Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Seeta’s marriage, Bhavani asks her to go and take her foster parent’s blessings. Seeta touches Jaggi and Gopi’s feet. Jaggi blesses to be happy with her husband. Bhavani asks Seeta to take her father’s blessings. Father blesses her to be happy and call him if she gets any trouble. Bhavani asks Ramesh to take his bride soon and does Seeta’s bidayi. She then asks Gopi and Jaggi to leave. Jaggi says he will go, but needs his utensils as he took them on rent. Bhavani says she will have his cooked food next time and asks goons to keep utensils in Jaggi’s car. They keep vegetable filled utensil in car and empty ones in dickie. Bhavani says she felt happy meeting him and hopes they don’t meet again.

Jaggi asks Gopi to get into car. Gopi shouts they came to

save Seeta, but he is not deterred at all and is in jovial mood. He forces her into car. She continue yelling. Seeta gets out of vegetable utensil and says se is here. Gopi opens her mouth in a surprise.

Ramesh removes Seeta’s pallu excitedly and is shocked to see a man. He gets eunuch out. Man signs song. Ramesh shouts to get out. Man runs.

Gopi asks Jaggi whom he got married to Ramesh instead of Seeta. He says pinky, his friend. She laughs. He asks her to call Tolu as he is with commissioner right now, and Bhavani must be fuming by now.

Ramesh returns to Bhavani and informs that Seeta eloped and a man was under ghunghat. Seeta’s father gets happy, then acts as worried. Bhavani shouts that she will not spare Gopi and Jaggi and will infuse so many troubles in their life that they will repent for their heinous act.

Jaggi with Gopi reaches home. Jai asks if he brought Seeta or not, if he has not, then he cannot come in. Seeta comes. Whole family gets happy. Seeta holds Jaggi’s feet and says he will be thankful to him whole life. Jaggi scolds her for being so formal. Urmila asks how did he save Seeta. Jaggi reminisces after getting into washroom calling his friend and seeking help. He then makes friend wear Seeta’s bridal dress and makes him sit in mantap as bride and silently getting Seeta into vegetable utensil. Urmila mimics as Bhavani and scolds Jaggi. Jaggi also mimics. Whole family laughs.

Vidya as a prisoner is brought to Kokila’s jail. Kokila is shocked to see Vidya as prisoner.

Precap: Seeta keeps cake in oven and increases temperature. Jai comes and asks if cake is ready. Seeta says just 4 min. Oven bursts.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Isaaq

    Guys I feel someone is targeting us. It is the same person who is using the names of john, Isaaq mom, Umeir and Leila.

    Leila Ji. I have explained to people like you a lot of times, don’t you dare insult my friends in my presence again. We believe Shakaib. How dare you mock others on this forum?? You had the guts to mock them whilst I’m here.

    You seem like a uneducated jealous fool who envies others. This is my warning to you. Stop your drama or I will ruin your self confidence that you will be scared to comment again. Do you understand? You better understand!

    1. Isaaq

      Now that’s a slapping reply??? am I right sunshine group?

      1. Yes.Your answer is right.

  2. Hi all Sunshine friends.why some people doing this type of immature and dangerous things?If Sita don’t know the procedure of using Microwave oven why can’t she asks other family members?Because of Her foolish and idiotic doings may be electric short circuit happens and whole house will blast or some accidents will be happen to others and her also.But I am sure If pari or any other family member scolds her Gopi blindly supports her.

  3. Lol. seeta is the old gopi. She is so funny.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Gaura’s bomb blast plan will witness high voltage drama in the upcoming episode of popular family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus.

    Gaura plants bomb in Modi family because she wants that they die.

    But Sita brings it out from Modi mansion and keeps it aside.

    Gaura hides herself with Vidya and sees what happens when the bomb blasts.

    Vidya gets really scared seeing all this and prays that everyone stays safe.

    Gopi try to wake up injured Sita

    Just then the bomb blasts and Sita gets injured, all the members of the family comes out of Modi house.

    They get shocked seeing Sita injured and try to wake her up.

    Gaura gets irked as her plan fails but she is happy that Vidya got scared seeing all this.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist in Saathiya on Serial xPRESS.

    1. I was said it already yesterday.Gaura easily controls vidya.koki telling Gaura’s truth to vidya is foolishness.If she wants to disclose Gaura’s truth she should tell Gopi when Gopi plots to meet koki and arrested and Jaggi helped her to meet Kokila.vidya is not able to hide her intentions and feelings in front of Gaura.Gaura easily catches what vidya thinks.

      1. Chithu

        Oh no Seeta gets injured poor girl always one problem or another

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus longest running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage drama in Modi family.

    Gaura has got Gaura arrested and also gets Vidya arrested, but Gopi manages to save Vidya from law punishment.

    Vidya now decides to fight back against Kokila to save Gaura from jail and to defeat Gaura’s evilness before everything.

    While Gaura isn’t that easy target to crack, threatens Vidya to kill her Modi family if she tries to go against her.

    Gaura and Vidya’s face off

    Gaura thus plants a bomb in Modi family which Sita mistakenly gets out of house and it explodes, Modi family is shocked seeing this.

