Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari stops Gopi from entering Kokila’s room. Urvashi takes Gopi from there. In jail, constable locks 2 thieves into Jaggi’s cell. Jaggi asks them how did the get caught. They say they are petty thieves, but this time thought of trying something big and unknowling tried to rob minister’s house and got caught. one of them sleeps. Jaggi provokes another thief against his partner that his partner is acting like a boss and cooks up a fake story.

At Modi bhavan, Mona says Pari that her help to Kokila will go waste as Kokila did not spare Gopi even after thier years of bondage. Pari says she is waiting since ages to separate Gopi and Kokil and her dream is coming true.

Dharam goes to Gaura’s room. Gaura asks if he forgot the way to his room.

He asks if she needs anything.. She says he can scold her, but not speak so rudely. He asks to stop her drama. Gaura says she felt good hearing his voice. He says he came to talk about Chanda. Gaura says Chanda is very cruel and will escape with kids if they free her. He says she can do whatever she wants, but nothing should happen to his children. He touches her feet and leaves. She laughs that she came here to destroy him and his children and not save them.

Jaggi then provokes another thief against his partner that he works hard, but his partner takes all the credit and share. Both thieves’ fight start. Jaggi calls constables.

Dharam asks Meera why did she tolerate Chanda’s torture. Vidya brings tea and says even he would have done same if he was in Meera’s condition, anyways she is with Meera. Dharam says he is relaxed seeing her with Meera, they both are seeta-geeta jodi and asks Vidya to take care of Meera always. Meera thinks she is thinking of Chanda’s checkup.

Gopi sitting on liviing room sofa cries in front of Urvashi, Urmila and Sona that she cannot see Kokila in this condition and she hating her. Jaggi enters and says even he cannot tolerate her hatred. Urvashi asks if police freed him, she knew he is innocent. He says he esaped from jail. Urvsahi asks why did he escape. Jaggi says it was important. He kneels in front of Gopi and says he did not kill Jaggi, how could he kill his brother, if he had known it was his brother in car, he would have died himself and saved Ahem. He pleads to forgive her and says it was the worst moment of this life that the accident happened. Gopi shouts it was not an accident, it was a murder as Jaggi was inebriated and driving truck. His repention will not bring her Ahem ji back, people like Jaggi think of doing crime and apologizing to escape. She continues shouting Jaggi would have also died, at least she would not have done a sin of marrying him. Because of Jaggi, a mother lost her son, he should never be forgiven, shouts to get away from her sight. Police comes. Gopi shouts to take Jaggi away from her yes. Jaggi leaves looking at Gopi’s face.

Gopi runs her sindhoor and shouts why did she marry Jaggi, she is ashamed of herself. Urmila tries to console her, but Gopi continues shouting not to stop her, she applied Ahem’s blood as her sindhoor. Mona comments Pari that seeing Gopi’s acting, even deadbody will come to life. Pari shouts at Gopi to stop her drama, else Kokila will wake up. Urmila warns Pari to stop her drama instead. Gopi shouts at both to stop and asks everyone to go to their rooms. Everyone walk away.

Precap: Pari tells Kokila that Gopi is very sad and wants to meet her once. Kokila angril breaks water mug and shouts Gopi is not her daughter now, she is a murderer’s wife whom she wants to see hanged till death.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. it,s high time paridhi deserve to be punished, and i think rashi died it was maybe paridhi plan , i want rashi back. because paridhi came to do her project, but was it her project was too marry jigar, and to take rashi place. i definetly think pari is involve in rashi,s death, and whatever happens in modi bhavan, and i also think she,s involve with gaura, i think she don,t even like her jigs, she married him only to live a luxury life, and who is she to taunt pari, it,s high time to teach paridhi a lesson.

    1. Nandhini

      I think parag will be the right and authoritative person to kick paridhi out of his house…but that silent lamb(parag) wont do this good thing ever and will stand silently…

      1. On point !!!

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes Nandini Being elder member of family Parag shud speak anything if something wrong is going on But parag wl just watch everything like a movie and sit quite ?.

  2. Chithu

    Gaura is going to go to extreme evilnessthis tym. Which women will destroy her own son and grand children

  3. Chithu

    Vidya have always been polite and stop by Meera, it is Meera who abandons Vidya at times and give sadness to her. For 4 years she blamed and ill treated Vidya

  4. Chithu

    All were shouting today. Its good that Urmila spoke to Pari about her doings. There is lot of emotional drama going currently at Modi bhavan

    1. Chithu I also tink is very emotional drama in modi bhavan.i am emotional my self,please ahem need be alive and after everything came back to normal.boss were are u?sunshines no comments today.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Saba di i am here as ysdy episode Ws updated very late i couldn’t comment much.

