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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila commands her family to be careful and whoever sees Radha first will inform her, but not even touch Radha as Rashi is with her and she may harm the baby. She asks Ahem to keep money bag next to donation bag and he does the same. She sees Gopi tensed and asks her about it. Gopi says it is very auspicious to be for us in omkareshwar on maha shivratri, but does not know if we are doing right. Kokila says she knows she must be skeptical as Radha is her sister, but they are all fighting against evil and truth has to win over evil at any cost. She says whenever sin increases on earth, god sends someone to evade it. Ahem asks what should we do now. Kokila says we have to wait until Radha comes and be very careful.

Once Modi’s leave, Radha comes with baby Rashi and tells

her because of her, she is getting a lot of money with which she can spend a lavish life.

Maha pooja starts. Kokila along with others pray god to protect Rashi. Radha enters temple. Gopi prays god that he sent back Rashi as a baby and it is his responsibility to protect her. Pari prays that Rashi is her heart and she cannot live without her. Jigar prays to punish him instead and protect Rashi. Ahem prays to return back their children and protect her from Rashi. He prays to also protect Rashi. Kokila prays that whole family members need Rashi back.

During pooja, people push Gopi back. Radha senses this as right opportunity and ask a boy to give letter to Gopi before eloping with money. Gopi reads if she needs back baby, she has to do as she says. Radha throws flower on her and signals to follow her. Gopi further reads to switch off her phone and throw it in dustbin and not signal her family, else she will lose the baby. Gopi prays god to protect her and Rashi and follows Radha.

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Kokila and family don’t find Gopi around and asks Ahem to check if money bag is there. He checks and says it is intact, that means Radha did not come yet. He calls Gopi, but her phone is switched off. Kokila says they should money bag and takes them.

Gopi while walking bare footed falls down and writhes in pain. Radha smirks and continues walking. Jigar checks bag and finds stones in it instead of money. Kokila says that means Radha was here and took money, and Gopi is following her. Ahem says Radha must have trapped Gopi. Kokila says they should find Gopi at any cost. Gopi reaches river bank and with great follows Radha on hard rocks. Radha gets into boat and asks Gopi to read a letter. Gopi reads to get into another boat and follow her. Gopi prays god to give her courage to get Rashi back home and starts following Radha. Radha reaches other side of river and runs with baby. Gopi follows her again on rocky bed.

Jigar tells Ahem that he could not find Gopi. They all see Gopi’s pooja thali.

Precap: Radha says Gopi that she brought her in secluded place to kill baby and take revenge. Gopi asks not to do that. Radha throws baby in river.

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  1. What a funny episode… Just loved it… Din or din ye comedy serial comedy accha horaha hain….

  2. I think people watch this to see how worse serial could be… That’s y trps are still high…..

  3. write updates fast as soon as serial end dnt tke soooo much time first you were writing so fast in mid of serial half update was written. please write fast. updts are nice.

  4. Paridhi cries saying she cannot live without Rashi. He he he funny……… when did Pari become so loving and affectionate ? Don’t you think you are stretching things too far? Instead you should have shown Radha as changing after her baby’s birth and turning into a loving mother and realizing her mistakes. No mother can be so evil and want to kill her own child. You could have shown Radha repent and turn a new leaf. We know you brought in Radha and showing her as an evil and cruel person only to make Pari appear better. But actually both are bad and cunning.

  5. Bakwass serial gopi is so dumb n so is radha why don’t they end this serial

  6. Never ever end this serial please. Radha is the BESTTTTTTTTT.

  7. plzz end dis serial

  8. Aaj to Gopi Sholay wali Basanti ban gayi…!
    ‘Jab tak tere pair chalenge,iski saans chalengi..’

  9. Oh my god this serial will surely continue until our next generation

  10. thank u john uncle for d compliment. But i must say i get these type of compliments often 🙂

  11. Plz end this serial

  12. Radha u are great bt i hav 1 request- plz don’t call me uncle
    Call me Dadaji. yes, dats what suits me as thats my age, bt what to do yaar I like young children lyk u my bacchi

  13. without radha why another track is coming ? show should go in recent time ,recent problam?

  14. This is the most run of the mill kinda show. Since adult Rashi left, the story got lost somewhere along the way with Radha just playing everyone for a fool…

  15. Director defently u r psychic, u r making viewers also mad, u r taking soceity into wrong way by supporting Radhas acts, even God is also with her, omg all male actors in serial, chudia pehenki ghar me beitoo, dumb serial , earlier I was waiting to watch this with my daughter , but now I am avoiding her from watching this dirty serial , please eee dont support bad things think about moral values , media people should creat healthy environment , if not just keep quiet, dont spoil it for god sake

    1. Very true, I see only hatred in this serial. Not good for children at all.

  16. bakwassssssssss serial

  17. what the crap.. i beg the write and the production house. … do not write or produce any more serials. you are all sickkkk

  18. All the vizag mental hospital crew is presented in this serial… Please god save us from these mental batch…. Today episode is worst than worse from any serial…

  19. plz add todays epi I did not watch because there is no tv in my grand ma’s house plzzzz add todays epi

  20. Oh no I will faint. This Radha beat me so mercilessly. But still I am a superwoman as I survived so much. Bolo Gopi Mata ki Jai. Do whatever you want to do with me Radha ( Thrash me on a stone, slap me , make me wear a big stone, etc) but I will survive and kill you. Ha ha ha. Bolo Jai Srimati Gopi

  21. Please eeee for God sake change the path of the serial, dierctor sir app kahake rehene wale hi ajse me apko thum bhulathi hu , today you have crossed all limits oh shit ithni bhuri be koyi soch sakthe hi kya, thumare siva , this director should be hanged till death ir rlse should be killed just like radh did to gopi today , Mr what you want to convey to people from this serial only violence , thum dekharahe ho ki jo bhe ghalth karega who jeethega jho sachha hi who haregha , you want to convey this to society, lagtha hi thumari bhiwibaur bache bhi vaise hi honge nahi tho abhthak oho loghone yeh serisl ko stop karchuke honge , bhathameeesss director hio thum shame on you .

  22. Kaun ho yaar jo ye serial banarahe ho… Aise serial ke wajah se pura star plus.nn aur indian serials badnaam hinge… Tum hosh ho.Jo bana rahe Ho.. Pagal kahi ka…

  23. I stopped watching this serial loooong back. I only read written updates and viewers reactions. This is much more entertaining than wasting my time on such a pathetic hopeless serial, with such evil and unbelievable characters like Paridhi, Radha etch.

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