Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2013 Written Update

The play goes on , everyone is happy to see it , Rashi too smiles . It shows how the boy who was adopted left and went to his real mother but there realtion never changed . Rashi is crying non-stop.Finally she leaves from there and whole MMians follow her.Rashi comes in her room and cries on her bed.Gopi comes and says not to cry , rashi asks what happens if she cries , no one understands her and everyone is expecting her to be happy , she has Meera .Rashi says they want there own baby but adopting a baby is not good too . She asks if she dont love Meera . Rashi says she should understand better because she too is orphan, she can understand how Urmi-Jitu cared for . Now she should not remember anything now because after all she is gopi vahu now . Rashi says people forget things very easily.She leaves from there with a teary eyes gopi. Kokila prays to god that whatever happening with Rashi is all known by him , she just prays that Rashi gets a child soon.Here gopi comes to Kokila , Kokila asks about meera and she says she’s with hetal . Gopi says she know that she too is a orphan.Kokila says she shouldn’t say that as everyone is there. Gopi says she knows , but when she lost her parents she too was a orphan she remembers how she cried infront of kanaji to give her parents back but they gave her uncle-aunt who taught her everything .Later on she forgot that she lost her parents as she got family in urmi-and jitu and now today she’s sucha dutiful daughter in law now because of that . Kokila says it to say clearly . Gopi says Rashi is getting tearble due to this pregnancy , she too believes she would get pregnant . She wants a child who could call her mother even after rashi gets her own child . Kokila says so she means that they have to give permission Rashi to adopt a child .

Rashi comes out of washroom .Jigar tries to talk her but she avoids him . She goes and sleeps on sofa .Jigar is really tensed.Someone knocks on the door and meethi comes and says kokila have called both of them . At out all MM’s are there kokila says from morning they all are listening to the adopting one. She too thought she wasn’t ready for being a mother due to childness but gopi has made her believe it . And after being with all they have accepted if RaJi wants to adopt a baby . Kokila asks if jigar has an problem with it and jigar says till morning she hadn’t but seeing rashi’s feeling he is ready for it , he cant see her sad. Raji hugs .All are pleased.Kokila says they will see the adopting criteria tomorrow . Rashi says thank you and kokila says to thank gopi if she should . Rashi thanks gopi and both the sisters hug. Rashi takes meera from ahem and says after sometime she would get bro/sis very soon . At morning Kokila and RaJi goes to orphanage . Rashi discusses about how she would care about baby and they will get a baby soon . Urmila comes there and says she is late . Kokila says she too had to come after all she comes for everything .Kokila is irked by urmila. Jigar and Kokila goes inside. Urmi drags rashi and says she should get a boy as more money is given to boy and she also said to adopt a baby for that reason. Kokila and Jigar comes and says if she wants to talk to rashi she can do that at home.

Urmi is passing by and sees so many babies. She excuses herself and sees the babies and says she will select the baby. There Rashi says she dont care whether its girl/boy . Kokila says they would love the baby alot . Urmi lefts comments on abies about there eyes,nose and physical appearence. She finally likes one baby and says she would tell rashi to select that baby . Jigar finishes the file . The maam’ there after checking the form she would see . Even after seeing the form she can give babies to they cant get baby/ old people and later they can give babies to normal people and after thinking alto they can give a baby and it would take time. Rashi is shocked to hear that . A worker sees Urmila and asks whats she doing there and asks her to get out.Kokila calls Urmila and says they have come here to adopt not to a play . Urmi says rashi she can go and select a baby . Rashi says she has to wait for it . Jigar and kokila follows her . Urmi face palm

Precap: At MM RaJi and Kokila comes to MM . There a girl called varsha comes and says jigar has not changed he is still the same .Jigar is pleased to see her and Rashi is kind of jealous+confused

Update Credit to: Muskii

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