Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera angrily reaches Modi bhavan reminiscing Dharam insulting her and asking to sign divorce papers. Dharam enters his room shattered and locks it. Gopi and family follow Meera and scolds why she was riding car so rashly. Meera says she is better dead as she loves Dharam and cannot live without him. She storms towards her room. Kokila says she will speak to her with Gopi and Ahem.

Vidya knocks Dharam’s door and asks to open door. Shravan comes and knocks door. Dharam does not open door. Shravan says papa does not talk to him much. Vidya says their difference is due to communication gap and he should break this gap first.

Meera storms into her room with Gopi, Kokila, and Ahem following her. Meera says she loves Dharam and does not care if he is of double age,

if they think he will die before her, they are wrong, even she may die in an accident first. Ahem says Meera… Meera asks if he loves Gopi as she is 5 years younger to him or she sees Kanha in him, when he loves her forgoiong all this, why can’t she love Dharam forgoing his age difference.

Kokila tells Ahem and Gopi that Meera and Dharam love each other and they should accept their relationship. They should give some time to Meera time to sort out differences. Ahem says let her cry for some time, he does not like their togetherness. Kokila says Ahem he is more immature than Meera and asks Gopi if she understood what she meant. Gopi says yes and takes Ahem and Kokila down. Sitting with family, Ahem says Meera has infatuation and nothing else. Pari asks how can he say that, even her and Jigar age difference is huge and he married him when he had 2 children already who love her a lot now. Jigar says he did not think he would love anyone else than Rashi, but his thought change after Pari came in his life. Sona says he is right, love does not see any differences, else why would she love guy like Tolu. Tolu asks if she means he is not handsome. She says she means she is more beautiful. Hetal says Sona is right, once someone loves a person, he/she likes to be only with him/her. Kokila says she as opposing Dharam first as he was aged and already married, now Durga is dead, so they should reconsider Dharam and Meera’s relationship. Ahem angrily walks out. Kokila says again father is more immature than daughter, she knows what to do now.

Shravan feeds Vidya. Vidya says enough. He says she has to eat for 2 people. She says 2 people, not 4. He gets sad. She asks if he is remembering maaji. He says yes, if she would not have returned, he does not know what would have happened to him, asks if she will be with him always. She hugs him and says yes… Naiya watches from window and cries that they united, what about her, she does not have maaji and baaji to help her.

Kokila tells Ahem that they should speak to Dharam. Meera comes down and says she was right, Dharam is too old for her, she will not go back to old man and will live her life her way. Ahem says she did right. Gopi says but Ahemji.. Meera says Dharam took one decision and she has taken one decision. They all hear band bajaa. Ahem asks Samar to open door and check. Samar opens door. A groom comes in dancing with musicians. Ahem asks who called him. Meera says he is her would be husband and introduces Sanskar to family. Ahem asks how dare he is to enter his house and is about to punch him when Meera holds Ahem’s hand and says Sanskar is his would be damad. Ahem says this will not happen anytime. Meera says she has decided to marry only Sanskar. Kokila asks if she will marry this monkey. Urmila says last time he was crying like a joker. Pari asks what is wrong with her. Gopi says decisions taken in a hurry are always wrong. Meera says Sanskar is of her age and will not die before her even if he meets with an accident as young people are super human. Each family member’s face is shown one by one. Meera says Sanskar came with baarat with just one call. Kokila warns him to get out of this house, else he will repent. Sanskar says he came on Meera’s invitation. Meera says he will not go anywhere and says she will go and sleep now as beautifician will come tomorrow. She waves Sanskar and goes to her room. Sanskar gets afraid seeing Modi’s faces one by one.

Precap: Meera introduces Sanskar to Dharam and says they are marrying tomorrow and he should attend their marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera is just acting she will not marry sanskar dharam will stop the wedding

  2. Good commentor

    What a shit mira and dharam’s relation are father and daughter’s and how can anyone make them couple and i don’t want to badmouth about india but i am saying this because of this show
    if god can land on india as avatar then asur evilsprit’s birth place is india afterall india is the center of all kinds of crime i think god’s come there so

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Happiness personified

    Hmm now Dharam meera’s wedding shall take place instead of Meera n sanskar n somehow ahem wud die …


    meri beti meera ki shadi hone wali h aap sab with family modi house padhare

  6. The way meera said that sanskar will not die even if he met with an accident bcoz young people are super human was so funny… haha :v

  7. If Meera still be with dharm then the show will be the worst show nd many people will stop watching it so makers love is not joke please don’t show shit and claim it as love please don’t spoil relations as this show is shown world wide so please stop just stop the show

  8. And age difference between pari and jigar is not so much as in the show it was shown ki pari is like sister age of rashi and in meera and dharm it’s age of Sharvan which is 25 years and even it sends wrong msg to society so makers please STOP SHOWING MEERA AND DHARM RELATIONSHIP and meera should realize gopi is right about meera not being with dharm I agree with gopi in that case and now I don’t know y gopi changed her point of view please makers don’t spoil show and relationships

  9. Well I liked the Ahravan Vidya scenes…

  10. Sanskaar is so good looking though. He’s more better than Dharam.

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