Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rashi runs downstairs to eat ladoo which Gopi has, Kokila shouts at her. Rashi thinks that now she has come here wearing that dress so now she is surely gone.Kokila asks what she is doing and Rashi tries to reply and then stops. Kokila tells her that she has told her many times that not to run from stairs like that . Rashi says she saw ladoos thats why. Kokila says now stop her childish behavior.Rashi thanks god for not taunting on her new dress

Urmila taunts Kinjal for taking time to make breakfast. Urmila sees the food she is cooking and asks how much she’s making and if she’s making it for Dhawal.Kinjal says she’s making Patra . She says its for Dhawal and later says for everyone . Urmila goes aside and says she have to do something.

Urmila peeks to Kinjal-Dhawal’s room .

Kokila asks Rashi what she has worn. Hetal , Gopi and Jigar smiles . Rashi says that she was feeling uncomfortable in saree.Kokila and Hetal look at each other and Kokila says she can understand and sometimes during pregnancy heat is also one big problem so she will but some salwar kameez for her. Rashi says whats wrong in that dress she is wearing.Kokila replies if there’s nothing wrong in that dress there’s nothing wrong in salwaar kameez too and its better if she wear that.

Urmila takes one bottle from the dressing table and says now see Kinjal what she does . And this one bad manner of her will cause something very big for her today . She then opens the bottle and leave from there. Urmila is shocked to see Kinjal happily placing the food in table.She wonders now that Kinjal is there and Dhawal is in washroom what she ‘ll do.

Urmila enters to Dhawal-Kinjal’s room and hides in the cupboard.Dhawal comes out from washroom and takes the oil bottle and it drops . Dhawal gets angry at Kinjal for keeping the bottle open.Urmila says now it will be fun

Part 2

Kinjal rushes to the room and asks what happened. Dhawal shouts at her saying he is fed up of her behavior. Dhawal blames her . Kinjal says him to stop it and she’ll give a new shirt and what is the big deal in it . Kinjal rushes to get a new shirt and she fells due to the oil poured on floor. Urmila is all excited and happy that Kinjal fell. Dhawal comes to check if she has got hurt badly and Kinjal screams at him and says not to touch her. Dhawal says when she knew there was oil why she ran . Its all her fault and Kinjal says she didn’t keep the bottle like that and early morning she was trying to make his favourites . Dhawal says who told her to make anything for him. And stop shouting loudly sometimes to Urmila , either him or Falguni and sometimes slapping her . Kinjal says its been time for that and he should forget that now. But how will he forget . Dhawal shouts at her to stop it and goes from there.Urmila comes out from the cupboard and thanks god for making her life awesome today.

Jigar tells Rashi not to take anything seriously that Kokila told and Kokila tells everything for the good of them. And she can wear that dress in room for him. Rashi says she didn’t buy it to wear in bedroom.

Kokila comes there and brings salwaar kameez for her. Rashi sees the salwaar kameez and is not happy as it has no designs at all . Kokila says she did like that as during pregnancy its better to wear something like that. Jigar says due to that she got new dresses and Rashi says she wont look good at all in that.

Part 3

Neighbours ask Kinjal how she got hurt and they say as if someone has hit her badly and Kinjal says now that is left to happen. They think that Dhawal has done it and Kinjal says leave it and its all her bad luck . Urmila says how can she say that.Dhawal calls Kinjal . Kinjal says how can he talk so rudely to her and Dhawal says he’s not like her anyway.Kinjal asks what she did and Dhawal says how can she lie that he has hit her . Kinjal says he has kept in mind that he got married to a girl who is rich. Modi family comes to Rajpalnagar . Urmila sees them coming and says if Kokila sees them she will make everything alright. Here Kinjal says what all she did . Dhawal says who told her to adjust here . Kinjal says whatever she do its not enough. Dhawal says they can’t live together . Kinjal asks if he hate her so much . Urmila tries to stop them but cannot . Dhawal says he did all for her family and not for her . Gopi knocks the door and KinWal keeps quiet . Urmila says they all came so keep quiet . Kinjal says what’s there to hide even let them know it . Dhawal agrees .

Urmila comes and let the Modi family enter . Kokila asks why Kinjal was shouting and Urmila replies that she got locked in bathroom . Kinjal also tries to handle the matter by saying yes . Kokila notices that Kinjal is hurt and when asked about it she tells that she has fell . Rashi says she looks like someone has hit her. Urmila comments on Rashi wearing simple salwar kameez and Kokila says she may have forgot that her daughter is pregnant . Kinjal goes from there . Kokila informs that they came to thank the chawl people for their all help

Gopi is giving ladoos to everyone and Kinjal and Dhawal both tries to take it at the same time . They both avoids and take it seperately . Gopi guesses that something is wrong .

precap : Kinjal and Rashi are outside when I girl comes there . She asks about Dhawala and Kinjal introduces herself as wife of Dhawal . The girl says she has come from Canada for him. Kinjal is angry!

Update Credit to: Muskii

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