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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Modi family frighten Sanskar to run away if he wants to save his life. Ahem holds Sanskar’s collar. Meera comes out and asks Sanskar to come to her room as she needs to talk to him a lot. Ahem asks what is this. She asks him not to worry, she will not do anything till marriage. Ahem continues shouting. Kokila says Ahem that his daughter is stubborn like him and she knows what to do.

Meera gets manicure. Sanskar brings juice and sandwitch for her and is about to feed her when Ahem enters and warns him to stop.

Shravan comes to Dharam’s house and says he knows his mental condition and he needs Meera this time. Dharam says it is good he is concerned about him, but he does not want Meera back.

Meera tells Ahem that her decision is final. Ahem asks if

she does not remember what Sanskar did last time. Meera says everybody does mistakes and Sanskar has changed. She walks with Sanskar and asks Kokila and Gopi to follow her to Vidya’s house.

Shravan sadly goes back and tells Vidya that papaji does not want Meera now. Door bell rings. Vidya opens door and sees Kokila, Gopi and Meera coming in. She tells Meera that papaji needs her. She says she has moved on and calls Sanskar. Vidya asks what is he doing here. She says they are marrying and came to give invitation to Dharam. She calls Dharam repeatedly and realizes he must be in akhada/ghym now.

They all walk into akhada. Kokila asks Sanskar if he met Dharam before. He says no, heard he is an old man. Gopi shows him Dharam exercising. Sanskar’s mouth wide opens in a shock. Kokila says nobody could defeat Dharam in wrestling till now. Meera calls Dharam and gives her and Sanskar’s wedding card and asks to attend it for sure. She asks if he liked Sanskar and says he is of her age, says he told people of her age won’t die soon and requests him to attend marriage for sure. Sanskar stands aside afraid. Kokila asks if he got afraid. Sanskar nervously says no… Dharam congratulates Sanskar and also congatulates Kokila and Gopi. Meera fumes seeing he is not deterred but smilesand invites him to attend her baraat for sure. She asks if he will be alive till tomorrow as he may die in happiness. Dharam promises to attend her marraige for sure.

Jigar tries to convince Ahem that he should accept Meera and Dharam’s relationship, gives example of his and Paridhi’s relationship, and says Meera nd Dharam love each other and love is most important in any relationship.

Meera invites Dharam to accompany for disco with them and then asks what will he gift in her marriage. He asks whatever she asks. She says she wants her sangeet in his house. Kokila asks if she is in her senses. Dharam says he will give whatever she asks and says her sangeet will be in his house. Meera fumes more, but smiles and walks away with Sanskar.

Precap: Kokila asks Dharam why he wants to stay away from Mera. He says he heard their conversation and knows they also want same. Gopi requests Dharam to accept Meera.

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  1. It’s disgusting though. What does she see in Dharam? He’s an old man! He is her sisters father in law. Seriously this is horrible. Meera has gone mad and I don’t why Gopi is supporting her. I’m on Ahems side. I hope Meera stays with Sanskaar. This is the first show I’ve seen that has done this. What show in indian television has two sisters who are mother in law and daughter in law????


  2. Good commentor

    Do you know what why lord krishna was born in india because kansa was there and do you know why kansa ravan chosed to born in india because they had the idea that india is the center and source of all kinds of evil and it’s easy too
    whatever ravan and kansa did but they never broke the relation ravan or kansa never married his so called daughter neither his granddaughter whatever
    do you know what’s the 10th avatar of lord vishnu – KOLKI
    and i pray from the bottom of my heart that this time lord vishnu destroy the india and the reason has began and the most biggest prove is sns’s mira dharam
    many people like it and this meant that girls will marry her so called dad , uncle , niece, son and boys will do so felling ashame on saying that most of the indian are hindu in this case pakistan is better than this
    if it is in my hand then i would like to slap the writter director actors and all viewers i wish god may grant my this wish

    1. First of all it is not Kansa its khamsa

      1. And second?

    2. Good comment or? Oh please give your real name. Abdul hafiz? Noor Muhammad? Marzina Begum? Your comment clearly explains the religion u are following. STOP.SAYING.SHIT.ABOUT.INDIA.CAUSE.YOU.ARE.MORE.SHITTIER.GET.THAT.STRAIGHT.MAYBE.U.MARRY.YOUR.SISTERS.AND.BROTHERS.BUT.THIS.IS.JUST.A.SERIAL.MEERA.HAS.NO.DIRECT.RELATION.WITH.DHARAM.
      so please stop producing weird kids getting married to your own siblings and start getting a life….
      In our religion marrying cousin is a sin. We keep scientific knowledge. And you? I’ll just lets public think what u really are…

      1. Laxmi what do you mean? Are you insulting islam ? If someone insult your religion don’t reply such rubbish thing and be smarter. And this “good commentor ” is an idiot and a big crap

      2. Laxmi calm down. We all know he’s a Muslim. I’m Muslim too and I ignored what he said because it’s disrespect to your religion. He shouldn’t of said that at all. I pity Muslims like him. Now… in Islam it doesn’t say you are supposed to marry your cousin so I don’t know where you got this information from. And I don’t know how Indians view Muslims in India but in the UK we treat each other well. Insult the individual not the religion.

      3. Laxmi ur mad literally. Respect others religion then people will respect ours. Insult the individual not the religion. Literally learn to live a life. Don’t disrespect our religion. May be ur from RSS idc but ur insane.

      4. And an other thing laxmi. Islam is a religion of peace. And I’m proud to be muslim. And if you are not happy with it you can go to hell

  3. Worst track ever… writers hav sense or not??? Is dis really happens in d world?? How can ahem or any father can accept dat relation.. totally foolish..

  4. Cute nice episode

  5. Love Dheera… if she loves him so be it. this is fiction not reality. nice episode today.

  6. Best track ever. Meera and Dharam are the best couple of this show

  7. I no dharam is feeling hurt but but he will accept meera n she is only playing stupid

  8. Please add more sona and tolu moments also why has the makers not shown more paridhi not liking sona. Show has got very boring hate Current track how makers are separating dheera.


  9. Meera and dharam both r acting well but Totally wrng concept.. have to give respect for our Indian culture. Dnt spoil

  10. Nice episode.

  11. guys why r u all shouting for dheera relations it s not awkard and first time. you remember the film WARIS staring samita patil, amrita singh & kulbhushan Kharbanda where samita patil does her sister marriage with her father in law for a waris from them. so it s not first time.

  12. please check out my ff , lovely sathiya , it is a ff on sathiya after the leap of eight years . please comment after reading

  13. very funny when sanskar opens his mouth dheera rocks

  14. Haven’t u heard love just happen
    There for love happen between anyone not just happy couples some people say love is blind this shows that when u love someone u don’t look at the the colour race staus or anything so I feel dheera is right

  15. Uffff…..,I hate this show now.Better to stop the drama .Its glory has gone.

  16. Very worst serial in Indian television. They didnt show any good messages, please end this worst very bad serial.

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