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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Masterji teaches Meera and asks her spelling of Elephant, which Meera spells right. He then gives her a gift for spelling right. Gopi comes with tea for Masterji. He says Gopi Meera is intelligent like her. Gopi informs him about Meera’s upcoming test. He says she will pass with flying colours.

Rashi is still asleep. Tolu/Molu ask her to tie their school tie. She asks to take help from Jigar. Jigar says he has important meeting at office and asks instead to take help from Rashi. Rashi once again asks them to take help from others. Kokila sees that standing near the door. Gopi helps kids with their school tie. Masteri ji comes gifts Meera a cloth band and then gifts Gopi a hair. Ahem sees that and gets annoyed. He scolds Gopi for serving food late. She says she was

busy preparing tiffin for kids. Ahem sees breakfast not prepared yet and goes to office angrily. Masterji sees that and smirks. Kokila sees Gopi busy with preparing tiffin for kids. Gopi then serves food to masterji who takes it to study room with Meera. Rashi comes down late and asks Hetal if tolu/molu went to school. Kokila scolds her that is irresponsbile and does not work. She commands that Gopi and Rashi should do their work individually than Rashi dumping work on Gopi. Hetal says she does not know what happened to Gopi. Kokila says Rashi has become an old Rashi and is trying to escape from her work and says they have to find a way now.

Pooja comes to Urmila’s house in the morning. Urmila scolds her why did she come early in the morning. Kinjal comes with Dhaval and Prateek and asks Pooja the same question. Pooja says she felt bored having breakfast alone, so she packed breakfast for everyone and thought of having it with them. Madhuben says she preapred breafast already. Kinjal asks her to eat herself rudely. Prateek insists Dhaval to drop him to school. Dhaval says he has a school bus pick up.

Dhaval then agrees seeing Prateek sad and takes him to school saying pooja that he will meet her in office later. Pooja gets annoyed hearing that. Kokila thinks Pooja is repeatedly coming to her house, she should do something now.

Gopi hears wierd sounds from study room and runs to check it. She sees Masterji performing pranayam and asks what is he doing and where is Meera. He says Meera is resting and he rests by performing pranayam. He suggests her to perform pranayam and looks at her romantically when Gopi performs. Gopi then says she does not want Meera to become an illiterate like her, though she studied a bit. Masterji says not to worry, Meera will be a better peson.

Kinjal shows a chain and pendant given to her by Dhaval and says she likes heavy necklaces though. Pooja asks what else Dhaval likes. She tells his her what dhaval likes, says he likes going on a long drive in his scooter during rainy season. Pooja then says she has some work at office and leaves. Madhuben hears their conversation and gets suspicious on Pooja.

Hetal sees Rashi playing video games and says she took care of our house for 8 years and wants her to do the same. Rashi says ok. Hetal thinks hope she understood what I told.

Rashi is sleeping in bed. Tolu comes there and says he has toothache. Jigar asks what is he telling. She says he is afraid and wants to sleep with me.

Kokila sees Gopi writhing in back pain after hard work and asks her to stop working hard and let Rashi do her work.

Precap: Tolu/Molu inform Rashi that Gopi is not preparing breakfast for them and wants her to prepare it for them. When Rashi asks Gopi, she says she has a lot of work and asks her to prepare it for Tolu/molu.

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  1. not good at all…. 2……………. boring. ahem don’t get angry plz with gopi and take care of gopi she is in danger

  2. Nice but boring…..Rashi is looking great but don’t no why she decided to quit the show I don’t want Rashi to quit the show….she is such a good actor no one can replace her…I had read that they are going to kill Rashi in saathiya……I didn’t like it….it is better to stop the show than replacing Rashi with someone……..don’t no wat wrong with this kinjal now a days….but this teacher is looking like joker n now don’t make him a comedy villain……..

  3. I pooped in lord shrivani temple

  4. Why is Kinjal pissed off wiv madhu

  5. Why even say that lokeshwari dat u pooped in the temple if u dont have better things to say then dont write on the comment yh get a life u preak

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