhein khuli ho ya ho band
    didar unka hota h
    kause kahu me oh yaara
    ye pyaar kaise hota h

  137. Meera Ahem Modi?

    ok bye swetha… masood dnt u think u cmntd hr instead of meri aashiqui tumse hi

  138. swetha

    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni Chadariya jheeni re jheeni Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeniYaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

  139. kajol

    Ohk my final cmmnt
    sorry akshay tht ws fr my safety nt to hurt u i hope u undrstnd…
    bye evryone diya di akshay liya sara jkb shweta
    gud night sweet dreamzz
    agn sorry akshay byee

  140. Meera Ahem Modi?

    wo to sahi gal hai jii… yup kajoly I knw enuf of punjabibt I m born in bangalore native plc also bangalore

  141. janu (john ka beta)

    jane re jane sab jane re rang gulabi h preet ro
    sham gulabi rat gulabi gulabi h ye nazar
    main bhi gulabi tu h gulabi gulabi h ye shahar

  142. kajol

    Mhare hiwade me pegayi re katar re
    katar re
    morni bada ma bole aadhi raat ma
    khanan khan chudiya khanan khan chudiya khanak gayi dekh sahiba chudiya khanak gayi haath ma

  143. Meera Ahem Modi

    woah nyc kajoly teach me marathi yaar & sm1 teach me french duetsch latin & greek tv cant teach me dat

  144. kajol

    Thnx akshay
    i luv rajasthani sng like tht
    Mharo ghumar che nakhrali re ma mhane ghumar ramve na jaya sa…

    • janu (john ka beta)

      tute bajuda ri loom lad uljhi uljhi jaye
      sone di jada dijo payaliya
      kue pr akeli
      all r fanstanstic song

  145. kajol

    Kajoly??? Y u spoiling my name?? Haha
    ok nw am also gng its too late
    bye sara n akshay gud night

  146. kajol

    Sara kajoly hmmm
    Akshay brue lee hmm iska amswr milega tmhe yaad rkhna lol
    uss din bhi kya kaha tha liya yahi ruko mukhe dhule ki sali tease karegi or kya aage piche ghumlenge??? Sabka answr dungi ruko….

  147. srk (king khan)

    pata hai bruce lee ne mujhe peeta nahi jab maine kajo lee ke saath romance kiya

  148. kajol

    Me brucelee ki sister?? Pagal ho sach me di ko ane do unke samne to muh nhi khulta ek dam sharif… or age piche ghumne pe sandals milti h lol

  149. ??Sara??

    haha kajoly…. hny nt much ce ws vry nyc bt I dnt lyk mr.srk dat much wat do u think abt sallu bhai

  150. janu (john ka beta)

    dulhe ki sali agr sandle marne k bad bhi pat jaye to sandal bhi kha lenge yar

  151. kajol

    Pata chal gayi prblm
    me jiju ki baat kar rhi thi tab apni nhi
    kya kajoly kajoly kar rhi ho yaar sanny acha tha kajoly haha

  152. ??Sara??

    wooah evn I think so wat do u think abt hit & run case verdict on sallu bhai (ans tmrw if u r sleepy)

  153. janu (john ka beta)

    thik h sahab chup rahunga no joks no mocks no queries only silence shhhhhhhhh

  154. kajol

    Firse seriously leliya??? Itne der se tum chida rhe the abhi mene bola to serious hogaye waah

  155. janu (john ka beta)

    “”kuch bhi”” to waise bhi nahi bole rahe h kyunki hum to likh rahe h hihihi

  156. Meera

    pehle (meera) jaise nausam bhi aate nahi hain
    baarishon me pehle jaisi baatein nahi hain
    -old is gold

  157. janu (john ka beta)

    meera kajo lee ka pta nahi ho gya yar ye to “” kuch bhi “” k piche pd gyi h

  158. Masy