Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila warns Gopi to take back court case against Dharam and get Dharam and Meera’s divorce. Gopi says she will never do that and will get Dharam punished. She with other family members takes Meera towards court. Durga cries standing near door.

Durga goes and stands outside Gaura’s car and says she could not convince Gopi. Gaura yells that she is unfit to become her bahu and is manhus/inauspicious. Durga says not to tell that and says she will also accompany her to court. Gaura throws 100 rs on her and says she is so manhus that if her shadow falls on Dharam, his bail will cancel. She orders lawyer to win case by hook or crook.

Gaura meets Gopi outside court and asks her to take her case back, else she will insult her and her daughter in court so much that

she will hate seeing her face in mirror. Gopi says let us see who will win case. Gaura says her lawyer is so powerful that he will smash her lawyer easily. Gopi says even in mahabharath, kauravs had Karn and other warriors, but Pandavs won as it was battle between truth and false. Gaura says she cannot harm even her son’s hair strand. Gopi says she thoughtshe would understand another woman’s problem, but she is a shame on womanhood. Gaura shouts. Ahem warns her to back off.

Dharam is brought to court by police. Gaura shows her fake concern. Dharam says he wants to speak to Meera once. Gopi warns him to back off. Dharam insists. Jigar says let him speak in front of everyone. Dharam says he wants to look into Meera’s eyes and asks if he can harm her. Meera starts crying. Inspector takes Dharam in. Gopi asks Meera not to worry and tell only truth in court. Gaura warns chatanki/Gopi again to slash cash, else she will repent. Gopi says she is afraid to lose, so she is trying to frighten her.

Dharam and Meera’s court case starts. Bearer announces Dharam as rape convict. Gaura shouts at him and says crime is not proven yet. Judge asks Meera’s lawyer to speak. Lawyer describes what happened that day. Gaura shouts again. Judge orders her to not interfere, else he will send her out. Meera’s lawyer rests case. Judge asks Dharam’s lawyer to speak. Lawyer asks Meera if her parents got her married to Dharam who is of her father’s age or she married him. She says she married. He asks even after know he is already married. She nods yes.

Precap: Lawyer alleges Meera to frame Dharam and says because of girls like her, innocent men like Dharam are framed. Gopi asks if he would speak same for his sister.

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  1. I think meera will break down n tell the truth wat really happened she will start feeling sorry for him

  2. I am not enjoying it

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    Disgusting. Yes…Meera and Dharam..yuk…Though Dharam is 37Yrs in real life , his character in SNS portraits him to be about 50yrs where Meera is about 20-21yrs…Since when Indian soap operas became so disgusting. And on top of that Having Dharam’s wife (Shravan’s Mother) at home, Dharam is still after Meera and that is like a Romantic Thriller serial cos Dharam is punishing himself Meera etc etc etc.. And I feel that writers want Vidya to support Meera. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is watched by viewers aging 12-85yrs. So I think writers should really take it a note and omit these akinds of things from the serial. Because of this Meera+Dharam scene, now it has started difficult to watch with my children.
    Rashmi Sharma + Santosh Singh – This comment is for you..Please read

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