Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar asks Molu to go and search Kokila in Urmila’s house. He gets a call that his order got cancelled and shouts only bad is happening in this house.

Dharam talks to Meera about Gopi. She shouts that Gopi is not her mother after marrying someone. She got conconscious before marriage and even that she forgot papa and married stranger. Vidya comes. Dharam signals her to console Meera and leaves.

Molu with Monica goes to Urmila’s house. Urmila gets into jovial mood. She asks Sona to greet her devrani. Sona asks how. Urmila tightly hugs Monica irking her. She applies turmueric paste on her, which she was applying to Jai and Veeru. Monicia gets more angry and asks Molu to clean it. Jai and Veeru walk towards her to apply turmeric paste next. She falls down. Sona scolds them. Molu asks if Kokila daadi came here. Urmila and Sona are shocked and asks where did Kokila go. Monica drags Molu and leaves. Urmila gets a call from Dr. Krishna that Kokila is in hospital. She informs Sona and they both leave for hospital.

Gopi reaches hospital and asks Dr. Krishna how is her maaji. He says she did not incur deep injuries, so she is fine and will get conscious soon. Urmila comes with Sona. Gopi gets happy seeing them and hugs Urmila. She sees Sona and gives her pregnancy tips. Sona says she already has twins at home. Gopi gets more happy and says time flies. Dr. Krishna informs that Kokila is awake now. They all get into Kokila’s room.

Meera looks at her family pic and cries. Vidya asks if she does not love maa. She says she loves and says she spent her childhood without maa, then she went to jail and she spent time with papa, when maa came back and then papa died, now maa married someone else. Maa was never with them to support her emotionally.

Gopi tells Kokila tells that she went to Modi bhavan and nobody looked concerned about her. Kokila says it is her mistake. Urmila asks Kokila why is she hiding truth from Gopi. Kokila tells waht happened.

Precap: Gopi promises Kokila that she will get back her self-respect in Modi house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gopi ko naya task milgaya

  2. What will be the flashback..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH CANNOT WAIT

    1. meera had a miss carriage and she thought the reason is vidhya but the real culprit is dharam’s daughter

  3. Sona’s kids are too cute

  4. Dont forget guys of u over react it’s only a drama

  5. Correct roz

  6. The next precap will be that Gopi takes revenge on her second husband coz dr Krishna killed ahem read the news in Itelly update for more news

  7. MA….why didnt u wrote that meera slapped vidya….how unproffesional…

    1. It’s MA’s style. She won’t give detailed updates. It’s like v r going thru summary of d show. I don’t understand hw these guys r letting her to write updates. Thanks Rianaa fr letting me knw d missed part. I didn’t watch d episode today

    2. Zuha Fatima

      Dear, she must have forgotten it, afterall she is a human!! And how can you judege that she is unproffesional on the basis of a mistake?

      1. This isn’t d 1st tym yar. I’ve been following her updates fr past few months. U can also check d comments on 16th episode. I agree she is also a human n mistakes r made. But she doesn’t give complete updates anytime.

      2. Yah ofcourse….even i saw others like amena and rimjhim’s updates are very detailed…i think MA doesnt write seriously…

  8. it was nice episode

  9. I hope gopi find out the truth behind ahem ji death n take kokila with her

  10. Are Jay and Veeru twins as well? Im so confused. Are they?

    1. Nandhini

      Yes they are twins

  11. Nandhini

    Good and some happy episode after a long time….and diggs bro…i cant explain the uses of registering in detail…you can see them by selecting the menu bar in telly update page…and then select the ‘register’ option…thr the uses are explained….

  12. Wow!ahem is all set to back in saathiya.
    Meera lost her child and blame widhiya for it.
    But I think that naiya do this all.
    Dr. Krishna kill ahem.
    I can’t see gona instead of gohem.

  13. very bore serial

  14. KartikK

    hy good show just show a suspence and it will drive yu crazy

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