Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem cries vigorously and requests Gopi to tell god to save his mom as he cannot live without her. Gopi says nothing will happen to Kokila/maaji and Rashi told maaji will get well soon. She says without fulfilling her responsibilities she will not go. He hugs her tightly. Mansi sees that and gets angry.

Hetal sees Kokila on bed and feels unconscious. Pari says she did not have food since yesterday and gives her glucose water. Gopi thinks nobody has eaten since yesterday, so she will get food for them. She takes Jigar with her and asks Pari to take care here. Meera yells that she must have gone to take rest and just acts as worried. Mansi controls her.

Gopi brings food or everyone and says nobody has eaten from yesterday. Ahem asks when Kokila is in critical condition,

how can anybody have food. Gopi says even Kokila would have done this and says with us fasting, nothing is going to change and Kokila will not get well soon, we have to be strong first. Urmila says she is telling right and asks to give food. Gopi gives food to everyone. Ahem says he will not have it. Gopi says Kokila will scold her if she will know that she served food to everyone except Ahem. He takes it. Mansi reminisces Ahem scolding her when she asked to have food and gets irked.

Jigar comes worriedly and says nurse told Kokila’s condition is very critical and asks everyone to come with him. They all rush towards Kokila’s room. Doc informs that Kokila’s condition is getting worse and chances of her survival are very less, she may die any time. Everyone get worried and Rashi says Baa will get well soon. Gopi requests doc to let Ahem speak to Kokila, she is sure Kokila will be fine. Doc says he cannot permit anyone. Gopi insists that Kokila is a mother and would hear to her son for sure. Doc says even then he will not permit. Gopi forcefully enters with Ahem and requests doc to let them stay. Doc agrees and goes out. Hetal outside prays god to save Kokila.

Ahem tells Kokila that she is world’s best mom and he is world’s worst son who troubled his mom. She always kept relationships united, but he broke them. He asks her to remember first day of school when she took his promise to not leave her in life, but he broke his promise and left her. He pleads to forgive him and wake up and holds his ears. He says he is repenting for his mistake. Gopi asks to get up as Ahem will not go. They are all her responsibility and she cannot forgo them like this. Vital signs monitor stops and heart beats goes blank. They are shocked to see that and shout to open her eyes. Ahem also shouts she cannot leave him like this. Gopi presses her chest and she opens her eyes and monitor starts back. She looks at Gopi and Ahem. Ahem says he is wit her and will not go. She closes hereyes back.

Precap: Gopi cries holding Kokila.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Swarna

    Gopi could give compression if she is a First aider – she must have trained as a First aider since she was working with children at school – well done Gopi.

  2. Ahem dikra, gopi dikra, an jaldi we pehle ki trha mil k rehne lago, apni Maa ko tang nhi krte, to phr ek dusre ko apna lo, wese bhi itne rotlu family wale frame me kisko role krna hai

  3. shimy

    Arey waa.yey episode tho bohoth ahcheehoo.meine soojaathak nehy, ehem or gopi baath kareyngey.lekin ehemne gopika dhiyahuva kaanaa bee kaaliya.sry gus my hindhi is not goid as m from some other country

  4. gomi

    did any one noticed that koki’s heart starts beating when ahem’s hand is on gopi’s hand,when go pi started pressing kokila’s heart

  5. abc

    This meera ne toh 2 undha thappad nakh vi joie. Jyare joie tyare gopi nij burai karti hoy che . Ja ne tari mansi bheeghi hat ne aahi thi timpass spoilt brat.

  6. please kokila modi is alive then serial is superb because kokila modi tells gopi to gruhaprawes him with her son ahem in rajkot. so donot dead kokila modi. She is most important person in the serial

    • janu (john ka beta)

      hey riya some one misuse my name i have not any thus type of intention toward anybody

  7. janu(john ka beta)

    riya i love u. Now that rajna has already told u,i come to the open of loving u. Please accept me

    • janu (john ka beta)

      hey riya don’t trust my name is misused by someone u r like my sister it is disgusting some idiot guy misuse my name

  8. janu(john ka beta)

    riya my chaste lady no need to clarify ur love for me again n again. u make me shy n d other boys jealous

  9. janu(john ka beta)

    riya sweetie when is ur bday? i’ll send a robot made by me with my own hands only for u baby. Give me ur address

  10. janu(john ka beta)

    riya my heart, i maynot be an iitian bt i will do things for u that an iitian will even feel shy to do for his gf

  11. janu(john ka beta)

    my ana such a lovely name. I dreamt about this name in my dream,. Is ur father anna hazare?

  12. ?????

    john ka beta i know who u r really and for a good cause u r doing so its ok but if u r doing for a bad cause plz leave the idea okke now go and study wellllllllllllll

  13. ?????

    and john ka beta i dont want to tell ur actual name beacause i dont want to make u bad in others eyes and riya r u mad to believe in fakes u r just a dump u r always fond of boys and u will truely do anything with a boy

  14. janu(john ka beta)

    riya i couldnt wait till 8 for u.please come to me cute riya.and who is this ??????? u r talking with riya? I am upset with u riya. Now iwill cry and twitch my moustach thinking about ????? and ur wedding πŸ™

  15. janu(john ka beta)

    riya i dream of u every night, U n I go sailing in an ice-cream boat with little cupids all around. I love u riya

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