Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2013 Written Update

In RAJi Room..!

Gopi come in Raji room while carrying two bags.. She give it to Rashi n says she bring two Ghagra Choli for both of them.. But Rashi picks her favourite.. Rashi angerily says that when once she said that she wont come in mandal why Gopi not understandood..! Gopi says! She saw this Ghagra choli in magzine so frm where she bring it for Rashi.. She give one Ghagra Choli to Rashi n leaves.

In GoHem Room!

Ahem ask Gopi wheather she felt Rashi has come in Mandal for only dress sake. Gopi replied.. yes! I have full faith that Rashi ben will diffinatly comes coz she love to wear new dresses n showed to everyone. Gopi adds! But for one more time they have go in her room n asked her.

In RaJi Room..!!

Jigar enter in come n saw

Rashi keeping things in aboard, the GoHem enter, Gopi ask to Rashi, she may come at Graba Mandal. Rashi looking at Jigar n says how many time she told to Gopi that she wont come. Gopi n Ahem get sad!
Jigar says but he have come at Graba Mandal. He will just come after get ready and he leaves in Bathroom.
Ahem said to Gopi, now u stop keep asking to anybody, wheather they come or not if they want so they have to come. You Gopi n wear ur new Ghagra Choli and get ready. Gopi smiles coz she knows Ahemji saying for just Rashi.

In MM Hall.!

All Modi get ready for Graba nights, Urmi enter in house. Koki asked her why she came at here instead came at Mandal. Urmi replied! Actually i thought to meet u all first coming at there. Koki says why? either we not meet there? Urmi makes annoyed face. Koki then ask where is Madhu Ben Kinjal n Dhawal everybody, Urmi replied they all reached in Mandal already, Koki says then why u came here alone. Urmi have no excuse so she looking here n there n ask for Rashi. Gopi said she was in her room for getting ready then Urmi says she will meet with there in room n leaves.

In RaJi Room.!

Rashi putting choonri on her shoulder n looking at mirror n praise her dress. when Urmi comes and says where u bring this dress, Rashi replied Gopi gave her. Urmi says dont need to come at Mandal Gopi just making her fool and Jigar supposed a goody infront of everyone but actually he is not. She snatch ghagra frm Rashi n stops her to come. Rashi just looking at Urmi confused!

At Graba Mandal!

Whole soceity include Modi’s n Shah’s are doing pooja and Madhu Ben put choonri on Maata farme.
Janti Bhai said that todays Graba event is full traditional hope everyone likes it.
Ahem asked Gopi she have faith will Rashi comes, Gopi say Rashi ben will diffinatly comes she have full faith, then Urmi comes alone Ahem pissingly ask to Urmi where is Rashi? Urmi tells lies that she trying hard to convince Rashi but she refused to listen her. And she moves forward. GoHem both got worried.
Hetal says to Radha Meera seems felt hungry so may go n get her milk bottle frm the car. Radha nods n go outside for bring it. She walking on road then someone looking her behind plants then two dogs running fast towards her she got scared n runs faster, then one guy come on a bike n he tell Radha to sit on bike or she seated n he left her outside of graba Mandal. He removed his hellmet the guy is Umang * kinjal ex boyfriend* he looking at Radha n get flashback when Koki begging him to get married with her daughter or he refused to just say unlike today koki begging him for her daughter same like my sister Anita begging Ahem for married or he refused her.
He back in reality n ask Radha that he never saw her before she has new in Rajkot. Radha replied yes she is a sister of Gopi Modi that Modi’s elder bahu. Umang got it n says oh so ru belong frm Modis. Radha nods.
Radha say him see my sister Gopi ben has coming. Radha runs towards Gopi. Gopi asked her why she takes so much time for bringing a milke bottle then Radha tells her whole story n she say this guy saved me when both looking at that side Umang vanished.
Gopi said its ok either u fine. Radha nods n both leaves inside.
Koki getting pissed off on Rashi why she still not has come. Jigar also looking mad over Rashi. Koki asked Jigar wht happened why Rashi still hasnt come. Ahem interfere n middle n says Mom u know na how much Rashi takes time in getting Ready then Gopi says may she go to check her. Koki stop her n ask Jigar to go n bring Rashi. GoHem n Jigar all looked intenes when Kinjal said looked Rashi bhabhi comes. Gopi seeing Rashi n runs towards her Ahem also take sigh of relief. Gopi said to her she knew it She will diffinatly come also this dress looked pretty she looked beautiful. Rashi in annoyed way said to Gopi dont need to become so happy she hasnt came for her here thats she comes coz after graba she will reveal her n Jigar divorce to the all. Gopi got shocked n tenes.

Precap: Rashi refused to doing graba along Jigar. Everyone get super shocked n Koki ask her why she saying like that?

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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