    While Gaura threatens Vidya telling that today her family got saved mistakenly but this will not happen next time.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Nandhini

      Gaura always wins in her evil plans?? thank you for the spoilers sid…

  6. hi sid nandi chithu rose shakaib thank u for wishes. i m trying to do my best..

    1. Your welcome Akshay.Try your best.

    2. Isaaq

      I said good luck as well and you didn’t acknowledge me?

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Welcome Akshay ?.

    4. Nandhini

      You are welcome akshay?

  7. Hii r u all..?? Sry yar I couldn’t comment here for many days as my exams r going on…frm next week I promise I vil comment everyday

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Its k chanu.

    2. Nandhini

      Ok chanu?

    3. Chithu

      Ok Chanu

  8. happy to see jaggi plan worked by making ramesh married to his friend.

  9. i have a question. why is Kokila still in jail if Urvanshi is alive?

    Hello friends. hope all is well

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Kokila is in jail bcoz still urvashi is not able to speak so.

    2. Nandhini

      Kokila herself accepted that she tried to kill urvashi…so she is in jail for attempt of murder…and koki herself doesnt want any bail for her…

  10. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends. Thank out very much for your support. Yeahisaaq di..iI too think that he/she must be umeir or any other villain. BTW epi is amazing. See koki after long time. Precap is like initial SNS. Difference is, there Gopi washed laptop, here sita increase oven temperature.

  11. Shakaib

    Yes, isaaq di, Yamini and gaura are same. Imagine what has happened if all villains of Drama industry has join hand against Goody goody people like Anika, gauri,naina, Gopi, Meera, and all. They must have destroyed goody goody peoples easily.

  12. Thank god Sita is saves n I think vidya will tell kokila what happen n they will try to trap gaura in her own plan n where is Chanda

  13. Nandhini

    Gopi atleast go now and call ur daughters how they are!

  14. Hello frnds hw r u all..y so less cmnts tody..all r bsy in weekend plans I think so..
    Episode was nce lovd jaggi acting today..I thought dat if ahem is in jaggi place he could not do like dat..enjyd all d episode except lst part wen kokila saw vidya it is vry emotional..
    Shakaib in IB romi is robin sister n she got to kW dat Tia killed her brother n romi join hands with shivay to tke revenge on swetlana n Mrs.kapoor got to kW dat Dey kill romi..n sowmya also gng to turn negative..
    Guys am NT feeling well so vl bak aftr 2r3 sons infection spread to me its hurting vry mch so I cant use sry guys..
    Isaaq I observed leila cmntd fr ur msg at nyt bt aftr sme tme it got deletd? u guys observed dat..she talk abt u n our grp in bad language so it got deleted..

    1. Chithu

      Hi priyanka how r u? Howz Rithwik

    2. Nandhini

      I didnt notice her(leila’s) reply yaar…but as Isaaq said dat person is targetting everyone in our group and speaking ill of us…
      And you know IB upcoming episodes!? so romi is robin’s sister…and i think sowmya must be swetlana’s younger sister…romi and shivaay already knows about Tia!!?!
      Priyanka take care dear…take good rest and come back when you recover fully…no need to ask sorry for this?

    3. Take care Priyanka akka.Get well soon.

  15. Chithu

    Episode was good. Its was smart of jaggi to plan n save seeta. I am happy that Bhavani n Ramesh got tricked

  16. Chithu

    Precap will be refreshing after all those drama. I wish trouble will end and we get to c some good moments in modi bhavan as well as SVs

  17. Nandhini

    As per spoilers, vidya will get to know about gaura through kokila when she is sent to jail…then gopi will bail her out..then she will come back to avenge gaura on her own…and gaura will again threaten her by keeping bomb in modi’s house…now vidya again helpless…
    She could have disclosed this truth to dharam directly after returning from jail instead of acting on her own against gaura…then dharam will take care of his mom in his way?? now the people who knew the true face of gaura is either dead or helpless- chanda, kokila, urvashi, vidya.

  18. hey lovely sunshine friends nandhini sid akshay isaaq shakaib so sorry shakaib hun who the hell is that person who is trying to say you are not 14 you are the baby in our group and we look out for each other many tried to break our group up but they failed oh boy isaaq you are one hellva fire girl i like your spirit it is good to see you guys are looking out for each other i am not too happy one of my patient die she was a hypertension case from what i heard she got up early open up her store and went back to have a bath and she started feeling dizzy she then called out to one of her children but by the time one of them reached her she was already on the ground she slipped into a coma she was on the life support machine but we had to take it off she had a clot at the back of her neck and where that clot[blood]was we could not have done anything it would have been a 70/30 chance she would have died instantly had we try to operate on her i never liked it when i lose a patient the feeling is numb she was only 56 years old sorry guys for laying my pain with you sorry love you my family stay good until i come on again bye

  19. Isaaq

    I hate Gaura. Does she not realise chikdren also live at that house? Her revenge is for the Modi adults, what fault is it of the children???

  20. Today’s WU is being late.But I episode is good.How could mona do this?Is she is not known uski worst plan se kitna damage hota hai?

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