Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Ahem worriedly shake Kokila and asks her to wake up. Doc comes, checks and says Kokila is fine now and is just having weakness. he had lost hope, but it is a miracle. Ahem comes out with Gopi and tells mom is fine. Whole family get happy hearing it. Rashi says her teacher was right, we get what we think and hi fives with everyone, but Meera does not. She tries to get in to meet Kokila, but Gopi stops her and says she cannot meet her for some time. Ahem asks everyone to go home and rest. Mansi says she will stay with Ahem. Ahem asks her to go. Meera says let mom stay with him. He says there is no need and he wants even her to go home. Meera gets irked and leaves with Mansi. Gopi says she will not go. He says he will not ask her to go as he know she will not.


feels guilty for slapping Ahem and thinks she would not have slapped him. Ahem sits next to her and thanks her for arguing with doc and nurse and taking him inside Kokila’s room. She says he is maaji’s dear one and knows maaji would listen to his voice. Mansi realizes in car that she left her mobile, so she comes back to pick it. She hears gopi apologizing for slapping Ahem and Ahem telling it is okay and to forget it. Gopi asks him to slap her to make it equal. He says he will not do it. She says if he will not do it, she will think he has not forgiven her. He asks if she has gone mad. He turns and sees Mansi standing and asks what is she doing here. She says she forgot her phone, so she came back to take it.

She goes back to car with teary eyes. Meera asks why is she crying, if Ahem told her anything. Mansi tells her what she heard.

At Urmila’s chawl, Urmila tries to eat food herself. Rashi says she is looking fine. Dhaval says he will feed her. Urmila thinks they will know her truth and starts her mad acting and says she will have food only Kokila’s hands. Dhaval says sasumaa is in hospital. Urmila thinks Rashi is very intelligent and she has to be careful.

Meera comes back angrily and starts shouting at Gopi and says how dare she is to slap dad. She tries to slap Gopi when Ahem stops her and tries to slap her when Mansi stops him. Ahem says Mansi instead of supporting him in this tough situation, she provoked his daughter instead just for a simple issue. Meera says it is not simple issue and tries to hit Gopi again. Ahem stops her and asks Mansi to go back to Mumbai if she wants to continue like this. Mansi angrily leaves. Meera asks him why did he insult Mansi for this woman, Gopi, and asks him to come with her. He says he will not. She drags him aside and says Mansi took care of us since 10 years and gave her 10 years to them, but instead of sending Gopi out, he is asking Mansi to leave. He says he said it in anger. She says he has changed since coming here. He says he has not and asks what he should do now. She asks him to stop Mansi. He says she will not. She says she will. He says he will stop Mansi and asks her to promise him she will not misbehave with anyone from today. She says she will not and asks him to promise to go and stop Mansi. He says he cannot leave Kokila, so he wants her to go and send Mansi here. She happily agrees and leaves.

Pari, Hetal, and Tolu/molu get happy seeing Mansi packing her bags and thinks if she goes, everything will be fine. Meera comes and asks why is she packing bags. Mansi says everyone insulted her and today even Ahem asked her to go home. Meeera says she should go to hospital once and see the change. She says she will not. Meera gives her promise. Tolu says they were unnecessarily getting happy, they have not won the battle yet.

Kokila wakes up and sees Gopi crying and asks what happewned. Gopi says without her whole Modi family is incomplete.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi that god has kept her alive to unite her and Ahem.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. janu(john ka beta)

    good serial. I love it like my dad john. Riya my love, where r u? U forgot ur promise? U know that if we lie, our leg will become short. Now come running to janu.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      don’t forget she dedicated her 10 years for ahem, vidhya, meera when they need help look at positive facet of mansi also

  2. janu (john ka beta)

    achu n sweet both r my sister cum friend i hv not any cheap thought about anyone

  3. dia

    why is this meera acting villain! ? her name isnt suiting her character.. please give her some brain!!

