Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem scolds doctor that this is best hospital and he is best doctor, then why is his mom still in coma. Doctor says it is a miracle that Kokila is still alive after being hit and then stuffed into suticase and then dropped into water. Gopi says he is right, only his maaji can withstand all these pains.

Hetal asks Kokila to wake up and give her bahu danteras gold gift. She starts cryring, gives gold bangles to Gopi and says when Kokila will wake up, she will ask if she gave her bahu danteras gift. Gopi accepts bangles and weeps as usual.

Gopi goes to Kokila’s room and thanks her for her dantheras gift. She says she will wear pink sari which she gifted and will look best in house. She continues. Jigar ways Pari is still angry and will calm down only by kaaki. Gopi says Paridhi always gets angry easily for silly things, maaji will console her soon. She continues what all she will do when Kokila wakes up.

Vidya prepares dantheras specialties and tells she prepared whatever daadi taught her. She keeps them in front of devimaa’s idol and prays to wake her daadi up soon. Gaura and Dharam fume hearing that. Gaura calls Durga and Shravan and says tomorrow there will be party in her house and her bahu Meera and poti bahu Vidya will organize it. Vidya asks how can she organize party when her daadi’s fighting for her life. Gaura says this party is for Kokila’s death and only Vidya and Meera will organize it. Shravan interferes and says Vidya will not organize party. Dharam taunts him that he is joru ka ghulam. Meera says she will organize party. Vidya asks what is she doing. Meera says she knows what she is doing and asks her to keep quiet.

Gaura then asks Vidya to invite her parents, else she will kick her out of this house. Vidya starts crying. She calls Gopi and informs that Gaura has organized party and wants her and papa to attend it, else she will kick her out of house. Gopi stands dumbstuck.

Precap: Gaura tells Dharam that his duffer samdhi Ahem will come. Ahem reaches with Gopi. Gaura smirks and tells Dharam that nobody can stop them from executing their plan now.

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  1. Bakwas show jab mai dekhti hun na i feel ki mai so jaogi i hate family drama i like luv story like meri aashiqui tum se hi.

  2. Why Meera is so rude &why she not having feelings for her family

  3. This is not a bakwass serial. This is the best serial in the world

  4. Plz make ahem alive nly or else show will b flop he is my fvrt

  5. toh phir #radhika ja kar so jai show app jaise ke liye nahi hai

  6. This rubbish drama is all about revenge as it is. They should just go off air because it’s that bad and as usual it loses viewers, which isnt a surprise to me

    1. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

      I agree with u @????????
      This serial is literalay all about revenge

      1. Can’t they at leaset move on from Gaura? They are sending out the wrong message!

  7. I lov this serial vry much,its ma favourite….

  8. I hope ahem turn the table on the witch n her bastard son dharam

  9. the most bakwass and illogical serial ever aired by star plus

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