Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila tells Kokila that she cannot hide truth from Gopi. Kokila says no. Gopi asks what happened. Urmila in a dramatic way narrates that after Ahem’s death, Baa, Hetal, Chirga and Parag shifted to US, but Kokila stayed back to take care of Gopi. Jigar and Pari started showing their true colors. Pari brought her type girl for Molu. She kicked Sona out of house and ordered not to come back again, she is very embarrassed because of Sona. Tolu holds Pari. Kokila and Urmila ask what is she doing. Pari shouts Sona cannot stay here. Tolu says she embarrassed him today, how can she push Sona knowing she is pregnant, if Sona cannot stay here, he will also not stay. Seh says he can go with Sona. Kokila asks Jigar why is he not reacting, after Ahem’s death, he is elder son

of this house and should stop this mishap. Jigar sits silently. Pari shouts not to drag Jigar in this. Kokila asks Urmila to go with Sona and Tolu as she cannot go because of Gopi’s condition. Urmila agrees and takes Tolu and Sona with her. Urmila comes out of flashback and continue s crying. Sona consoles her.

Kokila starts her story next. Gopi says she felt when she entered Modi bhavan, how can her family change so much. Gopi asks how are Vidya, Meera, and Dharamji, why did not Meera attend her wedding. Kokila says both sisters live together, but their hearts have changed, Meera hates Vidya and finds reasons to yell at her. Situation has worsened. Gopi says she will take her back to Modi bhavan. Kokila says she will not go back to Modi bhavan. Gopi continues yer heavy dialogues and says she will get back Kokila’s self-respect and will punish Jigar and Pari for their mistakes. She asks her to do as she says. Kokila says she will beocme Gopi’s Arjun and Gopi her Krishna, but what about Gopi’s new relationship with Dr. Krishna. Gopi says only Kokila and their relationship matters to her, they have seen so many ups and downs and will not separate. Kokia gets up and says she will come to Modi bhavan with her, but she should not break her relationship with Dr. Krishna. Gopi agrees.

Jigar opens door hearing door bell and sees Gopi with suitcase. He says he is happy to see her back and knew she would not forget Ahem and her relationship, Kokila wrongly blackmailed her to marry Dr. Krishna. He calls Pari and says bhabhi came back.

Precap: Jigar says he will not let Gopi stay with her new husband in Modi bhavan, she has to stay as Ahem’s widow here, else she can go back with her new husband and Kokila. Gopi says Ahem had transferred property and business in her name and she is 51% owner of property and business.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I want my episode analysis to get posted immediately

  2. When will my episode analysis be posted????


    Haa haa haa….. such a funny concept… gopi ko hosh aaye hue kuch din (hmre liye) (vaise 1 din serial k hisab se) hi hue hai and she got to know all the things and also about property and all…????????????

    1. Yeah u r rite not even a one day it was the same day she got to know the true colours of Jigar and paridhi but a small doubt if she comes as if she is the owner of the house and wat if Jigar leaves the house with his share of property as he doesn’t want to be puppet again for her…..

  4. Now I will watch this serial… Gopi back to track… I think she will reside in modi bhawan with Dr. Krishna too… Anyone knows what is the problem with meera n vidya… Plz tell me… Meera has become so egoistic… She doesn’t care of anybody… Not even her mother…

    1. Because she was pregnant and she thinks her miscarriage happens because of vidhya

      1. REally? Where was that shown? In d update they didn’t mentioned abt her pregnancy

      2. Ohhhh….. Very bad

  5. Hahaha

  6. Where is jigars daughter rashi

  7. Where is jigar daughter rashi

  8. Jigar is always a cool n nice person. But y he is yelling at kokila n didn’t care abt gopi when she was suffering vth fever in coma. Why was he changed? Is d update clear or they missed these points? PLs smone clarify this

  9. when will.this bullshit going to end .please stop.this nonsense bcoz of this serial many good serials are not getting chance shameless director will soon make kokila also marry .how is gopi looking so young even her daughters look of same age .jigar is yelling all the tym .paridhi is looking so weird and her bahu also .whole modi family is mental please end dis crap

  10. please don’t take me wrong but this show is going since many years still they are showing stereotyped concepts full of negativity .even single person wants to take revenge .koklila shouts swearing in the name of krishna .can’t do single thing by own one more thing about meera why she always stretch problems .now dharam daughter become negative .what a concept hats off to this director writer

  11. daniel estvez

    The episode on the 18th did explain a few things, but not everything, they are still quesitons unanswered. vidyas baby that was supposed to be handed over to shraven’s sister, his sister
    now conspires with meera to embaress vidya, , she was suppose to take the baby to live a life that she was denied, is there a flashback of this, why is molu such a henpecked husband also what happened after ahem’s funeral, they has to be more to the past events that were shown in this episode, at fer all its a five year leap. the producers should of done a few flashback episodes back to back to bring us upto date. The good thing is devoleena who plays gopi is still in the role, bringing back l giaa manek to take over the role again would not work, after all the present gopi has made this part hers.

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