Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Ahem if he is fine now. He says he is fine. Meera comes and says she is going out. Ahem says she cannot go out at this time. She says she tired of his family’s taunts and is informing him that she is going on a walk and not taking permission.

Gopi hears Rashi’s sound from car garage and goes there. She hears Rashi’s sound behind car to save her, goes near car, and sees voice recorder instead. Someone then locks garage door from outside, throws petrol inside and sets fire. Gopi is shocked to see it is Rashi.

Jigar finds Rashi’s book in which she has written all ways to kill a person and sees phenyl bottle and broken glass in her bag. He runs to Gopi’s room knowing Rashi will harm her now but does not find Gopi in room and Ahem is in washroom. He then goes to hall and calls whole family and asks where is Gopi. Kokila asks what happened. He asks Ahem where is Gopi. Ahem says she went with Meera as she wanted to go on walk. They all then hear Gopi pleading Ahem to save her and run towards garage.

Meera hears Gopi’s voice and sees her entrapped between fire in garage. She tries to jump in via door, but Rashi holds her legs. She pushes her and gets in. Whole family sees match box in Meera’s hand and think she is the culprit. Meera then rescues Gopi by getting her into car and driving out.

Kokila starts alleging Meera that she tried to kill Gopi and with he continued yelling tries to slap her. Jigar holds her hand and says Meera did not do anything. Kokila shouts who did it then. He says Rashi did it. Kokila with her high-pitched usual shouting says she cannot believe it. Gopi says Jigar is right and Rashi is culprit this time. Rashi agrees that she tried to kill Gopi and reading her science book’s chapters and tried to kill her many times, but Gopi escaped. Jigar shows Rashi’s book to Kokila and says how she used it to harm Gopi. Kokila is shocked.

Precap: Pari says she has taken a decision and whole family should accept it, Rashi has to go from this house.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. ?pradishma?

    Modi family should agree with pari’s decision little rashi should be thrown out…. and she is also like her evil mother radha…. hate u little rashi… luv u pari and meera

  2. Gopi dobi will defend rashi. Once again. And ask pari to accept her. Inspire if her being so much like her mother. Pari and gopi will have a tif. Cant believe on gopi dobi’s righteousness. If kids have fallen into wrong path sometimes u need to punish them. Sometimes making them understand is only by letting them face d world by themselves. Let rashi and pari come face to face and make gopi dobi dormant for some time

  3. Anu

    Koki have to say sorry to meera yaar she always blame meera wat is going so Sry tho banatha hai na guys

  4. Plumpyyy

    Gobi dobi!! Nice name 🙂
    yeh achha banna kab choddegi yaar main toh bore ho gayi hu…update k hi total bore hoti hu pata nai agar tv mein dekhungi toh kya ho jayega!!
    Btw….sam…were u in any other site b4??

  5. Plumpyyy

    Jo bhi ho…yeh kokila ka muh bund karwado!! Plzzz its a request!! Cant bear that woman at all!!! Ahem is booorringgg…gopi bohot innocent cheezon samjhne k liye…
    Its true dat to bring children on d right path d parents has to give some sort of punishments…

  6. Plumpyyy

    Kokila ka face expression…tv pe toh dekha nahi maine…(dekhna bhi nahi chahti!)…bt m sure if i wud’ve seen it i wud b rolling on d floor laughin!!! Its hilarious!!! N d BG music to add masala…haha vry funny…

  7. Plumpyyy

    Yep sam…m frm kyy page…der’s a sam der so jst to clarify i asked…nothin much to do…

  8. Plumpyyy

    Kokila ko treatment dena hai…uska dimag theek karne k liye…donno y she always hops on meera…only coz she’s bad n has no manners she hops on her…does it hav any sense??? Plzzz knock some sense into kokila’s brain..then i wud b d most happiest person in this earth!

  9. Finally kitkit kokila will have to say sorry to meera. She was totally unaware of this. But really disgusted at how gopi dobi will defend dat moti

  10. Plumpyyy

    @sns big fan ur ryt…gopi shud throw her out! Bt v r talking abt gopi…she’s kind to children n she cant do all this…i hope CVs prove me wrong!

