Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinku praises Sameera that she finally reached Modi family’s vizier Kokila. He says Gopi that she is losing her family by wrong moves. Gopi asks Sameera what is she doing. Sameera yells that her whole family will die now if she does not save them. Ricky shouts to behave with his mother. Jaggi asks Gopi to use her brain and win. Gopi thinks Meera told after sometime, body below waist still start working again after electric shock.

Dharam solves first puzzle. Bhavani smirks and asks him to not put much effort and to just accept her. Dharam disconnects one line and says he crossed step, now what is the next one. He picks a note and reads puzzle, starts searching clue. He finds clues slowly. Bhavani gets tensed if he solves puzzle, he will reach her. He gets 5 elements written in clue and makes key.

Gopi continues playing game. “Sameera asks her to play her move. She brings Ricky in front and explains her plan and says he will understand why she sent him in opposite direction. Sameera wins. Gopi then signals Kokila to scold her. Kokila scolds her that she lost all their family members because of her. Jaggi and other family members also scold her. Gopi collapses.

Jaggi solves another puzzle and clears next step. Bhavani gets tensed. He asks her last puzzle. She explains.

Whole family rushes towards Gopi and get worried for her. Sameera and Pinku darling aslo are worried. Gopi silently tells jaggi that she is acting to buy some time. Sameera sprinkles water on her and she wakes up. She asks Sameera to give her a minute before making a last move. Sameera agrees. Drama continues.

Precap: Sameera orders Gopi to send her dear husband at right place. Pinku laughs, but then gets tensed seeing Jaggi and Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Hi Sid…Isaaq…Akshay…Shakaib bro…Rani…Nandi…Saba di…Chittu…Pranav…Manuu….Gins…n everyone…???

    Today’s episode was totally Outstanding in Modi mansion…

    But boring in Suryavanshi House…Bhavani is boring…But sameera’s drama is more interesting !…

    Anywayzz Gopi’s brain is sooo sharp…loool…???

    Precap: Funny…???

    1. Siddharth

      Ya raina u knw in ysdy’s episode sameera told parag is a silent and gopi told silence is parag’s biggest strength looool :P:

      1. Riana

        Gopi taunted parag actually i think ????

      2. Siddharth

        Ya ROFL

      3. Sayyeda

        Boss, do u know about Aisha, kan, vp,sp, amalina, sowmya and sunshines ho left?

      4. Siddharth

        Saba di soumya has commented few days back Aisha is not commented here since november KAN and priyanka is missing from april

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi Riana, this episode is rock and today be more exited to watch.
      Sunshines ho missing please come back quik web are missing u all.

  2. The upcoming episode of family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Bhawani, Sameera and Pinku’s evil game has come to an end and now Jaggi-Dharam is trying to catch them so that they can send them to jail.

    BHawani, Sameera and Pinku do not wants to go to jail so they try to escape but they are not able to do so.

    Bhawani-Sameera-Pinku hides in store room as they dont wants to go to jail

    They hide in the store room but Jaagi-Dharam reaches there finding them and finally they catch them.

    They call the police so that they can get Sameera-Bhawani-Pinku arrested and until the police come Dharam-Jaggi ties them with rope so that they cannot escape.

    Finally police comes and arrests Sameera, Pinku and Bhawani.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

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  3. Good that dharam has found the key by his intelligence, hope he find meera, vidya, shravan soon, jaggi should teach a lesson to that sameera pinku.

  4. Siddharth

    Hi my SUNSHINE Friends how are you all . Sns is going to end on sunday i qm going to miss it alooooot. Gonna miss sns back ground music kokila’s dialogue chirag and parag standing silent Jaggi’s comedy

  5. Siddharth

    Akshay Shakaib Nandini chithu common friends comment. We all missing you

  6. Pranav

    nice episode after sns ends comment on a show we watch so we can stay in touch

    1. Bins

      Yes you are right

  7. you did not mention my name Sid why?? i had promise not to come on here but i just had to let you guys know that i am married i came on i think it was either last month or earlier but that cartoon character john mimic everything i commented on i do not have the tlme now and i am also going to have my first baby it was nice knowing you guys some of the names i will never forget are YOU SID NANDHINI CHITHU SABA SHAKAIB RAINA SOUMYA forgive me if i forgot anyone name oh and AKSHAY you guys do take care and may lord shiva bless you guys with all the happiness in this world you too john bye bye love you guys

    1. Siddharth

      Hi Raven u are married u never told . Ya raven we are gonna miss you aloot . Plz comment til sunday

    2. Riana

      Hey Raven…A very big congratulations on being a mom…Wish u very happy life…pls comment till sunday as sunday is the last day of our sns…

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi raven, congrats tô your married life and your first baby. GOD bless u always.
      Raven be registered member then wen u have time we are talk in privete.
      Sunshines family Ho o love a lot o hop web do some tink to dont lose contact with u ali. Please web need do some tink quik before SNS ends.

    4. Shakaib

      Congrats for ur 1st baby. May God fulfil ur every wish.

    5. Shakaib

      Congrats for ur 1st baby. May God fulfil ur every wish. I miss u too. I am not able to comment now a days due to studies.

      1. Hii how r u

    6. Congrate …..

  8. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines , before sunday please coming back, Mahi, shakaib, aisha, sowmya, Kan, vp, sp, pratyusha, Amalina, Aisha, nandhini, Nisha, averege girl and etc… comment please. We are sunshines friends and family forever and happy .in past peoples want separete us but because we are strong familly then no one win. Please now is time to evry one cama back .

    1. Siddharth

      Ya saba di in our group there was 33members but now reduced to 15 members. Hope they will come back before sunday

  9. Hello guys..hw r u all..I also missd u all..sry for nt cmntng dese days..bcoz I hve joind in a job so I stpd watchn d shw..frm lst 2days I startd watchn it..i hve joind as a bsy in hme n skul n my son wrks..surely am also gng to miss u all guys..
    N vl miss sns also..

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