Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura tells Urmila that Meera is a khota skikka/fake coin/useless and she will marry only khota sikka. Meera fumes hearing that.

Gopi tells family that she is worried about Urmila. Kokila says she stayed with Kokila for 10 years and knows she is very sad, though she is smiling outside. Gopi suggests to bring Kokila here. Hetal says it is a good idea. Kokila says we all will go and bring Kokila here.

Urmila waves bye to Dhaval and family and asks them to travel safely.

Meera in her room fumes that Gaura vamp called her khota sikka. Gaura brings milk for her and says it is auspicious to feed milk to nagin/snake. Meera shouts how dare she is to call her snake.

Kokila reaches Urmila’s house and says her she should not hide her tears. Kinjal asks how

come she is here. Kokila says Dhaval that she is taking Urmila to Modi bhavan and says she is happy that he is starting a new life in London with Kinjal and pappu, but she cannot leave Urmila alone. Kinjal gets jealous and asks why did not she call her to Modi bhavan when she was suffering and she came now to take Urmila. Kokila says after marriage, her husband’s house is her house ad not mother’s. Urmila thanks Kokila to think of her and says she cannot come to stay but will visit her often. Ahem says she should stay with them. Dhaval thanks Kokila and says she made him tension-free. Urmila emotionally hugs Dhaval.

Meera shouts at Gaura how dare she is to call snake/nagin. Gaura starts singing mai teri dushman..mai naagin to…Gopi enters and asks Meera why is she shouting at Gaura. Meera says Gaura (ugly old vamp) called her nagin. Gaura (ugly old vamp) changes her tone and says she just came to give her milk and was telling about nag panchami. Gopi asks Meera to behave with Gaura as she is elder and Vidya’s would be saas. She also asks Gaura not to trouble Meera. Gaura in her usual ugly vamp style shouts to control her daughter instead, else she will come back home after 4 days of marriage. She goes out and smirks telling she loves troubling Meera for insulting her.

Meera thinks ugly old Gaura thinks herself as very smart, she will teach her a lesson by lure her grandson Shravana and making her run behind her, but before that, she will make Vidya realize what mistake she is making by agreeing to marry ugly woman’s grandson.

Kokila brings Urmila home. Baa greets Urmila in. Gaura in her ugly style tells she got a new toy to play now. Baa says Urmila should sleep in her room. Urmila says she has kicking habit in sleep. Baa says even she has a habit of hitting by stick and if they stay together, their habits will go away. Urmila thanks Kokila for bringing her home and says she tried a lot to enter her house, but today she herself brought her in.

Gaura calls someone and asks him to enter Modi Bhavan during next premarriage ritual. Urmila while carrying water sees her and asks what is she doing here at this time. Gaura in her ugly style says she saw her killing someone and hiding deadbody, so she will kill even her. Urmila gets afraid. Gaura shows her cockroach and says she killed it and laughs in her usual chudail style.

Meera sees Vidya getting Shravan’s messages and jealously tries to delete them. Vidya wakes up and asks what is she doing with her mobile. Vidya says she turning it into silent mode. Vidya takes phone and sees Shravan’s message. Gaura is seen dictating messages to Shravan.
Precap: Gaura warns Shravan to do as she says to get what she promised him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arerereeereree…bichari mira…ab toh sudhar jao..n gaura…hmmm…she seems 2 b interesting!!!!!!!!

  2. Anybody can tell me was kokila in supporting role before also and did she used to love gopi like this only….. cuz I didn’t used to watch it from starting

    1. yes she support before also

  3. What a bullshit sirial .I hate this show

  4. Pawanjeet Jha

    mujhe to bechari meera pe bahut daya aati hai.she is very helpless now.

  5. Guys don’t feel bad for meera.. In d upcoming episodes.. Meera wiil marry to Gaura’s son.. She will be vidyas mother in law

  6. ?still confused…but now this show is getting interesting (lol)?

  7. Amazing now meera will marry gaura son. Nonsense!?????

  8. Hey!! let’s make asweet pair for shravan and vidhya.Can any any1???

  9. Vivan
    or vidhan

  10. What is this
    mow meera is going to marry shrawan’s father because of her greed
    Awful story

  11. ShraDhya or Shra- V -ya

  12. I just hope that Shravan actually loves Vidya and is not trying to fake his love by following Gaura

    1. I hope so too

  13. Great show ? ☺ it seems to be interesting

  14. Why are you guys dragging this serial so much just hating to watch it

  15. Wat does ulgy gaura want from the modi family can someone plz tell me

  16. Please stop showing rivalry between sisters
    No sister will try to harm other sister
    Please stop it

  17. its ur gal eve

    Oh I love saathiya meeta is really annoying me with her jealousy. I love vidya and shavran together but how can meera marry shavrans papa

  18. Who the hell is this Gaura, just get her out of the house as she is ruling the family and everyone is giving her so much importance.

  19. I just hope that shravan actually loves Vidya and is not faking the love for gaura!
    Shravan and Vidya look really cute together!
    I just wish that they get married soon!

  20. I know about the revenge gaura wants to take on modi family

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