  5. how can pari forgot so easily what gopi did with her, when whole modi family was against her, it was gopi who supported her and give her the rights of daughter in law, and that pari is doing bad thing with gopi. pari deserve to be slap and kicked out of modi bhavan. i know from the beginning pari don,t like that everybbody favour gopi, stupid pari why can,t you understand whenever you were in problem gopi supported you, to save jigar daughter rashi and to give you your mother right, gopi kill her own sister radha, and went to jail for 10 years. it,s high tome pari deserve the punishment for what she did.

    1. Now that you’ve reminded us of Rashi ( the little girl ) wondering if the writer has 4goten abt her lol

  6. Chithu

    Pari does the role of adding fuel to the fire. She thinks of all cheap plans to separate Gopi n Kokila. She doesn’t realise that she is losing respect from others.

    1. Nandhini

      Totally agreed! Pari has already lost her self-respect but she is acting too smart…

  7. Chithu

    So Jaggi manipulated two prisoners and escaped from prison. How exactly did he escaped

    1. Nandhini

      Chithu the police constables opened the lock-up and were trying to calm the fighting thieves…they were busy in controlling the thieves…jaggi took this opportunity and escaped from the lock-up and also from the whole police station before anyone notices him…

      1. Thank u Nandini

  8. No evil villain can beat RADHA.

  9. Nandhini

    Isaaq i saw the links…gaura is the real killer of ahem…she does all the evil works secretly…she is the most cruel vamp in saathiya than radha!

  10. i am right now hating kokila to the core of heart

  11. I think jaggi will turn out to be ahem

  12. Isaaq

    If I was Gopi, I’d make Gaura suffer so much that she’d scream her whole life. I’d ruin her whole life and make her lonely.

    Ahem was my favourite and that evil Gaura killed him? Even I was in love with Ahem- he’s just like my lover- Ahem is the perfect husband and that witch Gaura killed him!!!

    I wish I can become a SNS character myself and break Gaura bones for killing my Ahem Ji???

  13. Isaaq

    But since Gaura is behind the entry of Jaggi, I think Jaggi is Ahem.

    If Jaggi isn’t Ahem, Kokila should of killed Gaura and Gopi shouldn’t of stopped her. If Gopi hadn’t killed Radha, Radha would of killed Ahem, Paridhi, Kokila or Rashi Jr.

    If Gaura died, Ahem would of been alive. But Dharam and Shravan would of never forgiven the Modis and probably Vidya and Meera would of been kicked out of their in laws because of Kokila killing Gaura.

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhnana Saathitya will take story 5 years back when Ahem was died in mysterious way.

    Kokila makes Ahem’s look alike Jaggi arrest in Ahem’s murder but Gopi who is now Jaggi’s wife bailed out him finding him innocence.

    Now the twist unfolds as Ahem’s killer is none other than Meera and Vidya’s mother in law Gaura who took revenge from Gopi and Kokila killing Ahem.

    Gopi struggles to prove Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) innocence

    Gaura is also involve making entry of Jaggi and but truth is still unfold as she is pretending of being a helpless lady.

    Gopi has decides to collect proof proving Jaggi innocence as she doe snotw ant to punish Jaggi for that crime which he never committed.

    Will Gopi get able to expose Gaura?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. So we were correct by predicting Gaura behind Ahem’s murder. In that case real Ahem might be somewhere locked up and fake body might have reached Modis. But how did Jaggi come into this. Does this mean Jaggi is Gaura’s puppet n playing with Modis ?

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes chithu even i couldn’t understand hw cm Gaura know abt jaggi that too before 5 years and Gaura Ws in jail wen Ahem’s accident happened.
        many secrets

    2. Chithu

      Sid its going to be exiting finding about these secrets. Surely trps are going to peak

  15. Parth Chrangoo

    These serial is boring, kuch samaj hi nahi aa raha

    1. Why are you insulting SNS.No negative comments are on this page!????

  16. Isaaq

    What woman will try to harm her own son? Gaura isn’t even a human being, she’s a demon. She has no mothers love at all. The son she kept in her womb for 9 months, she’s trying to destroy that same son

    1. Chithu

      Yeah Issaq she is planning to destroy Dharam n her unborn grand children. I don’t know what Chanda I thinking to team up with Gaura. The women who can think of killing her own son can kill anyone for her personal grudges and gains.

  17. I wish soon all the mystery is solved .

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