  11. Plumpyyy

    Dannybell…ur 110% ryt!!! Gobi dobi will defend moti…haha…donno hw outta evrythin dat’s happening she defends dat moti! She has some supernatural power i guess..haha

  12. I hate kitkit kokila she always blames other. For mistakes now she should punish DAT motti. For she risked life of ahem pari gopi dobi Hetal and even herself

  13. Monkey meera not going improve. Arav. Soon she will b like uttarans tapasya stealing her sister’s groom. Poor vidya. I think gopi dobi will support meera in DATas she wants monkey meera to accept her

  14. Swarna

    At last some one had the brain to suspect little Rahi? taken so many days to work out evil Radha’s beti was the culprit – have shown her true colours ? –
    So its not the upbringing the devils child showing her true colour !??
    There was no need to show a 10year old as an evil person
    It is wrong of the producers to write these kind of scripts. Only children with circumstances might lead them to do wicked things – NOT a child who brought with so much of love and affection and God fearing . How could you justify the child’s psychology to be a killer in this circumstances?. it should be educational and current affairs – this is unacceptable I feel this was written in to extend the show ???? please note audience are not stupid!!

  15. aks

    now she is in great shock as rashi wants to kill her sweet,innocent,kind hearted,lovable gopi bahu:):):D:D

  16. somo

    but one things was very nice that merra who hates gopi very much she had only saved her….isnt that amazing..

  17. aks

    definately that scene was heart touching…we never expect that merra would save gopi….but first time she had done something great…and the credit goes to meera only

  18. Nandhini

    This serial can be given an award or record for showing more number of fire accident sequences!!; ) rite frm the starting of the serial till to date, there hav been 1000s of fire accidents yet all are saved uninjured!!

  19. abhi

    but in my point of view they should throw rashi out of the house or send her to that urmila

  20. pallavi

    Dis serial is awesome,mindblowing&superb.i am watching dis serial from beginning.i liked all episodes except rashis death episode.award can b given 2dis serial and to all the members who have involved in this serial

  21. pooja

    But I think its not ryt to present a child’s character lyk did..
    She has been brought up by kokila..
    Not radha..
    She must HV been a good n well behaved n well mannered girl..
    Not a vamp lyk her mom..

  22. janu (john ka beta)

    hmmmm too strict about comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! well dear sweet orion baby achu kajo lee adrita dhawal uncle pari aunty vidhya rashi plz cm on tonight sns page may be it will our last chat we ll enjoy our sns drama last time plz cm everyone

  23. ?pradishma?

    So u are back janu…. once I heard it that u r very nice….. hope u r like that only dr

  24. hahaha

    pradishma sorry but you are hell mistaken janu & nice what a joke what he does with fake name only some ppl knoe

  25. ?pradishma?

    Ok sara farewell party at kyy venue change from swaragini to kyy infact m happy that it will happy to the pg where I belong….. KYY

  26. ??"SARA"??

    i chkd it swty ok cm to kyy nt intrstd to fyt wid stupid janu i knw he ws !/! hw dare he? nw frgt it

  27. arpit

    hi akshay i am sorry i know u believe me a lot but but broke ur faith i misuse your mail id here many times and sara that was me not akshay even he doesn’t aware about this akshay please forgive me

  28. ??"SARA"??

    ys joke z ryt stop ur blo*dy fake drama no1 cares u r nt needed hr seriously bye m gng to kyy no cmnt hr joke stop dis lets enjoy our last chat at tu cm to kyy stop ur cmnts hr & janu last thng v knw u were puchu

  29. joke....

    nd v know u were yamini nd buffallo…even arpit……ri8 sara.y should v waste our time 4 his stupid comments!!!!!.lets party…

  30. arpit

    sara it was me not akshay yakin kro i know very well i misbehaved here when he was in nepal akshay sorry

  31. kajol

    Akshay fr gods sake… ab natak mat karo
    accept it… n chodo ab baat ko
    n yes tum puchu the na… hw dare u… n evn tht nxt days cmmnt by sm symbol $ i think ye tha
    Tumhari himmat kaose hui wo sab bakwas karne ki mere bare me??? U desrv a slap frm me akshay… n u knw wht tumne wo jo natak kiya na… kajol sorry mere wajh se ye suna wo suna u cheapstr faker u r d wrst akshay.. frnd cnsdr kiya tha tmhe nvr xpctd tht cmmnts frm u u…..

