Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Urmi telling Gopi that after Ahem’s death and u losing ur senses, Modi family got shattered. She continues that jigar took care of Modi house, Parag and Baa were unwell due to shock of Ahem ‘s death so Hetal and Chirag took them to USA for treatment, Pari got Samar married to a girl of her choice -Monica.
Flashback: Sona is pregnant. Pari kicks her out of the house. Pari throws sona, Sahir comes to support her. Sahir says mom you have embarrassed me,if sona won’t stay here, I also won’t stay here. Pari says this girl has to leave the house and Sahir if u want u can also leave the house. Koki asks Jigar to speak. Pari says to koki that if u r worried for sona, u can also leave the house. Sahir says it’s better we leave the house. Koki requests Urmi to stay with Sahir N Sona. Urmi compiles. They leave.
Flashback ends.

Urmi is in tears. Gopi is appalled.She says that she never expected that so much will change. She further asks how is Meera and Vidya? Koki tells that they are together but not united from heart.Gopi says jigar should have taken the responsibility to handle everything. Koki says that our family is not together anymore.Gopi says to koki that now I won’t let u cry anymore.

Gopi asks koki to come to Modi house. Koki says no. Gopi says that I promise that I will return ur self respect.Koki finally Agrees,but asks what about Dr Krishna? Gopi says for me our relationship is the most important. Koki says that if u want me to return to Modi house then u have to assure that urs relationship with Dr. Krishna is not spoiled. She further says that I don’t want me to come in between u and Dr. Krishna.

Jigar opens Modi bhawan house and finds Gopi there with her suitcase. He says it’s good that u came back. He calls Pari. Gopi asks where is MAAJI? Jigar says that kaaki ji is not back home. Screen freezes on Gopi ‘ s face.

Precap:Jigar says to Gopi that if u want to stay in the house then u have to stay as Ahem ‘s widow. Gopi says that I am also the shareholder of the company.

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