    • janu (john ka beta)

      when meera will know reality she will shower her love on gopi n turn in positive character

    • janu (john ka beta)

      dia she is brainwashed by ahem so she doesn’t want to understand circumstance easily so give her some time n gradually she will get wat is family n its value n when u r in a family sacrifice is worth of it

  4. jhanvi(john ki beti)

    This serial is rocking……..urmila acting is awesome….JOHN DADDY….how many children do u have….u told I am ur only daughter but u never told me I have brother…..wait I will complain to my MEETHI MOM…she will beat u with broomstick…

  5. janu (john ka beta)

    wat nonsense commnet u hv read apart from misused name so u blame on every one? could you clarify me pragya bhai

    • Meghana

      Hi SaRa….is this is ur name….r u just kept it to disclose ur identity… Anyways nice to meet u….

  6. Fluttershy

    Gopi tell your kids the truth the reason why you were gone for 10 years after they know the truth they’ll shower you with love

    • janu (john ka beta)

      u r real sweet??? i don’t blv sweet is very brave girl she will not change her name so easily

    • Spandna

      Ya u r right bst…..if anyone says sorry it doesn’t mean that they r wrong it means that they doesn’t want to hurt others so respect each other n keep it a healthy discussion place….

  7. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    thnx vl u be my frnd by d way it luks lyk u r muslim wid ur name if I am nt wrong den it is a muslim name

  8. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    me frm bangalore & meghna hyderabads biriyani is famous naa nvr tasted wat abt u?? r u a veg?? me non veg

  9. shekher punjabi

    hello every1 including my love riya. M d fake janu who love u. Hi real janu, thanks for lenting ur name to impress riya. R u dhawal bhai?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      why u misuse my name?? riya’s earlier name is sweet n she is like my sister n u have not value of any relation even u spoil relation of brother n sister also oh god it is curse for human u contaminated our relation

  10. Meghana

    SaRa…I would love to be your frnd but I am not a Muslim I am a Hindu…anyways I got a new frnd today….

  11. Meghana

    OK Sara I just got confused by the way u can call me megha….n by the way we three u,me n fluttershy became frnds today….

  12. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    shekher punjabi u luv a person online wen u dunno abt her a li’l too so wat is d nxt step online marriage haa

  13. Meghana

    Flutter…so nice of u I am clg going by the way I have two besttttt frnds of ur class I will play cricket a lot with them everyday…..

  14. shekher punjabi

    sara i know u r still searching for ur love n now u r envious coz riya alias sweet has got the love of her life

  15. Meghana

    Sara I think he came to a wrong site…shekhar this is not….go to a good matrimonial site…don’t worry u will find a good girl…n if u want to know abt true love watch frozen movie…..

  16. shekher punjabi

    dhawal bhai, mein apka saala jigar bhai hoon. remember our masti about john ka shaadi

  17. ok m leaving.bye sara,riya and all bcoz now there is a lot of fake commenters hr.m almays troubled with themc u later

  18. shekher punjabi

    janu, pari, rashi ki atma n radha bhootni will stay with u now. Haha I off with ur sis yaar

  19. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    excuse me dnt cross ur limits shekher & liya flutter riya megha plz dnt go cm to kyy plz it is req I wanna tlk wid u guys plz

  20. shekher punjabi

    sara mind ur own business . U stop poking ur dirty smelly nose in others matter else i will cut it like lakshman cut surpanakha’s nose

  21. shekher punjabi

    bt u cant deny u have got a soft corner for me coz u wer calling me so much when i was not online

  22. janu (john ka beta)

    not yet actually i think women should be respected n she is not time pass i m one woman man so i dont make frnds for wrong intention. so i hv frnds only

  23. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oh dunno y bt I got a doubt on u & dat john too no no I am sure he is sum wat related to mr.?

  24. Meghana

    Hi SaRa…..r u school gng r clg gng…whr r u from….actually I asked flutter all these questions n I didn’t asked u so I am asking u now….

