Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sadly walks out with Jigar from Ahem’s house. Vidya asks Ahem why did he send mom/Gopi out.

Tolu/molu see Pari tensed, switch on fake police siren from their mobile and frighten her that police is coming to arrest them. She panics. They then tell her to relax as it is just a mobile app. They then take selfie with her. Pari hopes Gopi would also be taking selfie with Ahem and Meera/Vidya.

Gopi packs her bags and tells Jigar that they will leave Mumbai right now as Ahem has a new life partner and his priorities have changed, so she does not want to ruin his happiness, now Mansi is her wife. Kokila calls her and asks if she is coming with Ahem and children. Gopi says she is coming with Jigar as Ahem does not have any place for her and Meera/Vidya consider Mansi

as their mom. She will come there and talk to her in detail. She asks Jigar not to think much and get morning tickets back to their hometown. Once he leaves, she starts crying vigorously remembering her marriage with Ahem.

Kokila cries. Rashi comes and asks if maa and papa will come tomorrow morning. Kokila makes her sleep. Hetal comes to meet her. Kokila says she is very sad as her Ahem does not consider her Gopi as his wife. Hetal says she can understand her pain and asks her not to lose hope. They both cry hugging each other.

Vidya and Meera reminisce Gopi telling she is her mother and they insulting her. Meera says Vidya that she does not understand why Gopi came back after 10 years, when they needed her, she was not there, and suddenly she is coming now and forcing herself on them. Vidya says when she was small, she had only mamma and wished papa and didi to be with her, but now she has didi and papa and not mamma. Meera consoles her and says that woman does not deserve our tears.

Gopi thinks Ahem has changed, but cannot change so much, she will find out the truth.

Mansi tells Ahem that she saw his emotions today and she saw he still loves Gopi. He asks what rubbish she is talking. She says she could not see that love in his eyes till now. He says he does not love Gopi. She says then he has to prove he hates Gopi. He asks what he should do. She says he should cut short all this and marry her. He is shocked to hear that. She again asks if he will marry her.

Gopi says she came to return mangalsutra as they don’t have any relationship now.

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    Since 10 years living each other in the same house, Ahem and Mansi did not marry ? and finally what the director wants to say about their relationship?

  2. shimy

    Hw can director make them separate…don’t worry guys our gopi and ehem will be together soon.director is confuzing us inorder to make the series long.

  3. Why did Pari refuse to accept Rashi ? When Radha was alive and ran away with her infant baby she cried with her ugly fat lips saying meri betii. And Jigar has no problem with that. I stopped watching this serial only used to read the updates. Even that has become a torture.

  4. Indi

    It is funny seeing Ahem speaking. He went through tons of episodes without saying a word. Gopi, on the other hand, talks too much. I did not see anything in Ahem’s eyes but hatred for Gopi, so how is Mansi seeing love?

  5. Arasi

    Gopi’s action, respond and questions are amazing towards Ahem. At the same time very sad to watch because of Ahems behavior in this episode. Poor Gopi was badly insulted from that house. Meera & vidya should’nt have spoken badly to their mom without knowing the truth. I watched twice but I couldn’t even watch the second time because I couldn’t tolerate Ahem throw Gopi out of the house.

  6. plzzzz change this
    phele gope aur rashi ka he acha thha lakin ab bekar hogaya he ahem kobaat karne ka tareeqa hi nahi he mira ko english aati hi nahi fir english baat kaise kar rahi he
    fail hogaya drama yea ab?

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