Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi knocks Pari’s door and pushes it. Pari opens door and asks what is she doing. Gopi says what to do when her devrani and sister is closing door and not have food. Whole family stands behind. Tolu also stands behind. Pari asks why did he come here. Gopi says to tell his mother howmuch he loves Sona and how good sona is. She tells Sona is a ver nice girl, they troubled her a lot, but she did not utter anything, she risked her life and saved Kokila.

A group of ladies from women organisation enter Gaura’s home shouting glogans. Vidya asks who are they. They ask if this is Gaura Suryavanshi’s house. Gaura comes from behind and says she is Gaura. They ask where is her cruel bahu. Gaura says in her room, she has divorced her son, but is staying here even then.

Gopi tells Pari that Sona is her shadow and exactly like her. Pari says she wanted a bahu who would revolve around her like she revolves around Kokila, so she selected illiterate Sona. Hetal tries to speak, but Pari asks her not to interfere.

Ladies walk towards Meera’s room. Vidya stops them and tries to call Shravan. Gaura snatches her phone and disconnects landline. Ladies get in and silently lift Meera along with bedsheet and drop her down on floor.

Gopi says Pari that Sona will call her saasumaa and not he and will revolve around her and continues to explain. Pari says she needed a bahu like her who is practical and not like gopi. Kokila says they should interfere now.

Ladies says they are from saas par atyachar bachao sanghatan and try to hit Meera with brooms and sticks. Vidya stops them and asks Gaura to send them out. Gaura acts that they both are sisters and will hit her after they leave, so they should go. Ladies say they will beat them both now. Gaura smirks that she wanted Meera to be taught a lesson and is getting bonus ofVidya.

Tolu tries to calm Pari. Pari says she gave him love more than real mother and asks if he would have hidden this fact to Rashi. Tolu nods no and says he can do anything she says.

Precap: Pari asks Tolu to promise that he will not consummate his marriage until she accepts Sona as her bahu.

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  1. precap was intrsting… such silly sasumoms

  2. Please do not kick Sona out of this serial. She has amazing acting skills.

  3. Okk

  4. Gaura, Go To Hell….She Gives promises to Dharam again and again and breaks it again and again…

  5. This show is halerious could be better something

  6. I hope kokila does not let tolu agree to the promise and hope shravan comes and saves vidya and meera.

  7. Wat the hell is wrong with pari n also evil old bag gaura

  8. This gaura has no mind and pari has lost mind. I got angry on pari when she said she doesn’t want an illiterate bahu like gopi. Although gopi is illiterate she is lot better than pari.

  9. I read that Vidiya is pregnant ….. does this Guara character know that she could kill her great grandchild…..

  10. you know this will drag on for another year i bet why cnat they conclude one plot in 4 weeks look at this gaura track its still going on pathetic woman and pathetic sick writers
    ouf very low calibre intellect writers

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