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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paridhi scolds Radha and says come with me, Kokila is calling. Radha walks out angrily. Paridhi says poor Radha does not know what will happen there. Urmila comes with Kinjal and Madhuben. Dhawal and Kinjal cover her face and tell ladies that her aunty died. Pappu says we are walking together as we are always together and asks them to mind their own business. Kokila tells Radha that she will give her to police. Radha asks why. Baa says Urmila’s soul will not forgive us. Kokila says Radha you have to go to jail. Radha apologizes to Kokila. Kokila says how can we be know it was an accident and unintentional. She says we have decided that we will give you to police. Radha begs to her to forgive her. Paridhi smiles enjoying Radha. Baa says she will not become part of her crime.


requests Gopi and even Gopi refuses to help her. She says you have to pay for your crime. Radha says I m pregnant, do you want your grandson to be born in jail, it will stain him since birth. Hetal says you are right as there is no fault of the baby. She says we can’t do injustice with this. Radha asks her to decide being a mum. Hetal says Kokila we have to think, what about baby if we send Radha to jail. Kokila scares Radha calling her a murderer and how to keep her free at home.

Hetal says the baby is our blood, will we let him get birth behind the bars. Kokila acts to think about their blood. She says we will not give you to police. Radha thanks her and calls them pitiful. Kokila asks her to accept their conditions, and say yes or no fast.

Radha says I accept all conditions. Kokila says hear all conditions carefully. Hetal dictates that she will not harm the baby till nine months. Gopi says she will not hurt herself. Kokila says you will respect all family members and not misbehave. Paridhi says stay away from Jigar and don’t see him again. Radha says agreed, I will do as you all say. Urmila is fed up to hide. Madhuben says we will get what you want. Pappu says stay at home. Kinjal requests her to support her family and Urmila refuses. Kinjal locks the door and throws key to Dhawal. Urmila asks him to give keys and Pappu hides it. Urmila says she won’t go anywhere.

Kokila asks Radha to be as them, else she will call police. She makes Radha eat laddoos for her baby health. Paridhi hurts Radha to make her eat laddoo saying how she has hurt laddoo. Radha recalls it. Paridhi leaves with Kokila. Gopi talks to Urmila and explains her not to be stubborn. Urmila says I will be on hunger strike till I get freedom. Radha is irritated and comes to Gopi. Urmila says she can’t be homelocked for nine months for devil Radha. Kinjal shows samosa. Gopi asks Urmila to have food. Urmila’s mouth waters seeing snacks. Radha hears Gopi and comes near the door. Gopi sees Radha in mirror and changes topic. Radha leaves. Gopi makes Urmila have food by convincing her.

Radha plans to kick out Paridhi from family.

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  1. Poor Radha. Why do the Modis have to torture her. Love this serial. Amazing.

  2. John meri jagah tujhe phaansi honi chahiye

  3. Can any one tell me, who murdered umang?why no one is trying to explain radha about umang’s murder.

    1. Tripti killed him by accident and blamed Gopi

  4. Yey Radha is so b*t* soo happy

  5. Is Radha really pregnant?

    1. think so she is a whore

  6. modis are useless . radha drama karti hai to unko bhura laga, par paridhi bi aisa drama karkr aai, how can they leave hwr and jigar u r useless and gopi tum to bolte ho main kabhi jhoot nahi bolta par kiya kya stupid your acting is very poor, old gopi acting is superb.

  7. where is todays episode nowadays this website ks always late in updatin

  8. Mr.Writer, please don’t listen to this people. I love this show. This is the best one. Can u please post the updates for 18th November. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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