Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins in the MM kitchen. Urmi tells Gopi that Alka will listen to her so she should tell her to leave with her child. Rashi adds that Alka will get her child and their mistake will be rectified and all will be happy again. Gopi agrees with her and taunts her that she is going to be a mother herself so she does not need Vansh. Rashi looks uncomfortable but disagrees and says that Vansh is Alka’s son. Urmi tells her to be quiet and tells Gopi that Alka and her mother want to take money from them by using Vansh. Rashi agrees and says they are blackmailing her and that is why she wants to return Vansh. Gopi refuses to believe them and Urmi taunts her saying that she does not believe her mami who is like her mother and Rashi who is her sister. She tells Gopi

to see the truth for herself and takes her out of the kitchen. She tells her that both Alka and her mother are very greedy, they don’t care about their child, they just want money.

Dhawal is about to enter the room, he apologizes that he forgot their surprise outside and gives her a gift. But Kinjal throws the rose that he gave at him saying that he got this gift for her and then made a dinner reservation for Falguni, she should have understood it before. She shouts at him to go to her. Dhawal tries to explain but Kinjal closes the door on his face.

Door bell rings and Urmi tells Gopi to wait outside the kitchen. Rashi opens the door, its Lata and Alka. Lata asks Urmi why she called them there. Urmi asks does she not remember what she told her. Lata taunts that she remembers everything that she has told her. Urmi asks angrily if she knows what Alka did last night. Alka apologizes and Urmi blames them that they want money. Alka cries and says that she just wants her child back, she does not want any money. Lata scolds her and tells Urmi she wants Rupees 40000. Urmi is happy that Gopi will believe her now and asks Lata again that they just need Rupees 40000. Lata disagrees and says that she wants Rupees 10000 every month too and Gopi is shocked listening all this. Urmi refuses to pay up and Lata warns she will reveal the truth to all. Urmi tells her that she cannot scare them like that; she returns Vansh to them and asks them to leave. Alka goes ahead to take Vansh but Lata stops her. Urmi says it was her mistake that she did not return Vansh the day they went to their house. Lata says that they cannot just return their child whenever they want. She adds that Vansh will stay in MM and he has a right over whatever belongs to Rashi. She tells them to keep Golu and give them their money. Gopi comes and shouts “bas”.Urmi is happy (thinking she will force Lata to take Vansh back) and Lata is shocked. Gopi tells them to stop arguing. Urmi says that she was right and they just want money. Gopi looks at Vansh in tears and walks away angrily(I dont think I have ever seen Gopi this angry). Urmi wonders why she went away and Rashi is worried that she has gone to call Koki.

Meanwhile in RN
Dhawal knocks on the door and tells Kinjal that she is misunderstanding everything. Kinjal asks if he made a hotel reservation. Dhawal agrees and Kinjal says that Falguni was reminding him about the reservation. Dhawal angrily tells her the truth that Falguni was helping him and Kinjal opens the door in shock. He tells her that Falguni has been trying to get them close, not to separate them. He tells her that these decorations, flowers and the hotel reservation is for her. He fumbles and says that he loves her. Kinjal is super happy and takes the flower from him shyly. Dhawal holds her hand and Kinjal walks away into the room blushing and smiling. Dhawal is happy.

Back in MM
Gopi gets a weighing scale and Urmi asks her what is all this. She opens the scale and asks Rashi to place Vansh on the scale. All are shocked. Gopi asks Rashi why is she shocked since everyone is trying to decide his value so let’s decide how much he values for a few days or years or his entire life and starts crying. She keeps the scale down and places her hand lovingly on Vansh’s head and asks how they will decide this innocent child’s worth. She tells Lata that maybe she was forced to give up the child in an orphanage but after that they are resorting to selling him. She tells them that she was an orphan and her parents passed away. But Vansh has a mother and grandmother then how is he an orphan. She asks Alka that doesn’t she realize this? and Alka is crying. She tells Urmi that she knows that she did all this for Rashi but how could she steal a child..isn’t Meera Rashi’s child too. She picks the scale again and tells Rashi to place Vansh on the scale and shouts why she is hesitating. Rashi is crying and shakes her head. Gopi tells her that she does not care for him or she would not have agreed to give him up so easily. Gopi tells Alka that she is his mother and she carried him for nine months and yet she let all this happen. A stranger has her baby and is taking care of him and she let them change his identity.


Gopi is crying and looks at Vansh. She again places her hand on him and says that if he is the only one who has suffered in all this inspite of being innocent. His grandmother left him in an orphanage, his mother didn’t take him, and the mother who took him and gave him a name “Vansh” even she and she looks at Rashi with disgust…She blames them that they used him and played with him as if he is a ball. She asks them if they think they did the right thing. She asks Rashi what is Vansh’s fault. She reminds her that when their family was against adoption she had told her that an orphan like her got a mami and a sister like her; she had said that she wanted to give that to a child, then where is that feeling now. Rashi has obviously no reply.


The Modis return and get out of the car. Baa reminds them they got clothes for Vansh. Ahem says he will get it. Koki smiles and teases that Vansh will be spoilt because of everyone’s love. Inside MM, Gopi blames Rashi that she did not even think about their family, Vansh is Jigar’s son too, Kakiji’s and Maaji’s grandson too and Meera’s brother. They did not think about Vansh at all. He does not need money or good clothes, he just needs a mother who will love him and care for him. Alka breaks down and takes Vansh from Rashi and apologizes to him. Urmi looks bored listening to Gopi’s rant. The Modis enter and are shocked and confused the scene before them. Nobody has seen them enter, Urmi looks relieved seeing Alka with Vansh and says she will go away with Vansh now. Rashi looks at Urmi in shock. Alka calls Vansh her son and Koki asks in shock. Urshi and Gopi watch the Modis at the door in shock and fear.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Koki is holding Vansh and Alka begs her to return her child. Koki asks Rashi if Alka is saying the truth and Urmi agrees that Alka is saying the truth. Jihem and Koki are shocked.

Update Credit to: Dipsy

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