Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurse brings walker to Gopi’s room and says Gopi needs some tests before discharge. Jaggi says sure, lifts Gopi and makes her sit on wheelchair. Nurse takes Gopi. Jaggi watches them going.

Gopi tells Vidya that they should start marriage arrangements. Vidya says yes only 2 days are left. Priyal comes and says bade papa gave her so many chocs. Meera asks to share with everyone. Priyal says okay and leaves. Shavan tells Gopi will be discharged today and asks where is papa, he needs to talk to him. Vidya says papa is in his room. Naiya comes and says her clothes are tight again and she needs alteration. Meera says they will get it alterted. Vidya thinks Meera is taking are of Naiya so much, but Naiya wants to break papaji and Meera’s relationship. Shravan

goes to Dharam’s room and sees him having high fever. He calls Vidya and Meera. Vidya enters and Shravan says papaji is having high fever. Vidya calls family doc who says he is out of town and sends another doc’s name.

Gopi is brought home by Jaggi on a wheelchair. Urmila performs aarti and says today Gopi’s actual graha pravesh happened. Kokila asks what she means. Jaggi shows divorce papers and tells how he kept a condition in front of Krishna to sign on divorce papers if he needs Mansi out. Kokila says it is a good news. Urmila says she told today is Gopi’s actual graha pravesh. Jaggi says Gopi became Gopi Modi from Gopi Raheja.

Vidya comes down with doctor. Meera comes with Naiya from outside. Vidya introduces Dr. Rithika to Meera and says papaji is having high fever. Meera goes to check Dharam. Naiya hides seeing Rithika and thinks she is the one who helped her in making fake report that Meera cannot conceive again. Vidya calls Naiya and introduces her to Dr. Rithika. Naiya says Rithika is her childhood friend. Vidya says she had gone to her sasural after child marriage, how does she know Rithika. Naiya says she is her sasural friend. Vidya invites Dr. Rithika to Naiya’s marriage. Rithika says she will come for sure and leaves. Naiya relaxes that she is safe and nobody can catch her lie.

Whole Modi family sits and relaxes that they got rid of Krishna and his family. Jaggi says it is Gopi’s soup time. Gopi says she had fruit some time ago. Jaggi says it is nurse’s meal plan and she cannot complain. He walks towards kitchen. Urvashi comes. Jaggi says she has settled like him in this house. She says wherever her son is, she will stay there, she cannot stay without him. Jaggi smiles and Kokila notices standing aside.

Meera applies cold cloth on Dharam’s forehead and gives him medicine. He coughs. She gets worried. He holds her hand and says he needs to talk. She says he should rest, they can talk tomorrow.

Pari and Mona enter Urvashi’s room and give her sweets. Urvashi asks what is the occasinon. Mona says because of Jaggi, Gopi came back home safe. Pari says it is time for celebration. Mona says Jaggi got his position in this house, what about Urvashi. Pari acts as scolding Mona. Urvashi asks Mona what she wants to say. Mona says there can be two sons in a house but not two wives, Kokila has taken Parag’s wife’s place, waht abot Urvashi. Urvashi has to take Kokila’s permission for everything. Urvasi starts thinking. Mona tells Pari they have hit a bull’s eye.

Vidya while cooking reminisces Rithika and Naiya’s conversation and oil starts fumes inn kadai. Meera comes and asks what happened to her. Vidya asks how is papaji now. Meera sys he is still having fever. Vidya says don’t worry, papaji will be fine soon.

Urvashi comes to Kokila’s room. Kokila asks if she needs anything. Urvashi says she needs her permission to fix a photo. Kokila asks she does not need her permission. Urvashi says Kokila is head of this house and whole house obeys her, but what about her, what will Modi family call her. Kokila asks what she means. Urvashi says she needs her right in this house.

Urmila asks Sahir to help Gopi sit on wheelchair. He does. Urmila asks Gopi why is she looking tensed. Gopi says she is worried about Kokila. Urmila asks her to stop thinking and finish food before Jaggi comes and scolds her. Gopi thinks both Kokila and Urvashi cannot stay in same house and problems will creep up soon.

Urvashi tells Kokila that either one of them have to leave this house. Kokila says Gopi is fine now, so she will fulfill her promise and leave this house forever. From today and righ now, only Urvashi will have right on this house and Parag. Urashi gets happy.

Precap: Parag sees Kokila with her suitcase and asks what is she all this. Kokila says she is leaving this house. Gopi stops Kokila and says she cannot go.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. John

    I am a simple man. I come here dislike this serial and leave.

