Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi calls Urvashi from Gopi’s mobile. Urvashi picks all and scolds him why did not he call her. He says his phone is broken and he lost all his favorite pics and numbers. She says he is behind lifeless pics instead of his mother, she told him to call every 3 hours, but he did not. He asks her to sto her drama. She says she will realize when something will happen to her. He says what will happen to her, he will call her every 3 hours as promised. She disconnects call and thanks god. Jaggi watches Ahem and Gopi’s pics and tells Urvashi they are looking like hero/heroine. Gopi comes and snatches phone saying she gave phone to talk to his mother and not look at her personal pics. Urmila gives her mobile to him.

Premila asks Mansi to have sandwich.

Mansi says she will not. Krishna asks to grow up and have food, they have to just think of harming Modi family. He leaves for hospital. Premila says Jaggi Jugadu is very intelligent and they have to find his weakness to expose him. Mansi even he must be having some weakness.

Urvashi walks on street with vegetables and over phone informs Jaggi that she is preparing his favorite aloo matar sabji. Jaggi says he is coming then. A speeding cars rams on her and she falls down unconscious. A passerby picks phone and tells Jaggi that the lady met with an accident and he is taking her to SK hospital. Jaggi runs leaving phone. Gopi sees him and asks the man over phone what happened. He says Jaggi’s mom met with an accident and he is taking her to SK hospital. Gopi informs this to Urmila. Urmila says Krishna works in SK hospital, what will they do now. Gopi asks her to bring whole family to SK hospital soon.

Vidya gives kheer to shravan and says didi and papaji are fighting now a days. Shravan says even he saw and they have to stop their fights somehow.

Jaggi reaches hospital and enquires receptionist about Urvashi. Doc asks if he is Urvashi’s relative. Jaggi says she is his mother. Doc says she is getting operated. Gopi reaches hospital and sees Krishna and gets afraid. Another doc starts chatting with Krishna. Jaggi rushes towards OT. Nurse stops him and asks to deposit 1 lakh first. Jaggi gets afraid how will he arrange so much money. Gopi hears that and over phone asks Urmila to get cheque book. She deposits cheque. Jaggi requests nurse to not stop surgery, he will arrange money somehow. Nurse says Gopi deposited money already.

Shravan calls Dharam for dinner and gives him food plate to feed Meera. Dharam takes plate to room and asks Meera to forget her anger and have food. She shouts and throws plate. He gets angry, throws things around and leaves. Vidya comes running and asks Meera what happened. She sees Naiya smirking standing near door and hiding seeing her.

Jaggi thanks Gopi for paying for his mom’s surgery and says he will clear her debt soon. She says he does not have to as he helped her a lot. Urmila informs that Krishna works in this hospital and he should be careful and not meet his mom now. Jaggi says he will at any cost. Doc comes out of OT and says operation is successful. Jaggi says he will not meet mom now, but thinks he will at any cost.

Precap: Jaggi cries reminiscing his mom. Urmila consoles him. Gopi says nurse called and informed that his mom’s condition is stabilizing, he can go to meet his mom in the morning. Jaggi thinks he will meet his mom now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Wat is this there is brahmarakshas written update wer is Saath Nibhana saathiya written update.

    1. Sid bcoz it is ON TOPIC written update

      1. Read on desi tv box they updated it

  2. Why bhramrakshas update is coming under this head?

  3. guys we have another site we can comment on now,no tension ok,Dharam and Meera are behaving like kids they need to stop being so childish and Naiya needs to be thrown out of that house i wonder if and when she do get marry where will she live?

    1. Nandhini

      You know raven naiya is a very clever girl…she will convince her dad and make prakash live in the suryavanshi house and she is also planning to take away all the property of suryavanshi….

  4. This is saathiya update.

  5. Nandhini

    Nice episode…poor jaggi he cried today! Hey sid! isaaq is also willing to join our sunshine group…welcome isaaq to sunshine group!☺☺ vidya will again find out and reveal true intentions of naiyya and i want vidya, dharam and meera to kick naiyya out of suryavanshi house…

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,
    Shakaib,Issaq,Geetu,Prathyusha,Sheeba,Ragini,Shrestee,Saba ?. Friends what do you think shall we continue comments here or in desitv box . Bcoz many our friends are not able to follow us.

    1. Sid on dtb raven aisha nandhini nisha did comments i hope geetu ragini sheeba will join us there. Sunshine frnzz give ur opinionopinion it is needed to decide which site u feel better for comments

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Jaggi comes to meet his mother as she is admitted in the hospital.

    But the twist is that she is admitted in the same hospital where Krishna is working as a doctor.

    So then Gopi gets to know about Krishna’s plan and then she makes Jaggi alert about it.

    Gopi asks Jaggi to hide as Krishna is coming to trap us in his plan so then they both hide.

    Krishna fumes in anger as his plan flops

    Krishna comes and he does not sees them but he knows they are there.

