Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2016 Analysis


The episode starts with Koki saying that she is ashamed of Gaura because she faked her own child death. Gopi says we need to tell this to Ahem now. Vidya says ma and dadi u go, I will come later. Gopi worries for her but Vidya says that she will manage. She calls someone (Shravan) asking him to meet her.

Vidya and Shravan meet. Vidya shows him the bone and tells him the entire thing. Shravan says shut up. He says he never expected that u all will go to this extent to save Meera. He leaves angrily.

Gopi and Koki come to meet Meera in jail. Meera is happy to hear that Dharam is alive. She says that she has hurt Dharam alot and now I won’t do anything. She continues saying that now she will keep fasts for Dharam. She asks Gopi to give her some bangles and Koki to give her one bindi. They give. Gopi says but… but Meera says that she knows that Durga is Dharam official wife but my and Dharam relation is like Radha Krishna. Koki says Oh God!

The doctor checks Pari saying that it looks that she has not eaten anything. Sahir asks Pari what happened. Pari reluctantly tells the whole incident.

Shravan recalls Dharam. Gaura comes and Shravan shows him the bone that Vidya sent. Shravan leaves. Gaura gets angry and says she will teach them a lesson & will assure that Meera is hanged to death.

Sahir confronts Sona and scolds her. Sona tries to speak but Sahir continues to scold. Urmi and Kinjal smirk evily. Hetal asks sahir to calm down. Sahir says yesterday mom was wrong and sona was right so I supported sona but today sona is wrong and I won’t support him. Sona cries. Gopi and Koki arrives. Sona changes the topic so that gopi is not troubled as she is already worried about Vidya. Many dogs come entering the house and barking. All members get scared. Gaura comes. Koki looks on.

Precap :Gaura says to Gopi and Koki that Dharam is alive. She adds but still you can’t do anything & Meera will be hanged to death.

Credit to: Tanvi

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