Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode kick starts with a very heartbroken Kinjal, missing her son very much. Dhawal is supportive and comforts her.

In the other room, Urmilaa is talking in her sleep, teaching wrong things to her Tolu and Molu. At the end of it all she wakes up to have the harsh words exchanged between Jitu, Kinjal on one side and herself on other.

At the residential school :- The Twins, with new names, Samer and Saher -correct me if I am wrong – await Pratiek. Pratiek is scared but Vidya asks him to have no fear with her being around. The two cousins, walk past the twins who follow them. Vidya is tripped and she falls down. She gets up and chases one of the twins, later the twin is knocked down, she colours the face. Meanwhile Pratiek is harassed by the other

twin. Which one, I am confused.

Bit later Vidya sees Pratiek being harassed, goes after him. After bit of a fight, both brothers get hold of Vidya but she is too much for them to over power, instead they get over powered by her.

Gopi arrives to get the four naughty children to apologize, at the same time.

Modi Home :- Raashi tells Kokila that she is going look for a match for her Ahem bro in law. Kokila advices her that the lady / girl should be smart, intelligent and above all should have the ability to adjust soon enough into the family, or jell with the family.

Radha overhears this conversation and wants to become Ahem’s wife.

In between, Raashi is upset with Radha for rearranging the twins room. Warns Radha stay in her limits and behave like a maid servant. Raashi also affirms that she – Raashi, I mean, is the mistress. Hetal tries to say something but Kokila says Raashi can handle things in her own way and let things go by. They had come in on hearing the commotion.

Later Raashi and Urmilaa have their usual cellular talk, they plan to see few suitable girls.

Raashi leaves home, not before praying to Lord Sri Krishna that she be successful in finding a suitable bride for Ahem. Radha in her thoughts, not so good thoughts ; Radha wants to disrupt Raashi’s plans and efforts.

Shah home : Both Mother and daughter are talking to a prospective Mother and daughter full of questions and answers. Raashi likes and passes the girl but Urmilaa rejects. The prospective girl leaves with her mother. Urmilaa says they need a quiet, submissive girl so that Raashi can lord herself over Modi home.

Kinjal wants to know what the scheming duo are up to, but is fooled into believing that there is a discount sale nearby shop. Kinjal falls for it, hook line and stinker, so does Raashi. But is held back by her mother.

Vidya, Pratiek and the Twins. Vidya challenges the twins to get over the compound. Pratiek is hesitant with the idea, but Vidya convinces him. All the four go over the compound. The peon sees them, calls them back but his calls go unheeded.

Radha tries to impress Kokila but in vain. When Meethi brings in wet, washed clothes, Radha tells Meethi that she should not mix coloured clothes and ends up doing the job of drying the clothes herself, Radha that is.

The Episode Ends ! ! !

Precap :- A Lady follows Raashi into the Modi Hall ; wherein the other Modi ladies are present. Raashi introduces the new lady as Nupur with good qualities desired by Kokila for being her daughter in law – to marry Ahem. Radha looks worried.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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