    • janu (john ka beta)

      earlier i said little busy ok so if u have doubt on me go with it my frnd identiy me when someone misuse my name so i don’t want to clarify to others its your choice u blv or not on me

  25. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    ups & downs megha bt enjoyed it nw hav to go to high schl vl miss my frnds & classmates

  26. DHAWAL

    Shekhar a.k.a. mera saala jigar bhai congrats to find my another sister….tum bhi na bhai patha nahi mujhe kitne ladkiyon ka bhai banaunge…..o sab chod but CONGRATULATIONS A LOT TO FIND UR LOVE…HOPE U A COLORFUL N JOSHFUL LIFE…. I will gift u bestum best baniyan on this occassion….but wat abt me send ur sister to urmila mansion ab toh maamiji bhi chale gaya may akela San kaam kise jar sakthe hai yaar…..

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    oh 1 of my bestie blvs u I dnt think she vl blv sm1 who is nt dat wat he is shwng anyways leave dat matter I am sumwat lyk dat I had no reason to doubt u

  28. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oh 1 of my bestie blvs u I dnt think she vl blv sm1 who is nt dat wat he is shwng anyways leave dat matter I am sumwat lyk dat I had no reason to doubt u….

  29. Meghana

    Ya it is very sad to leave all our friends but it will be very happy when u find new frnds but we shouldn’t forget our old old is gold…so wt abt ur free time hobbies….

  30. DHAWAL

    Don’t know whr my kinjal went but happy to find out my jigar bhai….n wish soon i would find all other characters also ……

  31. DHAWAL

    It’s OK Janu beta….ab tum aur tumhare papa dono milkar mujhe aur mere kinjalji ko unite karo u r also just like my son pappu hope u will understand my pappu feelings he is so sad n angry on me that he is not even wearing my best um best baniyans …..plz send kinjal ji to my home….I will give u a bag full of best um best baniyans….

  32. Hey that meera i hate her .gopi is her maa when childrens do fault parents use to forgve them thn why she is not forgving her maa.nor what is the fault wth gopi.
    Gohem rockzzzz

    • janu (john ka beta)

      it is not pave the way give her time she will understand family value n sacrifice also

  33. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sry u dint got it janu I wanted to say she vl nt blv sm1 who is a cheater so I think I can trust u I hope u vl surely read my comment nyc meeting u bye

  34. Ishani

    Please writer join Gopi & Ahem together and Meera needs to regret and apologized to her mom Gopi . Meets needs to know her mom did alit for the family. Please finish the episodes sooner after the family get together. Finish this episode faster same Luke Mount Everest. Excellent episodes Everest. I love it

  35. shekher punjabi

    hey dhawal bhai… gud mrng…….kya hal chal hai yaar? Ab dekho na yaha john ka wife janaki, john ka beta janu n john ka beti jahnavi sab aa gaye hain, sirf pagal john aur uska bestum best baniyan kahi dikhayi nahi de rahe hain.
    Waise maine toh janu ko hi dhawal bhai samaj rakha tha kyunki tum longo ke comment karne ka tarika same hain 🙂

  36. shekher punjabi

    dhawal bhai plz help me in my new love story yaar. Is riya ko samjhao ki usse mere jaisa ladka kahi nahi milega 😛

  37. shekher punjabi

    Riya love where r u? U r really very sweet to love me even after u came to know that i m not janu

  38. shekher punjabi

    janu, I didnt know that riya n u r like bro n sis. She never told me when i used ur name. She should have told me straight away that u r her bro. I think she likes u 🙁
    Please janu help me bro

  39. ??????

    Janu is that u on sns yesyesterday if yes I am sad to know but if no I am happy to hear and y did u proposed riya r u going to be the ral John ??’ ☺

    • janu (john ka beta)

      ????? plz read comment carefully b4 ask someone misused my name n later he confessed his mistake also ok i hope ur concept is clear now

  40. DHAWAL


  41. janu (john ka beta)

    i respect others but bcoz i m a boy so i keep being targeted again n again. koi mujhe john ko ek smjhta h koi kisi aur se link krta h koi shak krta h to koi pura comment read kiye bina hi blame krna shuru kr deta h nw i m extremely tired to give clarification nw if anyone have problem with me plz keep it with yourself nw i not responsible to give ans of yours foolish query otherwise i will choose last option to leave this forum for always

  42. saachme guyzz comments r so funny………
    and shekher i even dont know about u…..even didnt see..
    so why should i love u?

