Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode kicks start with Ahem carrying Vidya along the upstairs corridor ; followed by Jigar.

The scenes keep shifting from Ahem, Jigar and Vidya ;To Baa, Hetal and Kokila ; To Gopi, Raashi and Madhu. With Radha moving around the Modi Home.

Jigar tries convincing Ahem. That Gopi had taken care of Vidya for years, eight, etc, etc. Ahem is adamant ; says that Gopi stole eight of his years with Vidya, and Vidya of her father.

Hetal expresses similar sentiments, that Gopi and Vidya are inseparable, how could Kokila even think of separating Mother and Daughter. Again, Kokila is unmoved, very hard hearted ; stone hearted is the right word.

Distraught Gopi is inconsolable. Madhu and Raashi try to comfort Gopi. Gopi says Vidya is her Life, she wants

Vidya back, Gopi cannot live without Vidya, as Vidya is Gopi’s Family.

Radha has some mixed feelings shown, as she tours the house, From the hall to Kokila’s Room, to Ahem’s room. She is happy when things are against Gopi, unhappy when things are in favour of Gopi. She feels Gopi is a thorn in her path.

Men folk, the two brothers are silent spectators down in the hall where Gopi is outside with Madhu, Raashi just inside the threshold.

Jigar pleads with Ahem ; says Gopi is Vidya’s mother, that it is unfair to separate a mother from her daughter. In between, Vidya says that without her mother staying at Modi Home ; She, Vidya cannot stay back but will accompany her mother wherever Gopi goes. This makes Ahem think, but is still not giving in.

Hetal is still trying to make a dent in Kokila’s hard hearted stance, says for many years child has lived with her mother, so also Gopi with Vidya ; it is unthinkable to separate the two, just as Ahem is important, Gopi is important to Vidya and the family.

Baa comes out with her trump question ; Baa asks Kokila to put herself in the shoes of Gopi and think. With all their differences, can ever be separate herself from her Daughter ? In this case Kinjal. Hetal and Baa say in her – Kokila’s pursuit of punishing Gopi, separation of Mother and Daughter; Kokila is harming Vidya by hurting Vidya’s delicate, innocent mind, which shall leave an indelible mark on Vidya as an adult person.

Similarly, Jigar expresses same kind of sentiments and plea.

Finally Kokila and Ahem climb down from their hard and unreasonable stance.

There is a rider though, Gopi can live in the Modi Home only as a care taker of Vidya and not as and not as a member of the Modi Family.

Baa, Hetal and Jigar are happy, but not satisfied, for achieving this much.

Downstairs ; distraught Gopi cries for Vidya. Raashi, Madhu trying their best to comfort Gopi/

Hereabouts, impatient but eager Urmilaa calls Raashi to know the latest happenings

Baa, Hetal and Jigar give Gopi the news of her entry to Modi Home. That Ahem and Kokila have given in and have no problems with Gopi staying back in Modi Home. Raashi and Madhu are happy. But Gopi is like a broken record with only one say ; that she would want Vidya back, and leave. Also she would not enter. Even Raashi’s firm hold, Gopi removes.

Flashback scene for Gopi is shown. Kokila and Ahem using harsh words and unfairly blaming for the entire but sad accident of Meera on Gopi.

Somehow Hetal and Baa convince Gopi. Hetal says that newly married Gopi said to Hetal that she represented the image of her lost Mother and for one day stay on. Gopi does say that things do not change in a day. But then after a long thought and lot of convincing Gopi relents and steps in much to the delight of all present. Sans Radha.

Once Again The Episode Ends On Emotional And Teary Eyed Face Of Gopi ! ! !

Precap:- Gopi at the prayer area ; praying. Kokila calls out in her usual stern tone, “Gopi ! ” Gopi turns round, Kokila lays down the rules ; that Gopi cannot pray at the prayer area, she can live as a care taker of Vidya and not as a Family Member.

Update Credit to: Manz

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  1. This is getting boring…Radha we HATE U

  2. truly bored after fast turn of events…can’t anyone in modi bhavan see radha’s expressions and happiness while they downfall??

  3. I’m beggining to dislike the writers Of this film, they keep dragging things unneccasirily

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