Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Gopi mother picks up Meera and hugs her tightly . Meera starts crying . She tells her that she’s the mother . Gopi’s father says she have seen her mother after so many days so she is crying like that and leave her for now.Gopi picks up Meera her mother thanks her for taking care of Meera [Gopi for her ]. Gopi says not to say like that and she knows how it feels . Urmila goes and hugs Madhuji [Gopi’s mother ] . She takes sometime to recognize her. Hetal calls her and tells her to come and rest . As she leave Gopi sits and starts crying her father and Kokila tells her to be calm and wait for the right time .

Part 2

Madhu ji tells Hetal that Gopi is so lucky to live here . Hetal says Gopi is their daughter too.Scene shifts to where Gopi

is in mandir when her younger sister comes . They both hug . Gopi says she always missed her parents but never thought she would have a younger sister too . They both hug again. Gopi’s father sees them and is happy he hugs both his children and cries. Gopi’s mother sees this and comes forward . She asks where Gopi[Meera]is. Gopi says she’s resting and she will bring her later. Ahem and Jigar says they have seen a doctor and soon Gopi’s mother will be fine . Kokila tells Gopi’s father to stay with them till circumstances get better . Hetal and Baa too agrees. On Gopi’s request he agrees.

Part 3

Urmila says she too was going to say the same thing . Kokila says she knows well what she thinks . When they leave Ahem says he fear that this may cause a problem for Meera , Gopi and his mother in law . Kokila assures him that everything will be fine.Later on the day Ahem is coming with Meera to downstairs . Gopi’s mother comes and picks her forcefully she cries. Ahem gets frustrated and is about to go when Gopi holds his hand . Meera starts crying . Gopi tells her that Meera needs some rest and she will go later and finally she leaves her . Kokila is now thinking about what Ahem said.

Savita and Nikki comes and asks Kokila is Gopi’s parents have come . Kokila taunts her saying that faster than breaking news they get modi’s news. Savita gives a weak smile and they both sit. Rashi serves tea to Gopi’s parents . Nikki sees Gopi’s father drinking tea by pouring it on the plate. She is disgusted and talks in english about how something else should be served for him . Gopi’s father speaks in English says everyone has right to do however they like . Everyone smiles seeing him talk in English . Nikki and Savita ben are shocked.

Rashi’s children wake up due to the noise of payal which was of Gopi’s younger sister . Urmila comes there and tells she should start making Gopi’s younger sister do all the work like initially Gopi used to.

Precap : Meera is sleeping with Gopi’s parents . Ahem comes and picks up Meera who is sleeping. She starts crying . Gopi’s mother wakes up and sees Ahem standing with Meera. She slaps Ahem :O :O :O :O Gopi is shocked and me too :O

Update Credit to: muskii

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