Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s episode starts just after Vidya has slapped the ward boy. She scolds him. While speaking to him she notices keys sticking out of his pocket and indicates to Urmila. While they create a diversion Urmila lifts the keys from him. The have a change of heart and leave.

Only to come back when the peon has left his position. They make their way looking for Gopi, passing by various women in cages. Not finding her, they pray.

In the water tank Kokila prays.

At Suryavanshis Dharam holds a havan. Gaura looks on but inside she smugly declares that there is nothing he can do to help Gopi.

At the hospital Meera catches a glimpse of Gopi. The find the door, unlock it and enter. All three are shocked by Gopi’s state. They greet her and

embrace her. Somehow Premlata has already entered the room. From behind the cupboard she orders Gopi to misbehave with them. Gopi eventually does and screams at them to leave. While they try to calm her, Gopi takes Vidya’s hand and makes a cross sign on her palm. Vidya gasps but understands. She encourages Meera and Urmila to leave the place. The peon arrives, slyly acknowledges Premlata and sends them out.

Meera questions Vidya who tells her about the sign, all explained in flashback, Gopi is in danger.

Premlata taunts Gopi. She tells the peon to tie her up and give her more shocks. He tells her that he cannot administer more shocks within four hours. Gopi could die. Premlata tells him that, that is what she wants. The peon leaves and Premlata warns her again as Gopi knows her true identity.

Outside the trio discuss a plan to help Gopi. Gopi is tied up again. Premlata eats something and leaves. Gopi hopes that Vidya understood.

The havan at Suryavanshis is continuing and Gaura is trying her best to sabotage it. She tells the priest to stop. Dharam tells her of Gopi’s relationship to them. (And Ahem can only sit and cry. What a wuss!) Dharam starts coughing and Gaura tells him to give up. She says that she will put out the fire herself. She brings the water but Durga stops her in time. Dharam opens his eyes. Gaura goes to hit Durga but Shravan arrives in time to stop her.

Urmila comes with a hare brained idea. The girls choose another option. Gopi prays.

Pre cap. Gopi tells the truth to the trio that Premlata is an imposter.

Update Credit to: Xarina

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  1. Good work direators and producers.

  2. Nice ., when meera vidya urmi and dharam gopi ke liye kanha ji se pray kar rahe they

  3. Ahem he can sit and cry only stupid modi family……here kokila is not gopis mum but she understood that she is not her saas and real kokila modi is missing…nut ahem and other family members are just duffer’s….they don’t know anything just sitting and crying

  4. Ur 100 cent right priya….seriously by showing such stupidity the show is going in no1 slot. LOLz. ? y coz we indian audience are big fools.

  5. You are absoultly righta priya and veens…….,

  6. Wow fantastic episode…keep in up!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great episode at last truth revealed,very much satisfied with the show

  8. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  9. Wonderful episode….just loved reading.Great prom

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