Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem read’s Gopi’s note to follow her via the red color on floor. He, Kokila, Jigar and Pari start following Gopi’s red foot prints.

Gopi follows Radha and sees her up on a cliff. Radha says she will not give child easily. Gopi says she did as she told, now she wants to finish this and get her Rashi. Radha says even she wants to finish it and will kill the child to take revenge from Modi family. Gopi pleads not to do that. Radha says she will throw Modi family’s life Rashi in river and throws it. Gopi is shocked to hear that and runs to save Gopi. She gets into river and starts searching her. Radha laughs seeing Gopi crying and tensed. She finds Rashi but is shocked to seee it is doll. Radha shouts that she made her April fool.

Radha says

all the way she was holding this doll and she liked seeing her in pain. Gopi reminisces Kokila’s words that god sends someone when sin increases in the world. She comes out of river and walks towards Radha. Radha laughs and says she can joke with her elder sister. Gopi slaps her and says she is not her sister and asks how dare she is to trouble her own child. She says she is talking to a woman whose soul is dead. Radha slaps Gopi and she falls on ground with blood flowing down her nostrils. Radha then strangulates her and says she will kill Rashi for sure. She continues beating Gopi and tells she brought her here to take revenge and Gopi falls on floor again. Radha tells how she exchanged money bag with stone bag. Gopi tells that Modi family will be reaching here in some time. Radha says it is impossible. Gopi says if she thinks she is so dumb, then she is wrong. She tells how she spread red kumum on floor and asked Modi to follow the foot steps. Radha says footsteps woudl have been dried after a few steps. Gopi shows her foot steps and says soon Ahem and family will be reaching here.

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Ahem with family reaches the spot following foot steps. He sees it is actual blood stains and not color. Pari says that means Gopi is injured. Kokila reminisces a saint telling to eradicate sin, truth has to pay. She tells Ahem not to worry as Gopi may got injured bodily but nobody can harm her soul, they should follow the foot steps. They asks a boatman if they saw a woman in sari. He says he saw 2 women, one carrying baby. Kokila requests boatman to take them to the other side of river. He says he cannot as he will be punished if the takes boat in river after 6 p.m. and says they can reach the place by walking around the corner as boat went in the same way, asks them to be careful as the route is very rocky.

Radha tells Gopi that boat is not allowed in river after 6 p.m., so her family will not reach here. She starts slapping Gopi repeatedly (which she deserved for being so dumb) and says she will get punished for interfering in her life. Kokila and family continues walking on rocks and call Gopi’s name. Radha continues beating Gopi and blood starts flowing down her head and all over her face. With each punch, she tells about the mistakes she did. Gopi falls on the floor unconscious and Radha laughs.

Precap: Radha ties stone over

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a blo*dy serial man.. So much of violence from a lady…. I would definitely kill radha who is playing this charecter…. And all the cast to.accept such a pathetic story… Makers… U suck…. Chee…

  2. Amazing serial, why did it took so long to get the updates. Update as soon as possible.

    1. John… Coz one who writes written uodate would have fainted after watching the episode… It took so long to recover for the writer…

  3. John you are a retard !! Go and marry Radha, she will beat you in the same way, as you deserve it too !!

    1. mein to hoon pagal tarararara, yeh kahu har pal tarararara
      mein buddha hoon to kya hua bada dilwala
      diz lyns r for u my radha ji
      mujhe maar khane n laat khane mein bada maja aata hai
      aioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dats y i lv her
      mere sar pe pathar feko pyari radha
      mera matha phor do sabse acche radha
      mujhe ek bara patthar pehnado meri bacchi
      aur sabse maast tab hoga jab tum mujhe nadi me phek doge
      aur mein chilla chilla ke gana gayunga
      mein to hu pagal taranaranara yeh kahu har pal taranaranana
      mein buddha hooon to kya hua bare diwala hoon

    2. Thank u Ammy bacchi

  4. yeh nayi tecnique hai Gopi mataji ke liye sympathy create karne ki…WWF

  5. Yak,,,,, everybody in this serial are mentally retarded , psychotic, hatsoff to star plus people for giving chance for such psychic people …….. beware someday they will destroy your sets and cameras ..onky then I think ull stop this shit serial…

  6. friends i request u all to c my special song for radhaji

  7. scroll up friends plis, everyone must see it , its very special

  8. wah wah kya baat hain
    taliyan taliyan for d kabiraj

  9. Waah John… Kya baat haiN…. No doubt u r also one of the saatiya crew member.. U guys just rock all over the world .

  10. Sir John ne sachmuch ye gaana likha hai..?ya phir koi aur unke naam pe…Ye wohi Baby Rashi,Gopi,Jigar modi,Kokila modi wali team ka karnaama to nahin???
    Lekin gaana hai mind blowing…ye baat to sach hai..

  11. Seriously I’m waiting to read how worse can this tv rubbish called saathiya get I mean wat rubbish n wat part of the universe r these modis shown from fools , how dumb can u be to be a part of this show . Someone end it plz zzz

  12. thank u so much guys for the appreciation
    I am thinking of becoming a melancholy poet in the sadness of Radha’s upcoming death

    1. John, why dont you die with Radha !!!

  13. Stupid serial, all d modis are idiot n fools, I really hate dis stupid serial

  14. Please end this serial soon… a total shitt and this Gopi is soooo dumb… Inspite of being dumb,these women in the serial always drag lord krishna into the picture…love to hate this serial.. Gopi jaa jaaoo aur koi bhakthi channel mein lecture dho…

  15. Yuckkk

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