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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tells everyone that Rashi did all this with the help of her book. She added phenyl first in the butter milk. A flashback is shown, where in Rashi adds phenyl and tells Gopi have to die. Jigar tells Rashi added glass pieces in the sand to hurt Gopi, but Hetal got injured. A flashback is shown, Rashi added glass pieces in the sand. Jigar tells that he got glass pieces in her bag. He says Rashi planned everything using chain reaction to hurt Gopi, but Kokila gets hurt. Everyone is shocked. Jigar says Gopi switches on her bathroom gyser as she knows that Gopi would come there. She knew that it will burst after some time. He tells Rashi even cut the cylinder pipe, but Ahem saved Gopi. He says Rashi did short circuit on the swinger. A flashback is shown, Rashi cutting the wire to make the

swinger fall on which Gopi is sitting. Everyone looks on shockingly. Jigar shows the book and says shows kerosene chapter. Kokila asks why did you do this. Rashi says I hate her. Kokila says she is your mum? Rashi says she is not my mum as I know she had killed my mum. Everyone is shocked.

Kokila asks who had informed you. Rashi tells that she heard it after her accident. A flashback is shown, Paridhi telling Gopi that you had killed Rashi’s mum. Ahem says I am your real papa and Gopi is your mum. Rashi says you are not my Papa, and Jigar is my Papa. She says she heard Paridhi telling that she is Radha and Jigar’s child. Ahem says we love you very much. Rashi says I hate her and want her to die. Gopi says I really love you very much. Rashi says you don’t love me. She says she is born to kill Gopi and calls her Kans Mama. Kokila asks her not to say that and says she loves you very much. Rashi says she killed my mum, so I will kill her. Kokila is teary eyed and says I taught you to behave good with elders. Rashi apologizes and says she wants to take revenge from Gopi.

Meera tells Kokila that you had challenged to prove that I am guilty and asks to whom she will punish. Ahem asks her to keep quiet. Meera says not anymore and says nobody was listening to her. She says she has the right to question to her. She says she wants to hear her decision. Gopi asks her to stop it. Meera says she will not keep quiet and asks Gopi to listen. She says Kokila Modi has always said that Ahem and Mansi didn’t do my upbringing well and raises a question on Kokila’s upbringing. She says the girl with your upbringing tried to kill someone. Kokila folds her hands and apologizes to Meera. Gopi asks her not to apologize. Kokila apologizes again for blaming her. Gopi thanks Meera for saving her. Meera says she would have taken risk for somebody else also. She says she is really proud not to be part of fake joint family. Ahem asks Vidya to take Rashi inside.

Paridhi tells him that Rashi will not go inside and says she has to hear that her mum was a murderer. She says Meera was right. Nobody believed me when I said that I didn’t know how Rashi reached there. Paridhi says Rashi has proved that she is Radha’s daughter, who can kill anybody. Kokila asks her to stop and says she is a child.

Paridhi makes Kokila remember about Radha’s tortures and says Radha wanted to kill Rashi even before her birth. She says Gopi saved Rashi. Kokila asks Paridhi what she wants to prove. Paridhi says she wants to say the truth and tells that Radha had broken their home. Gopi stayed in jail for 10 years and Meera and Vidya stayed far from home. She says Rashi has proved that she is Radha’s bad blood and it showed its colors. I knew that you will support her even now, as you don’t care for anyone of us. Hetal asks her to stop it. Kokila says she never thought even in dreams that her Golu Polu could do this. Kokila blames herself for Rashi’s doings and apologizes to Paridhi. She asks her not to say anything against Rashi else she will fall in her eyes. Paridhi says you didn’t do any mistake, but it is Rashi’s mistake. She says Radha made our life hell when she was alive and now she is following her. Kokila blames herself for Rashi’s crime and accepts that she is responsible for all her doings.

Gopi tells Paridhi that Rashi is a little girl and we should make her understand rather than taunting her. Paridhi looks on angrily.

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  1. well this is right but it teachs that we never quarrel near children about past .

  2. Is k sath bachon ke dimag par bura asar padta hai or wo sachai ko jaan nahi pate jaise rashi ke sath hua…………..

  3. Itis just a serial in this something is gd nd something is bad……..

  4. this show is so much intresting & amazing…..always rocks

  5. nice plot…i think rashi will realiase her mistake

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