Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi in jail reminisces Gopi’s concern for him. He then goes into flashback 5 years ago where he drives truck and falls asleep and when he opens eyes, he sees truck ramming car. He also reminisces Gopi shouting to hang him till death. He starts hitting his head to a wall. Inspector stops him and asks constable to get bandage his wound.

Doctor checks Chanda and tells Meera that babies are healthy, she need not worry. Meera thanks doc and happily hugs Vidya. Chanda fumes in jealousy.

Inspector asks Jaggi whole in the whole world he wants to die in hsi lockup and says until he is proved guilty, he is innocent and should not try all this drama. He asks constable to wait until doc does Jaggi’s dressing and leaves. Jaggi then reminisces applying ointment

to his leg injury. Gopi comes with turmeric mixed milk and insists him to drink.

Vidya folds washed clothes singing a song. Shravan enters and says she sings really well. She says he lies so well. He says she really sings well. She says she has to prepare rajma for Meera and he is stopping her here. He says she takes care of Meera like a mother. Vidya smiles and leaves towards kitchen. Power goes off. Gaura is seen giving money to someone. Vidya sees a shadow and gets afraid. Meera also comes down and clashes with Vidya and gets afraid. She says she saw a shadow. They both ask who is it. Gaura says it is her, she came here seeing a cat and shoo’d it away. They ask why did she come out of her room at this time and asks to go back. Once they leave, Gaura says her aide that he/she came like a shadow and should go back like a shadow.

Gopi tries to walk with prasad to Kokila’s room Pari and Mona stop her and say she cannot go in as Kokila is sleeping now. Pari herself goes in leaving Gopi out fuming.

Gaura tells Chanda that he less she uses her brain, the more secure she will be. She senses Dharam passing by and applies oil to Chanda’s legs. Dharam stops seeing this. Meera asks why is he standing here. He says baaa isworried about our children so much that she is serving Chanda. Meera takes him along. Gaura pushes Chanda’s legs and says she was acting to fool her beta/bahu.

Pari tells Kokila that Gopi wants to meet her. Kokila breaks water mug and shouts she does not want to meet Gopi.

Urmila and Urvashi go to meet Jaggi and ask him to not get disheartened. Jaggi says he does not want to live, he killed Ahem and because of this, Gopi wil never forgive him. Constable comes and tells Urvashi and Urmila that meeting hours have finished.

Vidya goes to Chanda’s room and gives her lecture that they don;t like to confine her, but have for the heinous acts she did. If she did not have been so selfish, they would have kept in home even after childbirth. Chanda strangulates Vidya and provokes her to try hitting her, she knows she cannot as she is carrying Meera’s babies. Meera comes and rescues Vidya and warns Chanda that she is sparing her as she is carrying her babies, she she would have kicke her out. She warns Chanda if she ever tries to harm babies or any of family members, she will face dire consequences. Chanda fumes that these 2 kakdis are so courageous to frighten her.

Pari tells Kokila that Gopi is pleading to meet her and is very worried about her. Kokila shouts she will never meet Gopi again as she is not her daughter now, she is murderer’s wife whom she wants to see hanged. Gopi hears all her conversation standing near door while Mona smirks looking at her. Kokila makes frowning face seeing Gopi near door.

Precap: Jaggi sees Gopi in front of her smiling and says he knew she would come, he apologizes her. She signals to be silent and offers him food.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Jaggi is dreaming ??
    Precap mein!

  2. it,s high timme gopi should teach paridhi a lesson and paridhis mona darling, and throw both of them out of the house, and said pari mona not allowed in modi mansion.

  3. Rahuldholakia

    I think in 2010-14 story was better than the ongoing stort

    1. Amalina

      True I agree! Radha and tripti are way better villains than gaura!

  4. Este es un monton de bullcrap

  5. Hi sunshine group friends.How are you people?

    1. Chithu

      Hi Rose. I am fine how r u? How do u find the current track

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Rose! I am good…how are you???

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage revealition drama where Ahem’s real culprit will get revealed.

    Yes Jaggi isn’t Ahem’s real murderer while it will turn out to be one and only Gaura.

    Gaura is against Modi family as she has always remained thus in order to take revenge Gaura had killed Ahem.

    Gaura’s evil truth of being Ahem’s murderer

    While Gopi and Kokila are fighting among themselves for getting justice for Jaggi and Ahem.

    Gaura is pretending to be ill and inefficient while has returned with revenge intentions.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshine friends hw r u all.
    But if Gaura is murder nw she wl go to jail again then her character wl end .

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! Gaura will do all the crimes without leaving a clue or a doubt for her family members and she will get away with everything…i reckon she is not handicapped..she is pretending to be…she will carry on this act for long until the next leap comes…after the leap may be she will get caught and go to jail and new villains will come…

