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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Vidya consoles Durga and calms her down. Durga says she did not do anything. Vidya says she knows and makes her sleep. Shravan watches this and thanks Vidya for taking care of her saas. Vidya says he does not consider him as her husband, so Durga is not her saas, but she considers her as her mother as she also takes care of her like a mother.

Meera shouts at Gaura that all her plans are failing, she told if she becomes her bahu, she can rule and torture Vidya, but Vidya is ruling over her and called her second woman today. She was like a deer at Modi bhavan and now became tigress. Gaura says her that she will conduct muh dikhayi of her and Vidya and will harm Vidya. Meera asks what will she do. Gaura asks to wait and watch.

Gopi says Kokila that she is worried for Vidya as she feels something bad will happen. Ahem enters and asks if she did not worry when she pushed Vidya in hell. Kokila says tomorrow morning is navratri pooja at Durga temple, so she wants him to accompany Gopi. Ahem says he will not go anywhere with Gopi and leaves. Gopi says she trust god and reminisces the event when Kokila lost her memory and was lost in temple city when Gopi found her with her trust on god. Kokila says maa durga will help her even this time.

Vidya comes home from outside. Shravan asks where was she, he was worried for her. She says he lost her when he made a deal of their marriage in exchange of his mother and asks not to show concern for her, else he will feel more pain.

Kokila tells Hetal she wants Ahem to attend navratri pooja with Gopi, but he is.. Ahem comes and says he will not go anywhere. Kokila continues her dialogues and says he has to go for family’s sake. He says she makes mistakes and then pleads god to protect family, this is not done. She insists and he agrees finally.

Precap: While driving, Ahem slams car over an old woman. Woman gets up and limps.

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    1. pls can any body tell me abt dabh

      1. Yeah dabh is an amazing show….sandhya has completed mission mahabali with sooraj and now returning to family… Let’s see will bhabho accept her or not as she went to her mission without letting her family know they thought she dies but sooraj had believe that she is alive and went in search of her and finally tye completed the mission are are returning…..dabh always the best but sns always boring and what else should I say…omg

  1. nother new twist


    awesome show lots of drama

  3. vidya shandar h
    love sns love paridhi

  4. Nice of vidya to gaura to sleep n who ahem hit

  5. that’s really nice

  6. Ahem plzzzzzzz forgive gopi bcz it is not her fault. Its vidya decision to go her sasural. Vidya forgive sharvan

  7. Ahem good to see you take a stand against your stupid wife. Gaurs,s character is quite entertaining.

  8. boring serial

  9. sidharth khurana

    hey jhumkudi wat mn of poooooooooo?? n ur name is bit strange but lovely. guess u r so innocent but dieheart fan of sns n paridhi

  10. IMG its toooooo…. Boring and stupid

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