    1. Isaaq

      Ok. I’m going to get payback now because you were nasty to Sid. Firs of all, you are probably an ugly old poor man who doesn’t have ‘upper class job’ but wastes your time on the internet bullying other people on here.
      And its true, you are probably a simple man or a shemale looooool. You are probably one of thiose men who dress us women- how would we know what you are???? LOOOOOL. Next time, don’t bully Sid or you will pay trust me. And understand your place… You are a simple person- I am an English Law student 🙂

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Well said Issaq??.

      2. You guys are acting irrationally and your insults of someone who expresses the same sentiment day after day are really ridiculous. Relax people, stop the hostility and act mature. It is a chat board for a serial, people are free to express their opinions without others ripping into them. You are coming across like bullies.

    2. Isaaq

      Next time I expect respect from you- simple man? you need to apologise to sid

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      John no one is interested in you . You are trying to get attention by everyone remember it by doing bad comments.

    4. Go ahead John it’s a free country, thank God. Dislike it, like it, whavever. I support your right to comment even if I disagree. No one deserves to be ridiculed and harassed for online comments about a flipping serial. The sunshine group seems to reserve its sunshine for its group members, people who want to be part of their group. Which has nothing to do with the point of this chat board which is to provide open space for comments on the serial!

      Also really moderators? You allow such harassing comments to pass? Shame on you.

      1. Nandhini

        Shivi friend, sunshiners are not bullying was john who harassed our friend Siddarth in spanish so we replied him back.

  2. Just shut up john every time you are going on with yourself if you dont like it dont watch it you are not a simple man and even if you are who cares

  3. Nandhini

    So naiya faked false reports about meera…i understood wrongly first and thought naiya faked her own reports…vidya wil find this out by enquiring rithika and she wil expose naiya’s truth to dharam and meera.

    1. Isaaq

      I’m glad naiya truth will be out soon. Ive been watchin the old gaura episodes and I really want Gaura to come back soon!!! She was so funny she makes me laugh so much it was hard to imagine her as a villain.
      I wish she comes back in positive role because she was the best?

      1. Nandhini

        Yaar metoo!!??? i have also been watching the old gaura episodes these days where she faked dharam’s death and meera sent to jail! Now waiting for her return to add some spicy drama!

    2. Isaaq

      I’m watching the old episodes where Gaura first arrived at modi house. I loved Meera entry on her motorbike?

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh yeah the motor bike entry of meera was spectacular!!!

  4. Aisha-15

    Hello sunshine friends,

    Sorry i didn’t comment for the past week. I have been so busy with my studies that i had no time to comment here.

    And john, no need to boast. Clearly you are jealous of the sunshine group. Well face it, you aren’t good at hiding things because you gave it away that you are jealous that you aren’t a member

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      4. Aisha-15

        Shivi just don’t get involved. Did anyone ask you for your opinion?

  6. sorry guys…couldnt comment for some days due to my bg schedule…missed many episode ?

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      Welcome back shreestee!? its ok dear no worries if you missed the episodes,, the upcoming track will be more interesting…please give atleast one comment per day when you find time as you are our family?

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  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends and Thanks Issaq and Aisha for showing john his place??.

    1. Isaaq

      No problem

  9. Woow they are irritating more day by day how one can live in so many prblms once modi house used to be a blessed family and now it’s a Banglow in which wamps fighting to gopi and she is going to hospital almost during every track

  10. Nandhini

    Guys lets not take john’s comments seriously…if he talks trash about the serial, let him talk..if he wants gopi to die, let him say doing this gives him some kinda satisfaction but we know one thing for sure ,, he is watching the serial regularly like us and commenting here..he and everyone of us has rights to talk good or bad about the serial and about its characters..its freedom of speech and freedom of expression (only about the serial) so lets not care if he hates the serial…we should only mind and ask if anyone talks ill or harasses any of our sunshiners or any individual commentator in this forum..john you be a simple man or super man or bat man dats not our problem, we dont care can talk all ur views about the serial as you are also watching SNS everyday…but hereafter dont talk bad about anyone of us and we also wont come in ur way…thank you.bye.

  11. Hi sunshines friends,boss brother ignore what jonh sad because he want to all of us replay him whith bad words.we are family in sns family.i am old then all of you and i now he whant give us problem. He sad because we are loving family and he dont have any love friends like us.I love sns and all of u.Boss,nandhini,vishnu,shreeste,isaaq,Aisha and all sunshines friends promess be happy?

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    Shivi first read this forum by wearing ur spects then u wl know who is harrasing others and posting bad comments. By the way why are you supporting john are you his bodyguard,Security guard or Servant . Or U are john and commenting in shivi’s name . As per the TU rules no one is allowed to comment bad and use harsh words against actors . Other famous serial forums like Swaragini,YHM if any one talks bad about serial and use bad words all fans wl raise their voice mind it .
    We Sunshiners also doing same thing here as SNS fans . We all will always raise our voice against people like john .

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