Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna starts presentation and Gopi and her team are shocked to see dog faces in place of model’s. Gopi asks him if he has backup copy. Dr. Krishna checks and says no. Urmila says how can this happen, she was guarding room whole night. Pari and Mona smirk standing at a distance. Sahir gets Belji bhai that he is stuck in traffic and will reach in 20 min. Kokila says it is good, they can prepare presentation again. Dr. Krishna says impossible as all files got corrupted. Gopi panics that all her hard work went in vain.

Meera fumes seeing Priyal and Vidya’s closeness. Naiya brainwashes Meera that her plan of adopting Priyal has failed. Meera says she will at any cost.

Gopi cries in her room that she is fit for nothing, along with her business, she

is ruining Modi instustries name. Kokila consoles her. Belji comes with selector lady Rama ben and praises that Gopi’s designs are best in Gujrath. Urmila says she will bring snacks for them. Sona says she will bring.. Mona says she will bring Gopi. She goes in and asks Gopi if she should tell she is not coming. Kokila says no. Dr. Krishna enters next and says he has a plan, Patola saris are famous for traditional values, they will do modern and traditional fusion and present it. He explains Gopi what to do next.

Vidya selects sari to wear for Priyal’s school’s annual function. Meera gives her new sari and says she will wear this. Vidya asks her if she is not yet ready. Meera says she is not coming as she is not Priyal’s mother, she already did a mistake by talking about adopting Priyal, now she does not to hurt Vidya’s feelings more. She asks Vidya to record the function for her. Vidya says okay and leaves. Meera thinks she is expert in fake tears.

Rama ben says it is time up now, she will leave. Urmila requests her to wait for 5 min. Pari says Gopi is ill today. Rama ben and Belji bhai try to leave angrily, but Urmila, Shair, and children stop them. Rama warns that she will not let anyone accept Gopi’s designs now. Gopi switches off lights and says everyone watches presentation on screen, she has unique concept today.

Precap: Gopi presents her sari designs wearing them. Dr. Krishna says Belji and Rama that they have 2 options now, either clap or slap him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This story is getting stupider and stupider if there is such a word. Gopi wants to be a business woman who does not see anything beyond Mahji. She does not grab opportunity given by Krishna to save her business.Prefers to sit and weep,They know that they are facing problems in the house yet keep everything ready for people to tamper and then sit and cry. Meera is deliberately cruel and Vidya stupid.The other girl has a boyfriend but wants another person’s child.Anything makes sense to anyone here?

    1. if u don’t like this show then why are you see telly updates

      1. To see how mich more stupid the creators can get. Lol

    2. The story is so janaki.
      Leave it .and if you want to watch it then you can watch but if you not ,don’t watch it .& I would like to say one thing that every person can express their own opinion .so iam not yelling on your opinion

  2. You are so right janaki. I don’t see why you need a “guard” to keep the laptop safe!

    1. Couldn’t they just lock the laptop with a password??? Illogical people

      1. That is because the story maker wants to make more problems and not to solve

  3. I think this serial is past its expiry date and should stop now

  4. The problem with Indian tv serials there are real life situations! They also lack peripheral vision!! They Pari and Sona standing at the stairs and no one sees them!! And why do they keep discussing business deals when they know they have enemies I they house!!. They drag stuff on for months!!!

  5. Naiyya is a witch….meera is a stupid

  6. Bihari Prasad

    This serial is going on so stupid and blah, blah, blah. People can say many things because they are disapointed. I’d suggest they story writers to hand over the bussiness to Lrishna somehow and Gopi and others start with their family fights or something new like a ghost residing in modi bhavan(stupid eh?) but can be interesting, far better than what it is now. I was watching it since 3 years and now it is all messed up, goona avoid it and look for a one.

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