    Jaggi wears burkha so that they are not able to see him but Mansi suspects Jaggi behind the burkha and try to see his face.

    But somehow Jaggi manages to escape and she is not able to see him.

    1. Thank u sid

  8. friends through ur comments i understood initially they updated brahmarakshas instead of saathiya i think they want to promote that serial through our saathiya hahahaaa .

  9. oh common tu stop this on and off topic crap we are fans of saathiya we have many many sites to connect this is not the only source for us to connect

  10. yes nazim’s comeback is doing magic for saathiya

  11. pink (movie produced by saathiyaa’s producer rashmi sharma ) is really worth watching guys
    thank u rashmi mam for giving us such a good movie and 2 superhit serials saathiyaa…… and sasural simar ka(latest track is awesome)
    thanks for having dipika as simar i am die hard fan of dipika kakar
    now i think its time for jago shaadi
    now what u will do tu my comment is both on and off topc

    1. Sowmya challengedchallenged to TU team very cleverly?

      1. Wat say about name GiPi??

  12. anyways how is the name jago ( jaggi and gopi ) friends sorry sorry sunshine friends
    any other name d o u want to suggest ? then feel free
    but though the name changes they will definitely remain gohem for us what say fiends

  13. I still hate Meera even after how rude she was at this leap. Why should we foregive her she is full of anger and continuesly rude. At some point later she will betrayal Vidya angain. I hate Naiya too because she’s stupidity evil all the time.

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay,Aisha,Raven,Nisha,Nandini,
    Prathyusha,Geetu,Ragini,Sheeba,shrestee,Shakaib,Issaq,Saba. Friends i think it is better we continue comments here only bcoz of this page our sunshine group got popular First we had only 5 members nw it is increased to 13 members . And our Sunshine group aim is to bring positive comments in this page and stop evil commentators. And daily our TU team wl not delete the comments sometimes they may delete in previous episodes still our off topic comments are there.
    So friends i am waiting for ur reply. My opinion is it wl be good if we stay back in this page . What say friends ?.

    1. Sid majority will win i m also waiting in reply of sunshiners raven nisha nandhini aisha

    2. Nandhini

      Hi sid! My opinion is we will comment on both the sites…because in desi tv box,, the comments are adding very quickly here its taking time to moderate….we wil see in two days if other sunshine members are joining,, if they are not joining then we will continue commenting in dis page itself….other serials in telly updates like ishqbaaz,, skr,, etc., are having more than 100 comments and its commentators are having their own groups and families and all they are talking about serial and their lives together…and TU are not taking their comments as on or off-topic and they are publishing it quickly…dont know why they are showing their leniency there alone! If those members can do,, then we can also do more than that….we can talk both on and off-topic in our comments in such a way that TU should not delete our comments…so dat our sunshine group and its members can also communicate with each other and also talk about the serial simultaneously and we can achieve atleast 50 comments everyday….if krishna gets to know about jaggi’s mom will he kidnap her and hide her somewhere?? And ask jaggi to confess his real identity?? Wat will happen then?? As raven said meera and dharam are acting childish! They have become like tom and jerry and acp rithesh is the bull dog who befriends the jerry mouse! Gaura is the lady in dat cartoon which comes without face and she will rule over the animals!

      1. I would like to cmmt here only .because here we have our own home and group.
        Ha its also tight that desi tv site publishes our cmmts very quickly,yet i would like to stay here only
        Nandini akka sorry if i hurt you.
        If you guys wants to cmmt there also then its okey!
        I will be there.

    3. ACP Ritesh is like Spike!

  15. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends?, only19 comments????, feeling sad????;tu team please don’t delete comments.????,well episode rocks with jaggi and urshavi(son&mother) relationship. Am I right guys!
    ☕ Cheer Up ?
    ? ✨ )) ✨ ?
    ?┃ (( * ┣┓ ?
    ?┃*? ┣┛ ?
    ?┗━━┛ ?
    ? For YOU ?

    ☕ Cheer Up ?
    ? ✨ )) ✨ ?
    ?┃ (( * ┣┓ ?
    ?┃*? ┣┛ ?
    ?┗━━┛ ?
    ? For YOU ?

    I think jaggi wants to hide his identity of ahem as his expressionswere telling this
    ????.Now,widya will find out truth. Please tu,do t delete comment.

    1. Don’t worry Shakaib. Instead of deleting our comments, they should be thanking us

  16. BTW today they r behaving normal n post every comments so….in my opinion we can continue here. If they show this stupidity again i will leave this site for forever.

  17. Yes nandi u may be right about staff.

  18. Sunshiner is ur any comments is still deleting??

    1. Not at the moment akshay. I reckon nandhini is right. We can comment on both sites as of now

  19. Ok then cont. here

  20. lets continue right here with our comments,its here that we all became family,we can still comment on db too

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