    2. hi sid !! i am fine guara will definitely have some plan to escape

  8. I am sorry Chithu.l don’t agree with you on kal ki Meera,Vidya’s comment.pehle Meera Vidya ko Shravan se shaadi karne se rokne ki bahut koshish ki.because of she knows Gaura is not good.for that she deserves slaps from her own sister.Uske baad vo uski khilaf hogayi hai.Is puri track mein Meera Dharam se shaadi karne ke alava Vidya ke khilaf kuch nahi kiya.Aur sach
    kahoo tho Vidya ko Gaura ki tarchur Dr bachaya aur vo khud Gaura ki tarchur ki shikaar huyi.Like cheerharan,jail Jana,Phasi ki pandhe par chadna etc.Aur ek kathor sach Ye hai ki aaj Priyalvivan ke pass hai Ye
    sirf aur sirf Meera aur Dharam ki vajah se hai.vobhi especially Meera ki vajah se hai.vo priyal ko Nayya ko nahi dene ke liye Dharam se bhi ladi. Is liye vo nayya ki revenge ki shikaar buying aur mis carriage hogayi uski.Ha I agree ki Meera ko Vidya ko blame nahi karna chahiye tha.But us samay khud vidya uskeliye apne aapko vajah maan rahi thi.Aur un logon ko paise nahi dena Meera ki galati nahi hai.kyunki vo log khud apni beti ki birthday ke liye 200rupees ka cake nahi kharid sakta vo log dusron ko us baath ke liye blame nahi kar sakte hai.kya shravan do sau rupaye bhi kamane ki layak nahi hai.vo paise ke liye Dharam ke pass j jaane vala tha.Meera ki sab se badi galti Ye hai kiPriyal ko dokhe se cheenna.But atlast she knows her galati and Priyal dundh karVivan ko vapas de diya.Most of the time Meera ne hiVidya ko bachaya aur us keliye binary galati ki saja paying.Meera ka jubaan kathor hai but Dil aayine ki tarah saaf aur Achcha bhi hai.But vidya jitni bhi galatita kare apni maa aur daadi ko hi sahi kehti hai. she doesn’t has her own thinking.Vidya ek hi baar apni dimag se socha.Nayya ko expose karne mein.vahi hai ek baar vo Meera ko bachaya. Phir vivan Gaura ko ghar mein laya .Aur aaj ki episode mein vo chanda ko ghar mein rakhna chahti hai delivery ke baad bhi.koi bhi insaan chanda jaisi ladki ki asli roop dekhhne ke baad usse pyaar se baath karna aur usse maaf karna nahi karega.But pata nahi is ladki ko Main kya bolu?aur iski husband ko bhi?Hamesha vivan ki galation ki vajah se DHEERA suffer ho rahe hai.
    I am sorry Chithu lam not saying you are wrong.Maine sirf apna views post kiya.Tujhe bura laga tho maaf karna.

    1. Chithu

      Rose I never said Vidya is superior to Meera. What I mean is the way she behaves at times with Vidya. Vidya was almost always was polite and well spoken with Meera. She hardly shouted at her. Meera has affection towards vidya no doubt but she easily trusts ppl like Naiyya. Naiyya tried to apply spark in their relationship and she trusted Naiyya not Vidya. The way she treated Vidya for those 4 years were very bad. Thats all i was saying. I agree that Chanda should be thrown out of this house n handed over to Police soon after delivery. I too never will allow her to stay.

  9. Aur aaj bhi Vidya apni murkhata ki vajah se apni jaan ko katre mein dala tho Meera ne aake usse bachaya.VIdya murkhata Maine Gopi aur Kokila mein bhi nahi dekha.

    1. Chithu

      Rose I too don’t want to prove u wrong. I am expressing my opinion. Meera n Vidya are siblings they had grown up together and have trust among themselves. They must not allow anyone to manipulate and tamper their relationship. She trusted Naiyya over Vidya which was her mistake

  10. shut up rose

  11. hahahahhahahahahahahhahababahah

  12. Hi all

  13. Chithu

    Who will the the mysterious person to whom Gaura gave money. Can it be Pari

  14. Chithu

    I am finally so happy with Meera that she is protecting her sister again and above all she is giving back answers to Chanda and threating her if she tried to destroy the babies. This is the kind of Meera I love. I don’t know y she was behaving dumb for sometime. Anyways better late than never

  15. Looks like gopi will have to have another life taking accident for kokilas heart to melt and accept her and please writers show the real murderer of ahem we can’t see jagi like this happy to see urmila believes jagi

  16. Isaaq

    Guys what do you think? Who Is a better vamp? Radha or Gaura??? Both have proven to be dangerous

    1. Nandhini

      Its Gaura! She is way ahead in fooling people around her than Radha…

  17. Nandhini

    Meera really nailed it today when she warned chanda! The scene where we waited for long has finally been played!?

    1. Isaaq

      I don’t know. I prefer Meera like this

      Rashi did the same as well. When Urmilla once instructed Rashi over Bluetooth to read some prayer? I like the vamp Meera because it reminds of Rashi.

      We need vamp Meera back because I miss Rashi. Only Meera is capable of taking Rashi position

  18. hey guys rose and chithu di !!! chill yaar i agree with both of ur opinions but it seems like ur conversation is going a bit long
    sorry if u feel i shouldn’t have interfered in this

  19. Isaaq

    I’m a bit disappointed that Tolu and Molu are not given screen time. I wish they were more like their mother Rashi.

    I don’t understand why the show won’t focus on Tolu and Molu. There needs to be tracks involving them. Tolu only had one track when he married Sona.

    Molu just listens to Paridhi and Mona command all the time. The both twins proved they were Rashi children when they stopped Radha marriage to Ahem. But nowadays I’m disappointed of how they’re portrayed.

    Rashi left the show but at least her sons could take her place? Gopi has gone through enough suffering. They need to focus on Sona (Gopi) and Mona (Rashi) and their lives in the Modis.

    Then they can bring Gopi son and his wife as the main villains. I’m expecting cv writers to focus on the next generation now that Gopi son will enter the show

  20. chitthu meera ko naiyya per taras aata tha kyonki us ne meera ki vajah se apni maa khoyi durga ne meera ki jaan bachayi naiiya per raham aa gaya isi bajah se

  21. Gopi had a son? for who? when?

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