Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shahrukh Khan takes Gopi in his car to meet Ahem and consoles her that she will find Ahem in temple for sure. She says she needs to inform her maaji/Kokila. SRK calls from his mobile and gives phone to Kokila. Gopi speaks and tells Ahem is in a temple and she is reaching there soon.

Varun Dhawan teaches Dharam how to propose with SRK and film dialogues. Dharam does not learn. Varun says he cannot learn in this life. Meera comes in car. Varn and Kriti hide behind curtain. Meera comes. Dharam asks if she liked this decoration. She asks what is the need. He makes her sit. Kriti asks if he will propose or not. Varun says uncle may propose, but wife will beat him.

Gopi continues crying. SRK asks her to ask her heart if her Ahemji can do this. She closes eyes,

reminisces her good says with Ahem and says he cannot. SRK asks to believe in god and her Kanhaji will sail her through.

Ahem asks pandit to do his shraad. Pandit asks if he is sure as he has to sacrifice wordly pleasures after that including his family. Ahem says yes. Pandit asks him to go and take bath. Ahem pours water on his body and reminisces his love for Gopi, Kokila, children and says he failed as husband, son, and father. He cries kneeling down. Kajol comes there. Gopi in car says Ahemji I am coming.

Ahem goes back to Pandit and says he is ready. Pandit asks to pour water. Ahem picks mud pot. Kajol pushes pot and says he is not ready for shraad yet.

Dharam gifts Kriti/Ishita’s designed dress to Meera. She gets very happy. Gaura watches standing behind tree and thinks Meera has done black magic on Dharam. Dharam looks at curtain repeatedly. Meera asks what is he looking. Varun and Kriti come out. Meera is surprised to see her favorite designer Ishita. Dharam says he found her favorite tailor. Meera says fashion designer. Ishita says Meera that her husband cares for her a lot and leaves with Varun asking them to enjoy. Dharam comes closer to Meera. She resists. He says he will not stop today.

Precap: Gopi pleads Ahem to return back her Ahem ji. Ahem gets emotional. SRK asks panditji to find a date for his and Kajol’s marriage. Pandit says 18th December is very auspicious. SRK jokes that he has to marry in same clothes then.

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  5. I know but John yesterday you were saying stop watching it you loser

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