  43. DHAWAL


  44. DHAWAL

    Hi janu beta….aap kisae ho….ghar mein maa…papa…behen…sab kisae hai….tum ek baar modi bhavan aao na….

  45. shekhar punjabi

    Riya u r a very silly girl indeed. U r a fool to believe my love. i love creating crazy luv stories 🙂

  46. Here i have so many frndz…..Being an Indian it was my secret wish that i want to connect to make frnds in different parts of our country……..thank u frndz…

  47. Koi hai kya???????aregillum undo?????guyz why didnt come yaar???so boring………im alone here……anyways…..i say something…..why u guyz coming in this site? Obivious i know for updatez….also u guyz make this place happy…..make me laugh… my name im not at all sweet…..just boring….never smiles….always study study!!!!!!!!!!
    But here u guyz change my life…..thanks janu achu liya pragna yamini……especially…… john!!!!!!!!
    Also newcomer shekher.
    Be frnds forever ……..because u guyz help me to forget my exbest frnd

  48. DHAWAL

    Hi shekhar bhai…..tum kaise ho patha nahi tum achanak kaha gayab hojatha hai….waise bhi mera naam LUCKY hai…..

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    Hi Riya……do u remember me I used to chat with u on suhani so ek ladki page….but u forgot me these days….

  50. janu (john ka beta)

    dhawal uncle i m single child of john dad i hv not any sister. plz invite me in urmila mansion 🙂

  51. janu (john ka beta)

    dhawal uncle u can’t afford heavy expenditure of kinjal aunty so find out other option. say writer to do smthng new 4 u

  52. janu (john ka beta)

    jiger uncle dhawal uncle plz start ur drama again yar it was fabulous n entertaining

  53. Max

    when i sleep
    new world comes to my mind
    with all fun and
    a queen waiting for me always
    with a sweet smile for me

  54. janu (john ka beta)

    actually our drmz fullfill our all wishes which we want in our life when v r consious

    • janu (john ka beta)

      sure go to ur fairy n enjoy ur life in ur drmz n ha gud day n very sweet drmz bye bye

  55. janu u want to flirt with d hot girls. Very bad. U go play with little girls n these girls here find u very boring indeed. Dats why they r recalling d fun they had with me

    • janu (john ka beta)

      i want to say its ur choice wat u want to call me ok 1st u tell me n after it i will give u a specific name 4 u mns i will call u by other name so u will nvr doubt i m real or fake

  56. janu (john ka beta)

    liya nw i always call u Orion *( orion is prominent constellation located on the celestial equator n visible through the world ) so orion u like it or not?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      dad don’t see ur back in mirror i m ur little child i think u r in dremz of rajna aunty n u r imagine of her

  57. janu(john ka beta)

    ouch it hurts! my big butt is red now. Sorry dad for disobeying u. Girls u all flirt with dad. Bye

  58. yamini

    blo*dy idiot john u r completely disgusting why u spoil this page go to hell hw dare u to cooment on janu n other girls. bastard john u should be hanged up

  59. yamini, u r a monkey n coming here to seek my attention. hump, its our family matter. dont interfere. m not interested in u

  60. rajna Taras

    ugly yamini,how dare u talk to my hubby like this? I slaped u idiot n now ur face is red like a monkey’s bum. U go to jungle.

  61. janu (john ka beta)

    kudos my leo minor yamini great yar well done exactly retort to john who deserve it

  62. yamini

    because why u show ur nature toward john why don’t u take hard step again him look your comment u take me so easily n softly why?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      my leo minor listen me actually in starting jiger dhawal n john played the drama here n it was for fun just play character of sns gradually other viewer also participate in drama n initialy john was not like that he is showing himself today he was funny n good humor but time by time all things are changed n john also

      • janu (john ka beta)

        mujhe abhi bhi umeed h ki wohi john wapas aa jaye bs is aas me aur public forum k karan me hard language use nahi leta hu ok my leo minor

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