Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera and Vidya go to Modi bhavan. Meera asks Gopi if she is fine. Gopi says yes. Meera says she may not be fine as she has lost her mother. Kokila says meet new family member Sona. Meera says Sona that she heard kaaki/Pari is angry on her. Sona starts crying and wipes her nose with Meera’s dupatta and says she will console sasuma at any cost.

Gaura at home nervously waits for Meera and Vidya and hopes they don’t inform modi family. They both return home. Gaura starts her usual yelling and taunts. Meera says she informed Modi family about her secret. Gaura gets tensed that Madhuben told her secret. Meera says she did not inform about yesterday’s incident. Gaura relaxes. Meera says naani is dead. Gaura asks if Urmila is dead. Meera says Madhu naani. Gaura gets happy that her secret is guarded well now and murmurs she had to give loads of money to get Premlatha out of jail and set things right, now nobody will know her secret.

Sona takes breakfast for Pari and tells Gopi she will recoincile with sasumaa. She sees Pari descending stairs and says she was bringing breakfast for her. Pari throws food tray. Kokila sees that and shouts why did she push Sona. Pari says Sona is incompetent and cannot even hold tray. Kokila says she and Gopi saw her pushing Sona. Pari says she was calling her selfish, now she will see that she is not selfish.

Dharam comes home and sees Gaura sleeping on sofa. He wakes her up. She acts as afraid and says she dreamt of yesterday’s event and tells Meera called Bahu bachao sanghatan and tortured her. Dharam gets angry. Gaura says she cannot imagine the horrible incident again.

Modi family sees servants fixing big weighing machine in hall and asks who brought it. Pari says she brough it and says they called her selfish, now they will see howmuch she loves her children. She asks Tolu to sit in one plate and asks servants to keep at the money bags in another plate. Kokila asks what is this. Pari says she values her children more than her wealth and can sacrifice all her wealth. Drama continues with family and Pari shouting at each other.

Precap: Pari says Sona if she loves Tolu, she should take all the wealth and go from here.

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  1. After 2 days i saw my hero

  2. Oh My God, what a acting by Paridhi. She is such a talented actress.

  3. Finally aaj smjh aaya ki modi pariwar k log apne career ki jagah shadi ko itna prefer kyu Karte jab Ghar me pada ho sona to kis bat ka rona

  4. I think vidya i pregnant. But so soon. Just few days before they consummated their marriage

    1. I also thought the same…dat too not in few days…in second day itself she got pregnant…illogical….

  5. If i were sona i would leave everything n go from there n gaura days r coming near

  6. Sona will not go. Because she loves tolu more

  7. sona pls don’t go I lik ur action a lot

  8. If now Vidya is pregnant… What will Vidya’s baby call Meera ??? Maasi or Dadi..
    Godd.. They are making the serial worst..

    But Paridhi’s acting is just superb..

    1. i agree with u ….dharam and meera …i cant stand it…

  9. No friend dharam ki beti vidya se uska baby le legi

    1. Dharam ko beti bhi hai..

  10. I love dheera but dharam has two child so i say bye bye dheera idont accept this codition

  11. Who is dharam’s daughter

  12. Pratibha tibari

  13. Upcoming ep we saw that dharam ki beti vidya ko thappad maregi because she love gaura pata nahi dheera ka kya hoga someone tell me

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