  32. kajol

    Lol luvly dil tutne ki baat gayi tu join karne k baat bht se baar logo ne dil toda h
    waise thnx fr ur advice luvly n tum bol sakti ho advice de sakti ho 🙂 🙂

  33. kajol

    Obvio u r my frnd lovely… 🙂
    Hi sania
    sadly yes we wont be able to talk wid u bth my new frnds

  34. unknown

    I know you. what do you mean how do you know me? its of no logic I am not gonna tell you who I am. 😛
    o hello mai dairy diary kuch nahi hun she is out of town I think tata my chikkoos

  35. arpit

    akshay i know tum yaha comment krte the isliye aise hi maze maze k liye maine tumhare mail id ka use kr yaha comment kiya ikra buffalo puchu jumbo yamini aur nazane kitne name se pr mujhe nahi pata tha itna kuch tumhe mere karan sunna padega i am so sorry akshay please forgive me

  36. Akshay

    good job arpit u destroyed everything here u 9??? tumhe comment krna tha to khud ka id use lete mere se kyu??

  37. Arpit

    i am so sorry but ye jo itna tumhe suna rahi h in me se kuch ne tumhare name se hi yaha comment kiye the unse kuch kyu nahi kahte ho? yakin nahi to pahle k page k comment check krlo

  38. arpit

    ha maine misbehave kiya tha sara se pr wo ek hi bar kiya tha baki time normal chat hi kiya tha

  39. arpit

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  40. Akshay

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  41. arpit

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  42. arpit

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  43. kajol

    Fr ur kind info mr.arpit or akshay mazak me sabko bulane k liye akshay ka name use kiya tha bht baar sirf aksahy ka nhi dusro ka bhi kiya tha liya ko pata h ye sab ok?? Koi kharab cmmnt nhi kia h mene…

  44. arpit

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    baki i dnt care…. n nw plz dnt spoil atmosphere.. aaj last day h chat ka yaha sabka mann h shanti se chat karne ka aaj dnt spoil evryones mood…
    rest on u guyzz byee evryone bye sweet

  47. arpit

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  48. Akshay

    thanks sweet really yar today feel very bad but u r here its enough for me sweet u remember earlier comment where u tried to teach me malyalam

  49. Shera(liya)

    What the hell?sweet,u believed all these stupid drama?how could u.?dont u c how many r against broak?
    sorry janu,i found u as one of my good frnd.u appreciated my stupid idiotic songs nd made all my frnds happy.i believed u bcoz i thought u r a good boy so m still calling u broak
    i used to tell ur names whenever u all were away but when i came 2 know nd realise the truth with ma eyes…uff m damn sure its u its u nd it is always u.u itself acted as arpit,yamini,puchu,janu,buffallo etc etc

    m telling u bestiee,believe me.janu is telling that arpit used his id 4 this nd arpit agreed ri8

    here is the twist= y should arpit use janu’s id bcoz there was no hope 4 dps like now.there was no dp so janu commented just changing frnd even our frnd find it out.m thankful 2 her 4 opening my eyes.realise the truth.bye

  50. arpit

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  51. arpit

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  52. Akshay

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  54. arpit

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  55. Akshay

    arpit i miss every moment i spend here we chat here play sns drama every thing was fine yar i remember hw liya n i choose very unique for each other baby athira really miss her achu was my malyalam teacher sweet was first person who became my friend

  56. Akshay

    dhawal jiger really thanks to u ur comment make smile on my face many time ur bestum best baniyan dhawal

  57. Akshay

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    • arpit

      likha kya wo to tumhare bare me sochti hi yahi h tumhe pta aaj chala h bahut respect deta tha na in logo ab dekh

  58. Akshay

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  59. shenaz

    Akhay a gud bye to u in my real name I was jkb on tu n sry for my every mistake I hope u didn’t forgot jkb so it must b easy for u to remember whom I was bye friends will miss evety1

  60. arpit

    akshay kripya kisi ko nam dene pehle 1oo bar soche ki samne wala bhi tumpe utna hi blv krta h ki nahi meri lagai ek aag ne sab jalakar rakh kr diya

  61. arpit

    hum kahte h ki jinka nam tum jap riye ho u tumka konu respect hi na de to ka mtlb aise comment ka chodo bhad me jaye log tum chodo e site aur tanik dusri aur dhyan lagao betwa

  62. Akshay

    one thing more i really thanks to jiger n dhawal for their bestum best comment n drama really appreciate

  63. arpit

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  66. I dont know ……mere dil bola…mene suunliya…..i like u a lot….also….i have a habit remembering past…so by refreshing my past…i read our past comments….and i noticed ur…

    • janu

      apne dil pe yakin rakho wo sahi bolta h sweet i m always be grateful to u u r in my life sweet

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