Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona serves food outside ICU room and asks Modi family to come and have food soon. Gopi says they cannot have food here and asks why did she bring food. Sona starts shouting that they have made her mother as servant and forced her to cook and now does not want to eat. Nurse sees food and asks them to go and have it in canteen. Sona shouts at her that they have hired big room and she cannot scold them. Ahem asks her to stop shouting and go from there with food. Tolu says he will take food to canteen. Jigar asks Ahem to go and have food with family, he will be outside Kokila’s room. Gopi says devarji is right and Ahem goes to canteen with family.

Nurse gives prescription slip to Jigar and asks to bring medicines. Jigar leaves. Gaura sees no one around and enters ICU room. She says unconscious Kokila that they are meeting after a long time. If she thinks she will forgive her slapping and taking revenge. Her gopi bahu strangulated her neck and her Ahem tried to kill Dharam. She picks scalpel and tries to poke Kokila but stops. She then switches off oxyen valve. Kokila gasps for air. Gaura releases valve back and says she will not kill her easily. Her pride is Ahem and she will kill Ahem instead now. She continues her yelling and tries to leave, but could and turns back to see Kokila holding her pallu. She frees herself with great difficulty and runs from there.

Meera passes by Dharam’s room and sees him struggling to wear kurta. She helps him, but he tries to get intimate with her. She escapes somehow. Vidya prays god for her daadi. Gaura sees that and turns table fan towards Vidya. Lamp blows off. Vidya asks why did she blow lamp. Gaura denies. Meera who watches everything says she saw her turning fan towards Vidya and asks to stop lying. Gaura says her father tried to kill her husband, so she will kill her daadi now. Meera says bother are different issues and says Vidya that they should pray god by heart and temple does not matter to them and takes Vidya with her. Gaura thinks Meera is going against her now, but she will make sure she succeeds in her plan.

Precap: Vidya calls Gopi crying and says Gaura wants her and Ahem to attend her house party, else Gaura will kick her out of house.

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  1. This serial is so stupid that I have a stupid idea too. Reincarnate the old Rashi and bring her back to life in this story and get rid of all the recent crap. Perhaps then this serial may be worth watching. This idea I am sure not beyond the writers comprehension!!!

  2. most irritating show in this universe… OMG how can such show top the trp chart is Wt I wonder the most… not even 1% of reality is shown in this serial… it was just a saas bahu crap at first but now it’s full of revenge… n dat gopi is so irritating always shouting maaji ahemji uff.. just waiting for this crap to end soon

    1. U r absolutely right..

  3. plz any 1 say me about paridhi

  4. Omg…..Such a stupid serial… We dont wnt dragging… Plsput an end to this serial..,

  5. Actually if Rashi was alive she would have come up with some crazy idea to deal with Gaura. It probably would have been a lesson to Gaura as well as hilarious. She and her mom were always up to something!!

  6. i dnt watch this serial but keep in tagg with wts happening in it. most boring nd unrealistic serial i hv evr seen. yes i watched it till 2014 .. till rashi’s death . she is the only i enjoyed watching . this jigar is a total waste of talent in this serial. i didnt likd gopi frm the bgning . nd excpt vidya nd meera this newbies nobody else can act at all in this serial. this baa seems immortal to me.kokila only overreacts nd does nothing else. i hv only heard bad thngs about this serial frm the viewrs still wonder how cn it stand in the top plce beating a sensible nd beautiful serial like ye hai mohabbatein.evn diya bati is bttr thn this crap .end sns asap.

  7. Excuse me! Don’t even talk about YHM bring good. I haven’t seen a worse seriel!

    1. only fake ppl like u will say this . see the story line of yhm .. its soo realist not like this damn f***ng serial. named sath nibhana sathiya whr sathiya died 10 yrs ago. idiotic.

  8. Oh my god. Maaji… .. . So na…. … .. saying the names loudly. It doesn’t make any sense. And meera, even now she couldn’t understand what’s going on around her. This is too much. Meera should now go against gaura and everything should be revealed by meera to all. She should accept her family. Sona and tolu disgusting stop this bull shit make a good twist.

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