Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura shouts at Meera that she will not attend Vidya’s marriage. Gopi asks how can she stop a sister from attending her sister’s marriage. Gaura says her decision is final. Meera says she will see who will dare to stop her. Kokila backs Gaura and pleads Meera not to attend Vidya’s marriage for everyone’s benefit. She asks Gaura to bring baarat on time. Gaura leaves and in car tells Dharam that her plan is working well and Kokila will get a big shock of her life.

Gopi asks Kokila how can she stop Meera from attending vidya’s marriage. Kokila says Meera pushed Vidya’s sasur and if she allows her attend marriage, she will create more trouble. Gopi says Meera will not and her decision is wrong. Kokila asks if she is opposing he decision. Gopi says she is not and is just showing her mistake. Kokila says bas…she does not want to listen anything now.. Gopi walks out sadly. Kokila then goes to Hetal and cries that she insulted her gopi bahu. Hetal consoles her.

Pari keeps Vidya’s bridal items and asks her to get ready. Vidya cries and says didi still does not want to talk to me. Pari consoles her. Gopi enters Vidya’s room and sees her ready. Vidya cries and says she wants to meet Meera once. Gopi says she will call Meera.

Gopi goes and knocks Meera’s room. Meera while getting ready says she will not come out. Even Hetal and Ahem call her, but she says she will not and wears same cloth as Meera’s.

Vidya comes and knocks door. Meera thinks it is time to execute her plan and opens door. Light goes off just then.

Precap: Meera wearing Vidya’s bridal clothes comes out of room. Gopi asks if Meera is still inside room. She nods yes. Rashi insists to see her face.

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    1. Everyday is a cool episode.

  1. Unbelievable scenario

  2. Wow vidya is going to get the shock of her life n kokila

  3. Awesome episode

  4. I dont understand why dis serials are copying each other,first,mmziyaan,then trsm,and now sns,why all this bride swap drammer,shadi koi khel hain kya?

    1. where is bribe swap in manmarziyan????

  5. Well the show should end on time to avoid low trp

  6. Please update today episode fast

  7. where is todays episode

  8. Bad seral

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