Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2013 Written Update


Umang said to Radha wht she want to say?? Radha give suggestion abt Tripti marriage. Umang say NO! He said no bhabhi will never get agree for scenod marriage.. in main time Tripti enter in room, She says to Radhi for for disturbing u both.. im just come to talk with u.. Radha said butshe also want to tell her also. Radha said we ( umang & radha ) decide abt her scenod marriage.. Tripti get super shocked and start yelling.. how could Radha thought abt her scenod married if they both dont want to live with then tell her she will go way frm them.. but scenod marriage is impossible..heard Tripti yelling Gopi, Koki, Rashi and Hetal come in Radha room.. Radha trying to convience her that stay along in whole

life is very hard she need someone who become her soulmate. Tripti yells more louder seeing everybody stand in room. She said how could she get married again when her husband is alive.? listening this everyone get super shocked Gopi and smirks but then she change her statement and said I meant my husband is alive in my heart how could i forget this.. she glare at Umang angerily and leave the room..
Umang nod his head seeing Radha upset that they hurts bhabhi Koki said she knew already that Tripti never been agreed for married.


Tripti fuming in anger when Umang also come in her room.. She said him.. look wht that gawar saying?? she want to getting my scenod marriage. and why he not utter anything to her.. Umang replied.. dont she see Gopi and Koki stood there how will he said at time. Tripti angerily said that i do not care wht they think.. actually!! i felt u put this secnod marriage thought in Radha mind. Umang replied her that ur mad why im putting such thought in her mind coz’ she said ur more interested in Radha rather than me..Umang make her understand that nothing such like she thinking.. He said her dont worry he going downstairs and try to handle the situation.

Umang come downstairs where all ladies sitted.. Koki said she knew Tripti will never convience for getting married Gopi also scenod her.. Umang think that they both have benefit of doubt upon us. so he says no she get agree for marriage. everyone get surprised.. Radha huged Umang and then She goes upstairs where Tripti stand and seeing everything.. Tripti pissed off on Umang Radha drag her down.. Hetal says thats a very good news Tripti u had good decision… Radha jumping in joy she said they will celebrate her wedding in grand way. Rashi said her dont forget that her secnod marriage finding a guy who get agree for marriage is pretty difficlut. Koki replied her that how could she said this? she knows many families who has a very broad minded ppl and being a educated girl how could think so low. Rashi get embarrassed!! Koki asure Umang she know one family she will talk them she ask Tripti nor she have any objection Tripti just abt to say when Umang said no she havent any objection. Radha herself gets her ready.


Gopi and Koki discuss in Mandir. Gopi says!! how Tripti got agreed for marriage. when they both arehusband and wife. Koki replied her that they both has a very hug planned so for that they doing any poisible thing.
other side in Tripti room Umang Tripti discussion are on..Trpiti said that how dare he said all infrnt of everybody. Umang said that Gopi & Koki have doubt on us if i wont say all then their doubt become more strong. Tripti angerily said that i dont care but just for Umang’s yes now she getting married with some of else whom impossible coz she already married. she wht is more important for umang she or money.. Umang says to her.. when she ever seeing Kokila Modi.?? Trpiti replied yes i saw her every day whtz new in it?? Umang said when seeing her wht u feel first abt her?? Trpiti said she looked very clever and dangerous. Umang no does not u see how she always wearing a jewellary just think if Modi’ ladies wear so much gold daily then think how much they have gold in locker.. Umang said he just want to distroy all proud of Koki Modi along i want to distroy Gopi n Kinjal life too. for that he used Radha coz Gopi loves Radha to the core. He make plan that let them do this marriage during this marriage then steal all Modi property and run way..

In Mandir.. Gopi said she get scared that nothing going to happen such terrible whom they dont want.
Umang said i will distroy Modi menssion and poor Koki will neither able to do..both smirks!


Kinjal wokeup she found Dhawal wont sleep next her… She come in hall n sees Dhawal sleep on sofa she call him and wake him up.. Urmi also come and sees Dhawal sat on sofa.. Urmi ask him why he sleep on sofa this Kinjal thrown him out frm his room. Dhawal said no he doing he some work at night so that why he sleep on sofa and walkout in room.. Urmi taunt at Kinjal.. isn’t in strange Dhawal sleep on sofa during his work along pillow and blanket. Kinjal pissed off!


Koki annouce that she talk with guy parents and they willing to come in eveing to seeing Tripti. Rashi excitedly said to Koki!! Hows the guy whtz his name?? Koki said why she doing investigation abt Tripti grooom. Rashi no just generly actually im very worried for Tripti though. Koki why u so worried for Tripti nor she is her realtive nor her sister nor ever her friend then why she so excited to know abt all.. Koki says her just keep quite and she very well know how much she have concren for everybody.. Rashi pissed off n went in kitchen..
Koki ask frm Tripti wheather she havent any objection.. before Tripti said Umang interfere and say no she have no objection. Gopi and Koki both observed Umang Radha reactions..

Rashi saw Koki passed frm Kitchen she again tried to revealed abt Tripti groom information.. but again she got nothing… lolzz

In Hall area!! Radha excitedly said for evening she will dressup Tripti by herself she said to her that she will decorate her with full jewellry.. Tripti thinks thats the right time get bit of jewellry frm modis.. she make sad face.. Radha ask her wht happened nor she happy?? She said no she is very happy but she have no her own jewellry for evening. Radha said dont worry she give her all has jewel Trpiti said no was all her jewel how she will wear… then Baa said why she being upset! Koki cut Baa words.. and said yes she dont need to upset after many days stay together they will know her very well. ( EPISODE END )

Guy parents come to see Tripti in MM. Guy father says to his wife that finally she got bahu in her type.. Koki ask them that means you like Trpiti so they may confirm the porposal.. at time Tripti ups and that she dont want to get married..

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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