Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan and Vidya take Durga’s blessings and turn to leave when Gaura steps on Durga’s sari and she falls. Vidya holds her on time and asks Shravan to take her to room. She sees Gaura’s smirking and asks if she pushed Durga. Gaura accepts and says in papers, they read news about saas burning bahu, etc… Vidya goes to Durga’s room and tells Shravan they will not go now. Shravan asks why and Durga asks what about her promise. Vidya says maaji’s life is more important than her promise. Gaura smirks standing near door.

Ahem sees Gopi tensed and says he knows she is tensed that Kokila is against her. Gopi leans on his Ahem’s shoulder and says Meera and Kokila are 2 shores of a river and they will never unite. She asks why she always

has to face problems like this.

Dharam in jail reminisces time spent with Meera and thinks he will see Meera today.

In the morning, Sona wears sari and asks family if she is looking like her saas/Rashi. Kokila says yes and tells Hetal she will not get better bahu than her. Whole family prays in home temple. Gopi recits Mahabharath shloks and addresses Krishna’s idol that he told this during Draupadi’s vastra haran and now he will have to follow his words again and protect Meera now. She gives prasad to Meera and says god will help her today in getting justice. She and Ahem then touch Kokila’s feet, but she backs off. Kokila purposefully slips while walking and Gopi holds her. Kokila says one wrong step can make one fall and her wrong step now will make whole family repent.

Durga comes to Modi bhavan and pleads Gopi to take back case and spare her son. Gopi says she cannot. Meera asks when her husband does not even consider her as wife at all. Durga says relationship are not followed by words and says she will follow her patni dharm till she dies. Gopi says she can follow, but she should not force her to take back case and says because of women like her, people like Dharam harrass women. Durga reminds Meera what all Dharam did for her. Gopi says whatever she says, she cannot help her and she will follow her mother’s duties.

Precap: Gaura warns Gopi to take back case, else she will shatter her and Meera’s dignity. Gopi says time will tell whose dignity will shatter.

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  1. No matter how terrible the story lines are it is the best serial

    1. Shivanya Beriwale

      You just agreed that the story line is terrible…..guess you aren’t the blind saathiya follower everyone thinks you are

  2. I didn’t enjoyed today’s episode bored

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